Diary Club.

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Category: Music / Dance
Article. <Insert article citation>. Theme . Quickly diagram the point of the articleDescribe why this specific article was chosen
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Diary Club <Insert topic> <Insert moderators name> <Insert date>

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Article <Insert article citation>

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Topic Briefly plot the subject of the article Describe why this specific article was chosen – what is its importance to the gathering or theme region? What was the situation or issue that pulled in you to this theme?

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Search technique Explain how you discovered this article - depict the pursuit procedure that empowered you to distinguish this article (this may include working close by library partners), or is it safe to say that this was study prescribed to you by an associate?

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Research approach Discuss the creator\'s strategy, inspecting strategies, study plan and so on

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Findings Outline the creator\'s discoveries/comes about

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Critical evaluation Appraise the legitimacy of the study and what suggestions it might have for ebb and flow rehearse

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Conclusion Summary and conclusion

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Group exchange Open up the theme for more extensive dialog inside the gathering

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