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DIETSWELL Corporation. Frederik Nilsson Business Development Manager. Presentation Outline. Company Presentation The Business Lines Engineering and R&D Summary. Company Overview.
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DIETSWELL Corporation Frederik Nilsson Business Development Manager

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Presentation Outline Company Presentation The Business Lines Engineering and R&D Summary

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Company Overview DIETSWELL is a free and universal organization concentrating on giving boring related administrations to the oil and gas industry. DIETSWELL is a building organization mediating in all periods of the penetrating action, from apparatus development to work-over and well relinquishment. DIETSWELL is working on a wide range of inland and seaward oil and gas fields around the world.

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Our Vision Being our customers favored accomplice and building benefactor guaranteeing their long haul advancement and accomplishment in the oil and gas industry.

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Office Locations DIETSWELL base camp is found west of Paris, FRANCE and is the workplace of our corporate administration and the business lines directors. DIETSWELL base camp likewise have our R&D and building focus including our apparatus building and well outline bunches. DIETSWELL has four field workplaces situated in: Pointe Noire, CONGO Hassi Messaoud, ALGERIA Maracaibo, VENEZUELA Houston, USA

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A Worldwide Activity

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100% 12.8% 87.2% Other financial specialists The Company

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C.E.O. Jean-Claude BOURDON Vice President Dominique MICHEL Business Dev. Mgr. Frederik NILSSON Deputy General Mgr. Operations Mgr. Jerome ALRIC C.F.O. Fabian SIMONET Human Resources Mgr. Francoise DODIN Corporate Assistant Loubna ELHAJOUI BUSINESS LINE MANAGERS The Corporate Organization

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Our Staff DIETSWELL employs engineers from the best building schools and colleges had practical experience in well and penetrating designing. DIETSWELL\'s field engineers have moved on from the IFP School (Institute Francais de Petroleum) which has an overall notoriety in the business. DIETSWELL\'s directors have all long professions in the Oil & Gas Industry with foundations in overall companies like, Schlumberger, Sedco-Forex, Pride-Forasol and Amec Spie. DIETSWELL staff more than 80 representatives worldwide with 23 individuals situated at the headquarter.

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Our Expertise Project Management had practical experience in: Drilling Engineering Mud Engineering Horizontal and Vertical Well Engineering Rig Design and Construction QHSE Management Logistics Management Career Management

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Our Service Offer DIETSWELL\'s customers are progressively centered around their center business. DIETSWELL is endowed an extensive variety of undertakings covering our customers boring related arranging and operations. DIETSWELL\'s prosperity is built up on building long haul business association with our customers proposing altered administrations in light of a Four Level Project Management Process.

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DIETSWELL Involvement Drilling Project Management Rig Operation Management Engineering and Consultancy Technical Assistance Four Levels of Project Management.

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A Rigorous Process Project Preparation Workload breakdown. Arranging and time examination. Hazard appraisal ponder. Asset attribution Execution Regular and clear correspondence inside/remotely. Comprehending everyday issues. Proactive activities to minimize down-time. Extend Closing End of work report. Examination of genuine accomplishments versus beginning arranging. Lessons learnt and activities for development.

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Project Management Examples Drilling Project Management LUNDIN, Development wells in France ENERGY AFRICA, Exploration wells seaward Gabon ANDRA, Operations administration and well designing. Fix Operation Management NABORS, Platform fix in Congo EXXONMOBIL, Land fix in France ENERGY AFRICA, Jack-up in Gabon PERENCO, Land fix in Gabon Engineering and Consultancy MAUREL & PROM, Completion building LUNDIN, Horizontal and vertical well outline Technical Assistance TOTAL

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LUNDIN ENERGY Project administration for two coastal wells in Paris Basin. Well building (Horizontal wells & group) Preparation of the Authorization of Expenditures (AFE) Redaction of delicate records Selection of the penetrating temporary worker and the administration organizations Supervision of the operations Logistics Implementation of the QHSE strategies on location Redaction of the End of Well Report

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ENERGY AFRICA Project administration for two seaward investigation wells in Gabon with GSF lift Highlander IX. Well building Preparation of the Authorization of Expenditures (AFE) Redaction of delicate records Selection of the penetrating contractual worker and the administration organizations Supervision of the operations Logistics Implementation of the QHSE techniques on location Redaction of the End of Well Report

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ANDRA Operations administration for coastal wells. Well building for flat wells Supervision of operations Deep coring operations. Redaction of the End of Well Report

