Devouring Video on Cell phones.

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Devouring Video on Cell phones By Kenton O'Hara, April Mitchell and Alex Vorbau Exhibited by Veronica Nixon April 3, 2008 About the creators Hewlett-Packard communitarian music utilization versatile work portable correspondence Kenton O'Hara Research engineer Hewlett-Packard
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Expending Video on Mobile Devices By Kenton O’Hara, April Mitchell and Alex Vorbau Presented by Veronica Nixon April 3, 2008

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About the writers

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Hewlett-Packard shared music utilization portable work versatile correspondence Kenton O’Hara

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Research engineer Hewlett-Packard Mobile Computing User Experience Design Technology for Education Innovations in Music and Video April Mitchell

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Research engineer Hewlett-Packard Alex Vorbau

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If you loved this article…  ” Conversa: Uniting Mobile Video with a Community-Based Web Service “ (2007) ” My iPod is my Pacifier\': An Investigation on the Everyday Practices of Mobile Video Consumption “ (2007) Also co-wrote by O’Hara, Mitchell and Vorbau

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Paper Overview Study utilizes an ethnographic way to deal with investigate how utilization of versatile feature affects our social fabric.

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Paper Overview Study utilizes an ethnographic way to deal with research fascinating new social practices connected with the utilization of versatile feature. Is this examination novel or does it expand on other exploration?

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Related Research Users Inventing Ways to Enjoy New Mobile Services (2004) “… to attempt to discover significant methods for survey versatile feature as a component of their regular life”

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Related Research Results: - Users thought that it was most characteristic to watch features alone - Watching features with others as a social movement far off second

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Paper references: Broader examination connection Social ramifications of portable advancements: New music innovations Mobile telephones Text informing

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Research addresses How does versatile feature utilization change the social conduct of customers? Later on, by what method can versatile innovation be better incorporated into our regular lives?

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Research addresses How does portable feature utilization change the social conduct of purchasers? Later on, by what method can portable innovation be better coordinated into our ordinary lives? How critical are these examination questions and to whom would they say they are imperative?

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Participants 28 British and American members extending in age from 14 to 47 “established users” of versatile feature or something to that affect

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Ethnographic Methods - top to bottom meetings (before & after) - Diaries (3 weeks)

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Ethnographic Methods - inside and out meetings (before & after) - Diaries (3 weeks) - How sound are these routines?

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Apple’s iPod Nano

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Sony’s Play Station Portable (PSP)

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Archos convenient media player

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Video-empowered cell telephone

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Requisite HP iPaq

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Any different gadgets that could be utilized for versatile feature?

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- home - friend’s’ home - auto - open transport - airplane terminal parlor - work cafeteria - office work area - bistro - rec center - healing center - stroll to class - school play area People watched versatile feature in a mixture of spots.

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Organization of dialog of results Results composed around distinctive social connections (individual, family and companions) and exercises such getting and trading features.

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Individual review Managing isolation Eating lunch alone Disengaging from others Entertaining irritating kids in carpool Tuning out different people’s music Distraction from uncomfortable open travel circumstances Managing moves between spaces

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Coordinating portable encounters with family Juggling duties Football versus family time Coordinating substance with family Temptation: “I ought to say that I didn’t advise her that I’d viewed the scenes on the PSP before hand.” Watching DVD’s nobody else will watch

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Watching at home Facilitates harmony: “I appreciate sitting beside my wife in the front room yet intermittently I may not appreciate the same shows…so I watch my iPod.”

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Sharing the experience Watching together Group of school youngsters Gang of skateboarders in coffeehouse Showing feature to others Vacation features

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Owning and trading substance Content gathering is articulation of character High status content “…so they were all like ‘do you figure you can get Shaun of the Dead on there – so I was similar to ah ‘I’ll see what I can do’. So I exchanged it over…It takes ages around 3 hours yet then once you’ve done it…so the following day I took it in and they were all like ‘ahh no way’.” Subtle tenets administering substance trade

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Getting substance onto the gadgets Strategies for getting free substance Internet DVD’s officially possessed Search conduct On-going quest Preparation for particular review oportunity

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Discussion & Design Recommendations More than straightforward time-pass Longer than “snacking” Form variable, setting influence conduct TV systems ought to disperse prepared arranged substance over web DVDs outlined with versatile prepared substance Speakers, remote innovation Reasons why substance ought to be put away, not gushing

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Discussion & Design Recommendations More than basic time-pass Longer than “snacking” Form component, connection influence conduct TV systems ought to disseminate prepared organized substance over web DVDs planned with portable prepared substance Speakers, remote innovation Reasons why substance ought to be put away, not spilling How appropriate is the examination to different scientists? Is this work generalizable or versatile to a bigger gathering?

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Assumptions? Open review of versatile feature is an attractive thing. There is a higher social intending to sitting in front of the TV and feature past weariness evasion.

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How coherent d

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