Difficulties and Prizes in the US Government.

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Difficulties and Prizes in the US Government. 2010 Government Web Manager and New Media ... new instruments and ways to deal with enhance open government and advancement. ...
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Difficulties and Prizes in the US Government 2010 Government Web Manager and New Media Conference April 2010 Bev Godwin Director, Center for New Media and Citizen Engagement U.S. General Services Administration

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Challenges and Prizes March 8, 2010 OMB Memo Increase utilization of difficulties and prizes to grow new devices and ways to deal with enhance open government and development. GSA to give an online stage. Bev Godwin beverly.godwin@gsa.gov

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About Challenges A "seeker" recognizes a specific issue and welcomes "solvers" to propose, team up on, and convey arrangements.

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Types of Results from Challenges Promising new thoughts and practices Product advancements Process developments Increased cooperation New or reinforced systems or associations

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Potential Benefits for Government Identify the objective without first picking the methodology or group well on the way to succeed Pay just for execution Better arrangements Attract new participants Stimulate private area speculation Motivate, move and guide

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Government Examples

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Health & Human Services H1N1 Public Service Announcement Prize BARDA Project Bioshield Office of Management and Budget President\'s SAVE Award State Department Democracy Video Challenge ExchangesConnect Change Your Climate, Change Your World USAID Development 2.0 Challenge More Government Examples Department of Defense Wearable Power DARPA Grand Challenge Department of Energy Progressive Automotive X Prize Bright Tomorrow Lighting prize Freedom Prize Hydrogen Prize Department of Transportation Airport Design Contest Rural Youth Traffic Safety Message Alternative-Aviation Fuel Challenge Environmental Protection Agency Radon Challenge Super Efficient Refrigerator

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Can You Do This? Walk 8, 2010 OMB Memo – Legal Authorities Explicit prize power Grants and helpful understandings Necessary cost teaching Authority to give non-financial bolster Procurement power Other exchange power Agency association power Public-private organization power

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Are You Ready? Gone to the Unconference Session Define the test Stage of development Desired result Define legitimate vehicle and potential accomplices Define the prize Monetary versus non-money related Define Potential Solver Communities Define all phases of the procedure Clear triumph criteria versus master survey Collaborative versus autonomous Stand-alone versus continuous Internal versus open to general society Outreach to potential solvers Award process Post-prize

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Suggested Next Steps Encourage experimentation with prizes and difficulties that bolster your organization\'s central goal. Check your Open Gov Plans Use March 8 update to converse with your attorneys. Dispose of lawful instability (understanding of existing law, look for new enactment) Learn from the individuals who have done difficulties and the individuals who are keen on doing as such

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Help is On the Way March 8, 2010 OMB Memo White House Office of Science and Technology Policy General Services Administration Challenge Platform Best practices, aides, and preparing Easier contract vehicles

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