Different Subject Certification Review.

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Contact data can be found on the Admission to Teacher Education site: ed.fullerton.edu/adtep. Branch of Elementary and Bilingual Education ...
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Different Subject Credential Overview Kim Case EC 327 657.278.5859 kcase@fullerton.edu

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College of Education Conceptual Framework MISSION STATEMENT Our main goal is to instruct, to serve, and to participate in grant. We educate our understudies to be basic masterminds and deep rooted learners. We plan experts who enhance understudy learning, advance assorted qualities, settle on educated choices, participate in cooperative tries, keep up proficient and moral gauges, and get to be change operators in their work environments. We participate in academic work that illuminates the calling and we serve the instructive group by giving connected grant.

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Our Program Completers are Knowledgeable & Competent Specialists who • demonstrate solid establishment in topic • demonstrate solid comprehension & usage aptitudes in the field • demonstrate capacity to utilize innovation as an asset Reflective & Responsive Practitioners who advance differences think fundamentally and settle on educated choices participate in community attempts Committed and Caring Professionals who get to be change operators keep up proficient and moral principles get to be long lasting learners

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General Information http://ed.fullerton.edu/training Forms and Information http://ed.fullerton.edu/adtep Class Schedule www.fullerton.edu/plan CBEST Information www.cbest.nesinc.com CSET Information www.cset.nesinc.com Financial Aid Information www.fullerton.edu/financialaid Adjunct Student Registration www.csufextension.org California Commission on Teacher Credentialing www.ctc.ca.gov Career/Job Fair Information www.fullerton.edu/vocation Center for Careers in Teaching www.fullerton.edu/cct CLAD/BCLAD Information www.clad.nesinc.com University Application www.csumentor.edu Important Websites

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Why CSUF? Exceptional Block Format Team of Instructors Classroom Experience Successful Graduates NCATE (National Accreditation and Recognition) Cost

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Various Program Options 2 semester 3 semester BCLAD Combined Masters/Credential Program Fullerton or Irvine Campus * Program offerings fluctuate by the semester and are reliant on understudy premium

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Admission to University Admission to Credential Program 38 units of coursework 90 hours of Fieldwork 2 understudy showing encounters 1 Five week (25 days) arrangement 1 Eight week(40 days) position Program Requirements

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Semester 1 10 weeks-Classes and 60 perception hrs 5 weeks(25 days) of Student showing Semester 2 7 weeks-Classes and 30 perception hrs 8 weeks(40 days) of Student showing 2 Semester Program

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Semester 1 15 weeks-Classes begin at 4 pm, and 45 Observation hrs Semester 2 15 weeks-Classes begin at 4 pm, and 45 Observation hrs 5 weeks (25 days) Student showing 3 Semester Program Semester 3 15 weeks-Classes begin at 4 pm 8 weeks (40 days) Student educating

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Combined Masters/Credential Program 16 Month – full time responsibility (fall, spring, summer, a 2 nd fall or spring semester relying upon begin date of system, and conceivable intervention) GPA must be 3.0 Application to University is for Graduate confirmation not post-baccalaureate affirmation Interview is led with Graduate Faculty Panel

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EDEL 429 Integrated Curriculum and Instruction in the Elementary School EDEL 430 Foundations in Elementary School Teaching EDEL 433 Language expressions and Reading Instruction in the Public Schools EDEL 434 Methods and Inquiry for Teaching English Learners EDEL 435 Curriculum and Instruction in Elementary School Teaching - Math EDEL 436 Curriculum and Instruction in Elementary School Teaching - Science EDEL 437 Curriculum and Instruction in Elementary School Teaching - Social Studies EDEL 438 Supervised Fieldwork in Elementary Schools EDEL 439 Student Teaching EDEL 450 Visual & Performing Arts Seminar EDEL 451 Community, School and Classroom Issues Seminar EDEL 452 PE, Health and Mainstreaming Seminar EDEL 453 Teacher Performance Assessment Support TPA Tasks: SSP, DI, AL & CTE Snapshot of Courses

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Provides certificate in bilingual showing Benefits Enhances capacity to add to assorted groups Improves openings for work Improves dialect aptitudes BCLAD Credential

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2 Semesters or 3 Semesters All courses incorporate bilingual showing strategies One extra course (proficiency/society) Student educating in bilingual classroom Ability to educate primary school subjects Need to breeze through dialect test-talking, perusing and composing BCLAD Spanish

