Develop the Hot Wire Foam Cutter .

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Required Parts. Intersection boxUL-affirmed 16/3 string with grounded plugOutletDimmer switch6/12V battery charger with 6A outputWireHardware5/8\" molecule board. Rules. Just individuals experienced in shop wellbeing practices ought to endeavor this strategy. Take precautionary measures to guarantee the finished task is alright for use. .
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Develop the Hot Wire Foam Cutter

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Needed Parts Junction box UL-affirmed 16/3 line with grounded plug Outlet Dimmer switch 6/12V battery charger with 6A yield Wire Hardware 5/8" molecule board

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Guidelines Only individuals experienced in shop wellbeing practices ought to endeavor this system. Play it safe to guarantee the finished venture is alright for utilize.

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Procedure Mount outlet and dimmer change to top of intersection box. Introduce strain alleviation brace onto intersection box and course rope leads into box.

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Procedure 3. Connect leads as takes after: join string white to lead from dimmer, string dark to terminal on side of outlet marked dark, rope green to gnd terminal on outlet. Associate staying dimmer prompt to terminal on side of outlet marked white Connect gnd lead between dimmer gnd and outlet gnd. 4. Assemble box.

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Procedure Route for crosspiece Use 5/8" molecule board for wire mount. Base is 7" x 12". Crosspiece is 3-1/4" X 12". Sides are cut from rectangles 7" x 12". Cut highest points of sides as appeared (bend begins 4-1/4" from base edge). Course sides for crosspiece, top of highway 3-1/4" from top of side. Course base for sides. All courses ¼" profound. Stick crosspiece and sides into steered openings. Course for sides

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Procedure 6. Drill gaps to permit 2" freedom amongst wire and crosspiece. Single fastener held set up with nuts, has opening through shaft to embed wire through, wire then wrapped around shaft. Inverse fastener has opening length of shaft, wire nourished through shaft, out head, wrapped around screw mounted beneath screw. 2"

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Procedure 7. Attach clips from battery charger to screw/terminals on wire cutter as appeared. Utilize 6V, 6A settings on charger, pivot dimmer to peruse 4A on meter. Connect charger to control box.

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