DHHS Region VI CDC HRSA Public Health and Health Systems Preparedness Meeting Outcomes .

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DHHS Region VI CDC & HRSA Public Health and Health Systems Preparedness Meeting Outcomes.      13 & 14 January 2005 Albuquerque, NM Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico Oklahoma, Texas. Breakout Session Reports. Planning & Exercise SNS Epidemiology & Surveillance
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DHHS Region VI CDC & HRSA Public Health and Health Systems Preparedness Meeting Outcomes  13 & 14 January 2005 Albuquerque, NM Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico Oklahoma, Texas

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Breakout Session Reports Planning & Exercise SNS Epidemiology & Surveillance Communication & Public Information

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Planning & Exercise Key Issues Title: The general wellbeing local reaction to a zoonotic episode. Issue: Assess the territorial reaction to the general wellbeing parts of a zoonotic episode.

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Planning & Exercise Measurable Action Develop a local tabletop practice to test the capacity of a general wellbeing reaction to a zoonotic flare-up by 30 August 2005. Incorporate Epi, PH Labs, Command & Control/Management Design Team: Ken Knutson (NM – Team Leader); Gary Ragen (AK); John Burlinson (TX); Ed Kostiuk (OK – Alt. TL); Jerry Monier (LA)

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Planning & Exercise Tasks Regional Conference Call 1 X Month Develop Timeline Develop Tabletop Invite State Partners, including HRSA Hospital BT programs for surge limit

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Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) Key Issues Interstate SNS Cooperation

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SNS Measurable Action Develop a draft common guide SNS Chempack Plan by 30 August 2005 Jerry Lazzari (NM – TL)

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Epidemiology & Surveillance Key Issues Share and Coordinate Pandemic Flu Plans

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Epidemiology & Surveillance Measurable Action Establish a working gathering of Region VI Pandemic Flu Plan Leads Identify those segments of the arrangements that include interstate issues Develop a Memorandum of Understanding on the sharing and coordination of assets Stacy Hall (LA – TL)

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Communication & Public Information Key Issues Establish a multi-state emergency correspondence practice to encourage correspondence between states: In understanding with NIMS FFY Benchmark criteria met LA & AK facilitate and take care of all expenses aside from individual state evaluators & travel costs Bob Alvey (AK – CO/TL); Melissa Walker (LA – CO/TL)

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Communication & Public Information Measurable Action Two (2) Day starting preparing Actual Exercise Include Media on Health Alert Network/Utilize HAN for intrastate & interstate data sharing Establish joint system data place for interstate/intrastate PIOs on secure webpage Use EPI–X (can be territorial) Establish multi-state chance correspondence workgroup

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Breakout Session Reports Preparedness Laboratories Education & Training Hospital & Health Systems Information Technology

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Preparedness Laboratory Key Issues Develop a convention for test accommodation to readiness research facilities

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Preparedness Laboratory Measurable Action Form an email work aggregate Via the email work assemble, share arranges Through the procedure of companion survey, share singular state arranges Via the email work amass, build up a talk load up in respect to lab issues

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Preparedness Laboratories Tasks Develop a timetable: E-mail work gathering will be produced by 31 Jan 2005 Identify a seat at the initially meeting Develop a draft for test accommodation by 30 August 2005 Jeff Moran (AK – CO/TL); Phil Adams (NM – CO/TL)

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Education & Training Key Issues No abstract of preparing inside Region VI

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Education & Training Measurable Action Create a Region VI accumulation of state-based trainings (All 5 states spoke to & in assention)

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Education & Training Tasks Compendium finished by 30 August 2005 Refer to Office of Domestic Preparedness (ODP) summary structure for consistency: Course Name Course Description Target Audience Mode of Delivery Portability Development status

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Education & Training Tasks Con\'t Share every state\'s preparation arrange with each other Develop an arrangement to redesign list Work gathering will be messaged by group pioneer by 1 February 2005 to set up working phone calls Work bunch incorporates: Kara Kearns (OK); Meta Kelly (TX); Sabrina Perkins (LA); Joanne Bolick (AR – Alt TL); Gayle Kenny (NM – TL)

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Hospital and Health Systems Key Issues Develop intra-local limit for smolder mind

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Hospital and Health Systems Measurable Action Hook up social insurance staff with online courses (Rosanne) Assess toolbox accessibility from American Burn Care Association (Scott) Enhance the registry of Burn Care Centers crosswise over Region VI (Ron)

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Hospital and Health Systems Tasks Conduct month to month telephone calls with work aggregate Work gather individuals: Jim Pettyjohn (NM – Co/TL); Caryn Relkin (NM – Co/TL); Rosanne Prats (LA); Ron Hilliard (TX); Scott Sproat (OK); Teresa Brown Jesus (HHS); Anita Pullani (HRSA)

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Information Technology GOAL To create basic testing all the time of all provincial HAN Systems

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Information Technology Key Issues Testing of Health Alert Network (HAN) frameworks by 30 August 2005

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Information Technology Measurable Action Common Test of HAN Systems Add every state\'s Big Six to all HAN Systems Develop a typical testing convention and parameters, and measures Schedule to tests and assessments Cindy Horeis (AK – TL)

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Information Technology IMACS Presentation Jeffrey Penton, IT Director Kirk Perilloux, IT Business SVS MGR Louisiana Dept of Health & Hospitals Office of Public Health

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