Detroit-Wayne County Community Mental Health Agency Three Year Strategic Plan For Integration of Mental Health, Subst .

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Target I: Facilitate access to an incorporated database comprehensive of physical wellbeing and psychological wellness tend to social insurance suppliers in Wayne County.. Actions:a)Facilitate talks with the Michigan Department of Community Health (MDCH) to elevate access to both physical human services and psychological wellness administer to social insurance suppliers in Wayne County.b)Promote
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Detroit-Wayne County Community Mental Health Agency Three Year Strategic Plan For Integration of Mental Health, Substance Abuse, and Physical Healthcare Vision: In 3 years a Detroit Wayne County Community Mental Health Consumer can enter at any entryway and get recuperation situated administrations and backings from medicinal services experts who are inviting and prepared to convey incorporated social insurance that meets their psychological well-being, substance utilize and physical human services needs . General Goal: To encourage facilitated and incorporated psychological well-being, substance manhandle, and physical human services for people with genuine dysfunctional behavior (SMI)/Co-happening maladjustment and substance mishandle scatters, formative incapacities, and genuine passionate unsettling influences (SED).

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Objective I: Facilitate access to an incorporated database comprehensive of physical wellbeing and emotional wellness watch over social insurance suppliers in Wayne County. Activities: a) Facilitate discourses with the Michigan Department of Community Health (MDCH) to elevate access to both physical social insurance and emotional wellness look after medicinal services suppliers in Wayne County. b) Promote "Read Only" access to buyer particular emotional wellness mind data in the Agency\'s data innovation (IT) framework for Medicaid Health Plans in Wayne County. c) Established coordination of care understandings to guarantee sharing of physical wellbeing and psychological well-being consideration data with Federally Qualified Health Clinics (FQHC). d) Promote the use of web access to WEB-DENIS (Electronic Inquiry System through Blue Cross/Blue Shield) for every taking part supplier in Wayne County. e) Facilitate a procedure for getting physical medicinal services data in the Agency\'s IT framework from Medicaid Health Plans and imparting to contracted psychological wellness suppliers.

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Objective II: Prepare the Agency\'s contracted supplier systems for the social change to Integrated Mental Health and Physical Health Care. Activities: a) Develop approaches and techniques to reflect quantifiable execution desires for composed and incorporated psychological well-being and physical medicinal services. b) Include Agency desires in the MCPN contracts. c) Facilitate warning of Agency desires and preparing to buyers, families, suppliers, Managers of Comprehensive Provider Networks (MCPN), and partners. d) Provide centered preparing to Agency staff and partners required in the Community Planning Council; Consumer and Family Advocacy Council; and Agency Quality Improvement Committees (i.e. Measures of Care, Quality Steering Committee, and so on). e) Ensure the arrangement of preparing to all Peer Support Specialist in Wayne County pointed towards advancing recuperation, viable frameworks route and buyers required in care coordination.

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Objective III: Ensure Agency\'s approach and strategies encourage viable access to coordinated mental and physical medicinal services for qualified uninsured customers. Activities: a) Develop and execute Agency\'s approaches and strategies which particularly oblige access to composed/incorporated administrations for uninsured purchasers. b) Establish coordination of care concurrences with FQHC\'s particular to incorporated models of tend to uninsured buyers. c) Establish shared association and concurrences with Department of Human Services (DHS) to advance opportune procedure of Medicaid applications for qualified uninsured customers.

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Objective IV: Promote the execution of Pilots Projects which show best practice/prove based models of Integrated Physical and Mental Health Care. Activities: Provide centered preparing to customers, partners, MCPN\'s and contracted suppliers, with accentuation on depicting current coordinated models of care with FQHC\'s/MHP\'s, at existing group emotional wellness offices (i.e. Southwest Solutions, New Center, North Central, Northeast Guidance, and Community Care Services). Build up information gathering strategy and result execution measures. Give specialized help to pilot supplier organizations as expected to guarantee fruitful usage.

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Objective V : Collaborate with Medical Directors, Psychiatrist, and Primary Care Physicians to arrange and create incorporated medicinal services systems.

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Objective VI: Promote Standardized Assessment Tools comprehensive of both mental and physical human services shopper data. Activities: a) Assess current nursing appraisals used by group psychological wellness suppliers. Create and actualize a standard nursing appraisal apparatus which a powerful physical medicinal services evaluation. c) Promote framework wide preparing on the standard appraisal device.

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Objective VII: Eliminate obstructions to getting to administrations for shoppers over MCPN\'s to guarantee "No Wrong Door" for accepting physical wellbeing and emotional well-being consideration administrations. Activities: a) Facilitate the improvement and usage of composed understandings and conventions particular to giving administrations amongst Gateway and Carelink which elevates access to physical and emotional wellness mind administrations. b) Ensure checking and assessment of access to administrations. c) Provide preparing to customers, suppliers, and partners particular to polices and techniques on evaluating group psychological well-being administrations.

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Objective VIII: Comprehensively assess the requirements and backings expected to diminish use of crisis rooms high uses of psychological well-being and physical social insurance administrations. Activities: Facilitate execution of sub-boards of trustees inside the Agency\'s Standards of Care Committee for Adults to survey the high use populace. Advance usage of successful procedures to address the recognized needs of high uses. c) Encourage the use of associate bolster authority, advancement of restorative homes and steady group emotional wellness supplier organizations for this populace. d) Ensure announcing of difficulties, results, and victories to the Agency\'s Quality Steering Committee.

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Objective IX: Facilitate the advancement and execution of execution measures to successfully assess quantifiable results. Activities: a) Establish particular execution pointers which reflect coordination of physical and emotional wellness mind. b) Establish the sort and recurrence of information accumulation and detailing required of supplier offices. c) Incorporate the physical wellbeing and psychological wellness mind reconciliation key arrangement into all current Agency, supplier and MCPN Quality Assessment Performance Improvement Plans (QAPIP).

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Objective X: Promote the advancement and usage of a Learning Series particular to Physical and Mental Health administer to shoppers and suppliers. Activities: Encourage joint effort with the Agency\'s Medical Director and association with the Virtual Center of Excellence (VCE) to build up a Training Curriculum for incorporated medicinal services. Advance joint efforts with MDCH, partners, purchasers and their families to build up the Learning Series. c) Facilitate the usage of best practices/prove based research in the learning arrangement which is socially delicate to the different populace assemble served in Wayne County.

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Objective X1: Promote coordination inside the supplier organize for all grant openings identified with incorporating physical and mental health mind Objective XI1 : Facilitate the improvement and spread of framework wide brochures and instructive materials identified with physical and mental medicinal services mix. Objective XII1 : Facilitate usage of a substantial Learn and Share Conference which concentrates on conveying victories, networking, and sharing data to shoppers, suppliers, and stakeholders in regards to Detroit-Wayne County Community Mental Health Agency\'s story identified with physical and emotional wellness mind integration Objective X1V: Facilitate the improvement of purchaser fulfillment center gathering, interviews and reviews to survey buyer and family recognitions and fulfillment with coordinated physical and psychological wellness mind modes of care.

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