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Korean, Chinese, Khmer, or Vietnamese Methods and society courses offered at other CSU grounds For more data in regards to Spanish or Asian BCLAD please contact the BCLAD Coordinator. Contact data can be found on the Admission to Teacher Education site: ed.fullerton.edu/adtep Asian Language BCLAD (Non-Cohort)

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1) Child or Human Development CAS 101,CAS 312, CAS 315 or PSY 361 (CAS 325 A & B for CHAD majors) 2) Introduction to Elementary Classroom Teaching EDEL 315 (with an evaluation of B or higher) 3) Cultural Pluralism EDEL 325 ( with an evaluation of B or higher ) * See Kim Case to postpone above classes. Essential courses and/or their equivalencies must be taken inside 5 years of applying to the qualification program. Essential Coursework

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Course Equivalency Chart Please see current Course Equivalency Chart on site

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Bachelor\'s Degree BA required or Completion of GE necessities without any than 6 units staying in your major

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You should fulfill one of the accompanying: Pass the CBEST www.cbest.nesinc.com Pass the CSET Writing Skills Exam www.cset.nesinc.com Pass the CSU Early Assessment Program – taken amid spring semester of understudy\'s lesser year in High School (Must be "School Ready" or "Absolved" in both Math and English) Pass the CSU Placement Examination (Must get a base score of 50 on ELM – Entry Level Math AND 151 on EPT-English Placement Test) Basic Skills Requirement (BSR)

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Content Subject Matter Exam for Teachers For Fall programs take in January , for Spring programs take in June Given 6 times each year *Note: Register 1 month ahead of time CSET exam www.cset.nesinc.com

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Prep books (Cliff Notes, Baron\'s, REA) Workshops Courses Websites www.cbest.nesinc.com www.cset.nesinc.com CSET and BSR

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Grade Point Average Last 60 units 2.75

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Recommendations Faculty 2 workforce recommendations or 1 personnel and 1 elective from manager Child/Youth 2 current encounters working with youngsters - one is 45 hours in conjunction with EDEL 315 - the other is a min. of 20 hours and can originate from an assortment of settings

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CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, FULLERTON September 30: Due Date for Spring 20___ February 28: Due Date for Fall 20___ FACULTY RECOMMENDATION (Non-Confidential) NAME: _________________________________________ CREDENTIAL OBJECTIVE: Multiple Subject Teaching Credential SCALE: 5. Extraordinary (excellent) This individual has made application for admission to our 4. Above Average (extremely good) Teacher Education Program. If it\'s not too much trouble rate the candidate on the 3. Normal (agreeable) items recorded, utilizing the scale at the left, and refer to proof, when 2. Requirements to Improve possible, of qualities and shortcomings. 1. No Opportunity to Judge Scholarships and Scholastic Performance Demonstrates academic accomplishment in branches of knowledge the candidate is get ready to instruct. Rating: Comments: Skills of Communication Demonstrates capability in perusing, composing, and talking. Rating: Comments: Breadth of Understanding Possesses a sound comprehension of ideas and learning in the accompanying ranges: humanities, sociology, physical science, arithmetic, & expressive arts. Exhibits capacity to investigate & tackle issues. Rating: Comments: Personality and Character Demonstrates confirmation of administration qualities or attributes, has enthusiastic soundness, capacity to work with others, activity, self-assurance, genius, and innovativeness. Rating: Comments: FACULTY MEMBER_____________________________/__________________________________________DATE________________ Print Name Signature UNIVERSITY____________________________DEPARTMENT_____________________________TELEPHONE__________________ RETURN TO: Please come back to understudy for consideration in their application parcel.

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CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, FULLERTON For Spring 20__ Admission to Teacher Education For Fall 20__ EXPERIENCES LEADING/ASSISTING GROUPS OF CHILDREN/YOUTH (Non-Confidential) NAME: __________________________________________ CREDENTIAL OBJECTIVE: Multiple Subject Teaching Credential This individual has made application for admission to our Teacher Education Program. The candidate has demonstrated that he/she has worked with youngsters/youth class/group(s) under your watch. One of the criteria for admission to the project is fruitful work involvement with youngsters and youth (either paid or volunteer). It would be ideal if you demonstrate underneath your assessment of the hopeful\'s potential as a successful instructor. NAME OF GROUP/SCHOOL ADDRESS ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Number Street

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