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NABORS Management of a 900HP stage fix in Congo. Authorizing of the apparatus; Provision of the key faculty for the apparatus Provision of the lesser staff for the apparatus Implementation of the QHSE framework Implementation of the Preventive Maintenance System

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AGIP (ENI) Gas Libya Fast Moving Workover Rig (FMWR) In-house exclusive Rig Design. Designing & Supervision of the development. 1250HP stage fix (Fast Moving Work Over Rig – FMWR) Commissioning of the apparatus

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TOTAL DIETSWELL is giving director, boss and exceptionally gifted specialized individual to TOTAL round the world. Well building administrations: Nigeria, France, USA, UK Well site benefit (penetrating & work over): Russia, Argentina, Congo, Yemen, Libya, Cameroon, Algeria Mud designing administrations: Congo, Syria, UK, Indonesia, Algeria Commissioning & upkeep administrations: Qatar, Angola, Norway

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The Business Lines

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Drilling building and boring operations administration. Boring liquids designing, mud concoction supply and waste administration. Fix plan and apparatus development. Enlistment and vocation administration of pro to the oil and gas industry Rig investigation and HSE reviews. The Business Lines

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The center business at DIETSWELL is designing arrangements and operations administration to our customers. These exercises are assembled into DIETSWELL building . DIETSWELL designing is had practical experience in: Well building Drilling building Drilling operations administration Workover and well relinquishment. DIETSWELL building is staffed by senior designers and professionals with many years of involvement in penetrating and workover operations. DIETSWELL designing is additionally responsible for the on-running R&D ventures keep running with the absolute most prestigious French colleges. DIETSWELL designing is solely responsible for the administration and penetrating operations performed by DMM Drilling.

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DIETSWELL environment is the most recent business line at DIETSWELL environment is had practical experience in: Drilling liquids building Mud synthetic supply Waste administration DIETSWELL environment is arranging, planning and executing the boring liquid projects concurring our customers well arrangement. DIETSWELL environment has completely prepared field labs for Fluid Design, Fluid Testing and Quality Control. DIETSWELL environment is joined by senior mud engineers with over 15 years of involvement in penetrating liquids designing. DIETSWELL environment is taking care of the penetrating liquid demands on our boring and workover contracts.

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DOLFINES is spent significant time in Rig Design and Engineering Solutions for inland/seaward boring and workover needs. DOLFINES is giving Project Management Services going from applied plan to obtainment and development. DOLFINES building group has many years of involvement in Rig Construction and Refurbishment of existing apparatuses. DOLFINES building background incorporates : Onshore apparatuses Swamp scows Semi-submersibles Drill-ships Jack-ups. DOLFINES has a broad information base with drawings including our exclusive plans FMWR 1 and RCR 2 . Quick Moving Workover Rig Reverse Circulation and Rotary

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SALVEO is spent significant time in enlistment and profession administration of pro to the oil and gas industry. SALVEO is guaranteeing our staffing on long haul and fleeting penetrating, workover and finishing contracts around the world. SALVEO propose exhaustive enlistment answers for our customers for their lasting and impermanent staff needs. SALVEO separate it-self from other enlistment organizations by concentrating on the oil and gas industry only. SALVEO enrollment administrations run from individual advisors through well building and operation supervision groups to whole penetrating teams. SALVEO administration framework is ISO 9001:2003 and ISO/TS 29001:2003 (API Spec Q1) ensured.

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Fact-O-Rig is had some expertise in three regions: Drilling Rig Inspection Service Audit of Management Systems Expertise & Technical Assistance. Certainty O-Rig gives tweaked assessments and reviews satisfying our customers exact needs rather than standard investigation/review bundles. Truth O-Rig is utilizing an imaginative and methodic approach for its assessment and reviews in view of an in-house created programming. Work check rundown and direction including energized clarifications Automatic return of data to the customer and HQ amid review/review "A single tick report" Statistics and history Fact-O-Rig has in-house ability covering all parts of boring apparatuses. Actuality O-Rig is the main organization on the planet that is ISO/TS 29001:2003 confirmed by LRQA* for apparatus investigation and review administrations. *Lloyd\'s Register Quality Assurance

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Engineering and R&D

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Engineering and R&D DIETSWELL trusts that designing is one of the foundations for our organization\'s long haul development and THE best approach to remain in front of our rivals. DIETSWELL with its in-house designing focus can propose inventive arrangements comprehending our customers short and long haul issues.

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