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Muskrat. Beaver. Household pooch. raccoon. limitrophe. limitrophe winged animals, 2003. high territorial ... lives in bogs, wet riparian edges and backwaters. imperiled in ...
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Digging FOR DIPLOMACY? THE BORDER ENVIRONMENT AT RISK McGeorge Law School February 19, 2005

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presentation review the Colorado River limitrophe the digging venture ecological option

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Less than 1% of the Colorado\'s water achieves its delta

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minimal local living space stays on lower Colorado

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15,500 sections of land

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Morelos Dam last purpose of redirection downstream streams inconsistent siltation overbank flooding

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flooding in limitrophe… native living space made

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Soft-shelled turtle Side-blotched reptile Tree reptile Desert spiked reptile Whiptail bullsnake Cottontail Pygmy pocket gopher Desert pocket mouse Merriam\'s kangaroo rodent Deer mouse Muskrat Beaver Domestic pooch raccoon limitrophe creatures of land and water and well evolved creatures, 2003

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Abert\'s towhee Verdin Ladder-upheld woodpecker Cliff swallow Song sparrow Common yellowthroat Blue grosbeak Lesser goldfinch Hooded oriole Bullock\'s oriole Ash-throated flycatcher Crissal thrasher Yellow-breasted visit Osprey Black chinned hummingbird Inca dove Bronzed cowbird Yellow-charged cuckoos Cinnamon greenish blue Common moorhen Pied-charged grebe Green heron Yuma clapper rail Southwest willow flycatcher limitrophe fowls, 2003 high territorial significance

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Southwest willow flycatcher neotropical transient riparian commit inclines toward backwaters jeopardized in US (300-500 reproducing sets)

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Yuma Clapper Rail lives in bogs, wet riparian edges and backwaters imperiled in US (1500 people)

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open enthusiasm for limitrophe environment Cocopah Tribe proposition in 2002 to make universal secured region in limitrophe Surveys in US and Mexico bolster insurance of limitrophe biological system Yuma birding celebration US-Mexico Minute 306 perceives significance of limitrophe BLM considering Area of Critical Environmental Concern status

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administration for biological community enduring stream incidental overbank flooding normal waterway winds preservation and rebuilding of cottonwood-willow timberlands assurance and production of backwaters

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International Boundary and Water Commission Relevant commands include: Minute 217 (1964) Relies on a 1940\'s stream study Requires surge limit of 140,000 cfs today considered the 10,000-year surge - Boundary Treaty (1970) Boundary controlled by waterway channel

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IBWC PROJECT Maintain surge limit Rectify US-Mexico limit Demarcate US-Mexico Boundary Levee-to-levee limit of 140,000 cfs Pilot channel of 15,000 cfs

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IBWC PROJECT dig channel to build up and keep up exposed sand hall, 300-750 feet wide Severely debase existing local natural surroundings Environmental Defense reaction: is undertaking important? can outline maintain a strategic distance from living space demolition?

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Is the undertaking fundamental? surge limit of 140,000 cfs was built up in 1940\'s Projects developed from that point forward incorporate Flaming Gorge, Glen Canyon Dam, CAP, Morelos Dam and more Phoenix, Las Vegas, San Diego have blasted Today 140,000 cfs is the 10,000-year surge

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Can plan stay away from living space demolition? IBWC is arranging 15,000 cfs pilot channel to expand levee-to-levee limit AND to divide limit Existing levees insufficient just in northern 4 miles of limitrophe

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coordinated objectives secure life and property to level controlled by money saving advantage examination address regional concerns upgrade biological community values add to neighborhood economy by expanding tourism esteem

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Preliminary Design Recommendations Maximize utilization of levees to minimize need to devastate local natural surroundings Revisit requirement for 15,000 cfs pilot channel. Counsel with fluvial geomorphologists to create levee security that disposes of or minimizes requirement for pilot channel.

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Avoid any change of northern portion of limitrophe where local riparian natural surroundings qualities are high. Make limit changes as required in the southern portion of the limitrophe where local riparian living space qualities are lower.

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Do not strand existing local riparian woods by redirecting somewhere else the current channel and the streams it passes on. Consolidate rebuilding of cottonwood-willow trees, oxbows and backwaters, and other imperative riparian living spaces into definite option.

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Where things stand… IBWC pulled back contract in summer 2004 IBWC and CILA meeting to reassess surge control needs Environmental Defense taking a shot at an outline contrasting option to address "sensible" surge control, limit correction, and natural surroundings enlargement

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