Development Oversight: They Manufacture What We Acknowledge.

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Stewardship. Program AdministrationTechnology DeploymentTechnical AssistanceStrategic Initiatives. Venture DevelopmentProject DeliveryMaintenance/OperationOversight. Oversight and Quality. Quality Construction is major to meeting the FHWA\'s national objectives.Improves framework performanceReduces blockage and effects on the environmentImproves security by minimizing work zone recurrence, durat
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Development Oversight: They Build What We Accept Jim Sorenson Office of Asset Management

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Stewardship Program Administration Technology Deployment Technical Assistance Strategic Initiatives Project Development Project Delivery Maintenance/Operation Oversight

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Oversight and Quality Construction is crucial to meeting the FHWA\'s national targets. Enhances framework execution Reduces blockage and effects on nature Improves security by minimizing work zone recurrence, term, and disturbance of activity stream Improves the financial productivity of our interstate speculations

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Who composed this report… " … the viability of the control and examination techniques appropriate on the site where the genuine venture was being done was the spot where we discovered misrepresentation. Yet, they were doing outstandingly well on configuration for example and in different territories in the different periods of securing, outline work, contract grant, all these were led on an abnormal state. In any case, at the spot where development was done they were not agreeing to detail as to outline and nature of material. By then it separated and some false reports were composed by inept young fellows, came up short on, untrained and unpracticed… … It is things, for example, this that we find again and again. Regardless of how well the operation is arranged and outlined and explained, at a given point we find there is a breakdown and by then the entire operation or venture separates."

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"… How boundless is it?....The exasperating this is we can\'t demonstrate that it isn\'t broad. Notwithstanding this we should keep up the certainty of Congress in this Program.… The thing for you to take a gander at is what is the mentality, what is the degree and level of certainty of Congress in you men, both on the Federal level and the State level… "

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And after 40 years… The Honorable John A. Blatnik, administrator of the House Special Subcommittee on the Federal-guide Highway Program talking on "Roadways and the Congress", at the 41st Annual AASHO Conference, June 1963.

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Evolution of FHWA Oversight The Early Years Federal/State Partnership idea advanced BPR oversight included Periodic field registers Technical contribution with plan and development issues.

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Evolution of FHWA Oversight 1960\'s - The Interstate Era Federal-guide Highway Act marked 1957 Rapidly extending program, and expanded government/state workforce Serious worries with budgetary administration, debasement, and absence of venture oversight House extraordinary investigative panel set up in 1959. BPR changed its oversight part Increased venture level activities. Started designation some oversight obligations to the States

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Evolution of FHWA Oversight 1970\'s – Today - Increased State Flexibility USDOT and FHWA shaped, 1967 Continued appointment of oversight duty to States Certification Acceptance started, 1973 Process/Program audits Legislative changes - ISTEA, TEA-21 offered States more autonomy. Late worries with absence of oversight Some issues connected with real activities GAO and IG reports showing absence of FHWA oversight.

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Evolution of FHWA Oversight Present Past

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Evolution of FHWA Oversight ? Future...

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The Dilemma for Today\'s Field Engineers Dwindling FTE Loss of mastery by wearing down Increasingly politicized interstate program Increasing blockage and expressway development postpones Increasing open dissatisfaction at clog and development defers More mind boggling program While our capacities and power have been extended - We are still capable

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Moving Forward Project to Program Reviews in light of hazard evaluations Joint FHWA/State audits Building our Technical Expertise Training Easily available apparatuses Proactive Stewardship

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Mary Peters - July 29, 2004 Things are surely extraordinary today, yet that doesn\'t need to be terrible. I think it is dependent upon us to restore in another part. We surely have a profitable part to play and much to contribute, it will simply be uniquely in contrast to before. Likely more program than venture related, and to be the watchman of a national transportation framework, which is interestingly our part.

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This Takes You : FHWA Eyes and Ears Professional Value Added Improved Work Methods Sharing Technology Pro Active Partners Truly a Transportation Leader

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Available Resources Training Conducting Reviews that Gets Results Just-in-time preparing for Teams to use for directing successful process surveys Construction Program Management Training Guidance Construction Program Management and Inspection Guide Construction Program Guide Website National Highway Specifications Website Headquarters started handle audits QA Reviews in progress Potential for development to different sorts of audits.

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Questions? Contacts Ken Jacoby Office of Asset Management 202-366-6503 Jeff Lewis CA Division 916-498-5035

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