Developing Golf Interest.

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Developing Golf Participation - Focusing on Player Development.
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Developing Golf Participation Jim Baugh Industry Consultant, 30 SG Industry Vet Focusing on Player Development

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Growing Golf Participation Trends, Competition, & Retention Programs Practical Applications for Golf Course Owners

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1 Trends in Golf Participation Rounds, support = stagnant! 28 million players, 17 million Core Golfers SGMA information demonstrates a 2% decrease in absolute golfers 4 million individuals attempt/rejoin every golf year 4 million leave every year! 2006 - More course terminations than openings An awesome game with potential to develop! Heaps of squeeze… Lots of gatherings… Rounds and players… FLAT

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Trends in Golf Participation (Facility Research) Biggest difficulties for Facility Operators

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Trends in Golf Participation (Facility Research) Biggest difficulties for Facility Operators

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Trends in Golf Participation (Facility Research) Biggest difficulties for Facility Operators

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Growing Golf Participation We can learn by… Looking at American patterns Looking at fruitful games & exercises Looking at effective golf programs Keeping things straightforward and centered Realizing who is in charge of the development of the diversion

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Growing Golf Participation Looking at Trends in America

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American Trends Much more rivalry for individuals time A Few Years Ago 20-30 Sports/Activities 30 + TV Stations Phones Computers One H of H Working Active Society Today 40-50 Sports/Activities 100 + TV Stations Cell Phones, PDA\'s PC\'s, Blackberrys Two H of H Working Less Active Society America is rolling out BIG improvements!! Is it accurate to say that we are evolving???

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American Trends US Population developed by 50 million in the most recent 15 years (+17%) Will become again by 50 million individuals in the following 20 years Lower development rate for Whites (+5%) High development rate for Hispanics (+62%) The \'following 50 million\' in development will have bring down expendable wages

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Growing Golf Participation Looking at Successful Sports & Activities

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New SGMA Research Fitness exercises rank 12 out of the main 15!

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New SGMA Research – Frequent Participants Notice the void of "Customary Sports"

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New SGMA Research - Total Participants Notice the 6 year development designs Americans are not doing what they are viewing !

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New SGMA Research - Total Participants Notice the 6 year development designs Doing Watching Americans are not doing what they are viewing !

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Growing Golf Participation A New Research Project Reveals… What Americans have attempted What they need to attempt What is anything but difficult to learn & agreeable

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"Which of the accompanying games or exercises have you ever played or attempted ?" Golf has been attempted by 30% of Americans

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Which of the games or exercises have you ever played consistently ? 10% have played golf frequently

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How simple it is to "learn and appreciate" each of the accompanying? For the individuals who have NEVER attempted the recorded game or action Americans say "Golf is Very Difficult" 19

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For the individuals who have attempted golf, it appears to be much harder versus different exercises 20

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Even consistent players consider golf to be "difficult to learn and appreciate"

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What do these 3 diagrams say??? Customary games have enormous rivalry from "wellness exercises" Golf is a to a great degree hard game to learn and appreciate … one of the hardest! On the off chance that a man just goes out and tries golf all alone, they will be exceptionally tested ! Appropriate prologue to the diversion is VITAL!

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Americans have constrained intrigue 23

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For the individuals who have attempted golf, intrigue is better 24

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What do these 2 diagrams say??? At the point when Americans are choosing which of relaxation movement to attempt… golf is not the principal thing they consider We should advance golf… for the amateur When we understand NO other game is advancing "play" as is golf… the present PR and promoting effort for "Play Golf America" doesn\'t appear to interface

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Golf is the ONLY game or action with a national "play" crusade 26

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Growing Golf Participation Is there a conventional game like Golf that is getting through? Tennis & Golf… Similarities

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Tennis & Golf similitudes Golf Tennis Retention is the Problem! Conventional game Skill based Powerful Governing Bodies 28,000 Local Pros 17,000 Local Facilities 29 million golfers 3-4 million individuals attempt golf each year Trial is not the issue Traditional game Skill based Powerful Governing Bodies 17,000 Local Pros 10,000 Local Facilities 23 million tennis players 5+ million individuals attempt tennis every year Trial is not the issue

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Is the learner\'s involvement in tennis like those attempting golf? Different realities Only 17% of new tennis players had a good starting background Only 15% of Americans knew "new player programs" existed!

