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6-Sep-11. ENS. 2. A week ago
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DHCP MM Clements

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Last Week … Protocol design expected to contain an arrangement of correspondence tenets TCP/IP overwhelms world interchanges SMTP, FTP & TELNET all depend on TCP/IP Port numbers are connected with application forms in Transport Layer IP tending to is managed in the Internet layer ENS

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This Week … . Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Automatic arrangement of data to customers at boot Comparison with BOOTP Sequence of operation Practical work ENS

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DHCP works by giving a procedure to a server to distribute the IP data to customers. Customers rent the data from the server for an authoritatively characterized period. ENS

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BOOTP and DHCP Differences DHCP characterizes instruments through which customers can be doled out an IP address for a limited rent period. This rent period takes into account re - task of the IP deliver to another customer later, or for the customer to get another task, if the customer moves to another subnet. ENS

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DHCP versus BOOTP Clients may likewise restore rents and keep a similar IP address. DHCP gives the instrument to a customer to assemble other IP design parameters, for example, WINS and area name. ENS

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Major DHCP Features Automatic Allocation Manual Allocation Dynamic Allocation ENS

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DHCP Operation ENS

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The Order of DHCP Message Transmission ENS

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Packet Tracer\'s DHCP server ENS

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DHCP setup in PT 5.2 Needs a pool name to distinguish the range Needs a default entryway Need DNS server IP address Needs the subnet veil Needs a begin address Needs an aggregate client number ENS

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PT 5.2 DHCP Interface Details of the LAN can be gone into the DHCP settings tab of Packet Tracer 5.2. ENS

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Domain Name System The area name framework utilizes a customer/server way to deal with the issue. Your PC sends a demand to a space name server: What is the IP address for www.gre.ac.uk ? The server looks into the relating IP number and answers: 193.60. 68 .107 ENS

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Domain Name System Maps IP locations to URLs Replaces unique hosts.txt document (history) A-Record maps IP to URL Extra URLs can be mapped to unique URL utilizing CNAME (authoritative name) System is utilized all inclusive – is interested in manhandle - be careful ENS

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Packet Tracer\'s DNS tab ENS

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More DNS one week from now ENS

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Conclusion DHCP generally utilized Successor to BOOTP Provides fundamental IP tending to data to PCs Addresses rented from server Can be actualized on server or switch ENS

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