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Growing Golf Participation Tennis - the development in players, incomes, and so forth. Furthermore, How this Growth Happened!

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Tennis is on a Roll! Interest Numbers are extremely solid! Add up to players are up more than 1 million players in the previous two years Frequent players are up more than 14% Total Play Occasions are up 23%! Office and Retailer organizations are solid! 71% of club proprietors have either high or high hopefulness about the future … just 5% are not idealistic 55% of retailers say deals are up… 66% say on account of new players joining the diversion

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How is Tennis developing?? We figured out how to develop through "Experimentation" We attempted… National Advertising advancing "Play Tennis" using Donald Trump, Jeff Gordon, and so on. "Shopping center Tennis" – advancements in shopping centers "Kids Days" at Pro Events (a lot of a bazaar) "Free lessons" (with no subsequent projects) We spent over $5 million while learning

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Tennis is NOW developing with… Focused nearby office based projects Supported Nationally Giving Americans what they need A superior introductory "affair" while attempting tennis A superior path "to get fit" in tennis

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A Better starting background for novices! We selected offices & professionals who set up… ONLY 2000 offices 4-6 week classes for new players 6-8 players in every class – assemble guideline Taught by Pros who like showing apprentices

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… is working! Learner degrees of consistency enhanced from 18% to 54%! 87% of offices offered "move programs" 73% offered follow up " amateur associations"

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another approach to draw in wellness arranged Americans to Tennis Players of all capacities have some good times! a hour of activity!

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Results are Positive! 74% of all offices evaluated Cardio Tennis "great" or "great" for their office Over 1000 Cardio Tennis offices said Cardio Tennis expanded the club incomes 15%

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Three Other LOCAL Tennis activities 1. New Schools Programs Only advance tennis in schools … which have RETENTION programs 2. New Parks Programs $\'s Invested in new open offices … where Americans begin to play tennis 3. Extended League Programs Increase recurrence , fun, & great encounters Tennis is beginning to advance an excessive number of activities Keep projects and advancement centered!

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Growing Golf Participation How YOU can get it going! The Steps to "Venturing Up" to developing the round of Golf

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The Steps to "Venturing Up" Understand the changing flow of American demographics Time crunch Instant satisfaction Fitness/different exercises are less demanding to learn… and more attractive Multi-social

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The Steps to "Venturing Up" Golf Welcome Center Learn to Play Golf Here! 2. A pledge to Player Development from top down Give new players the "right experience" … "hold their hand" Run Player Development as a different business? (make $ to making back the initial investment) Think long haul Track comes about - inquire about

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The Steps to "Venturing Up" Don\'t attempt to be all things to all individuals Stay Focused! 3. Characterize your objective market Adults Kids Women 4. Locate the right ace or teacher Great with tenderfoots (or children) Great with gatherings Motivational & Fun … .a man with PASSION With the right remuneration

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The Steps to "Venturing Up" 5. Utilize or profit by "trial programs" Free lessons, and so on 6. Set up a decent maintenance educational modules Multi-session classes Basic aptitudes, chipping, and so forth Golf manners, fundamental principles, golf truck On Course sessions with the star 8 to 1 proportion (players to expert) GROUPS Not costly 7. Have follow up projects & alliances

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Trial & Promotion Retention Curriculum Follow up Programs Vital strides are the Multi-session Retention Curriculum & Follow Up Programs Golf has a considerable measure of this But, necessities to concentrate on here! Furthermore here Play Golf America Campaign Free Lessons Take a little girl to the course Family golf month American Express Women\'s Golf Wk Multi-session, right $, Group sessions, and so on. "Wine and Nine" "Couples Night" "Nine opening or less" "Play with the experts" days/occasions "Corporate Leagues" "High schooler Time or Kids Leagues" "Official Women Golf Leagues�

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