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DINAFERM. A la mode BIO-TRANSFORMATION AND BIO-AGLUTINATION TECHNOLOGY FOR TODAY\'S MODERN LIVESTOCK, POULTRY AND SWINE PRODUCER. The dynamic yeast will be Saccharomyces cerevisiae. S. cerevisiae (Sc), normally known as baker\'s or brewer\'s yeast, is one of more than 500 particular types of yeast. The (Sc) cell is around 1/10,000 of an inch long and like the human cell has a nuc
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DINATEC Diversified Nutri-Agri Technologies Inc., PRESENTS DINAFERM A Systems Approach to helpful yeast consideration innovation Presented by Dr. Martin Moreira Ph. D.

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What is DINAFERM ? DINAFERM is a dynamic yeast supplement ensured at a specific level of state Forming Units per gram from none to 7.5 billion. The dynamic yeast will be Saccharomyces cerevisiae. S. cerevisiae (Sc), ordinarily known as pastry specialist\'s or brewer\'s yeast, is one of more than 500 unmistakable types of yeast. The (Sc) cell is around 1/10,000 of an inch long and like the human cell has a core, with chromosomes and nucleoli, isolated from the cytoplasm by a film.

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DINAFERM Is a Source of B‑vitamins, protein and other basic supplements. Has cancer prevention agents and compounds, for example, PROTEASE 27,500 units. AMYLASE 27,500 units LIPASE 2,250 units PHYTASE Agglutinates certain mycotoxins and pathogenic operators, for example, Salmonellas.

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MODE OF ACTION For dairy cattle, stallions, swine, and poultry Depends on creature species, sort of eating regimen and phase of lactation. Dairy cattle, poultry, swine and steeds have indicated positive reaction. Enhancements in profitability, general wellbeing and prosperity are steady.

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MODE OF ACTION For Ruminants Studies indicate increment in absolute number of anaerobic microorganisms, including cellulolytic (fiber processing) and lactate-using microscopic organisms, in the rumen. Creation of B-vitamins, proteins and different supplements utilized by helpful intestinal organisms for development . Usage of oxygen in rumen enhances development of entirely anaerobic microbes. Oxygen hinders grip of cellulolytic microscopic organisms to fiber. Dinaferm enhances rate of fiber processing by expanding cellulolytics & empowering sustain consumption & generation. Increment in lactate-using microbes and resulting diminish in lactate levels in the rumen of creatures nourished Dinaferm balance out rumen pH, which prompts to expanded quantities of cellulolytics. Essential when nourishing high think proportions where rumen pH can drop to acidosis levels.

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MODE OF ACTION For Ruminants Increase in complete rumen microscopic organisms is related with Increased alkali take-up Increased levels of microbial protein leaving the rumen and consequent expanded supply of amino acids to the small digestive system. Microbial protein supplements the duodenal protein and lifts drain creation in early lactating dairy animals. Explore shows reaction is more noteworthy when proportion of think to search is higher and encouraged amid late dry or early lactation stage.

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Additional Benefits for Beef Cattle Get steers onto nourish quicker Improved bolster use Higher every day increases Better encourage productivity

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Additional Benefits for Dairy Cattle Any lactating female is under anxiety. Especially after parturition when she comes into drain and her vitality prerequisites and admission increment significantly. DINAFERM 1B bolstered 7-10 days preceding parturition will make this alteration period a relative breeze. The metabolic intermediates as of now in our yeast culture and delivered by our develop, live yeast cells will help keep up the fiber processing microorganisms (just a live yeast can do this). Bovines and caretakers sustained yeast, have a tendency to have more prominent quantities of microscopic organisms bringing about more noteworthy drain creation, longer pinnacle generation, enhanced butterfat, enhanced encourage productivity, less weight reduction and enhanced life span. DINAFERM 1 B works similarly well top dressed or blended with the aggregate nourishment proportion.

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HORSEMEN, DINATEC AND DINAFERM We have a 3 way adore association with your steeds DINAFERM 1 B contains completely developed dynamic cells, having put away their catalysts in the media in which they were developed, therefore providing quick enzymatic activity for upgraded assimilation of proteins, fat, fiber and starch. Female horses make incredible utilization of this favorable position when giving milk to their young. Ordinary development of creating stallions and support of develop steeds can be complished all the more proficiently with the expansion of DINAFERM 1 B horsemen have been revealing these advantages. We welcome you to reveal to us what it accomplishes for your stallions (and as a reward, see what it accomplishes for their hair coats!).

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Additional Benefits For your Horses Increased sustain utilization Supplies regular B vitamins Improved absorption of fiber Better and more grounded feet Greater digestion of Calcium & Phosphorus

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SWINE DINAFERM is utilized to extraordinary preferred standpoint by pork delivering clients. DINAFERM is viable in diminishing supplemental phosphorus prerequisites, expenses and contamination. DINAFERM produces among different chemicals phytase which discharges phytin phosphorus, the essential type of phosphorus in oat grains. Phytin phosphorus is inadequately used so the majority of the phosphorus in grains goes unused. Numerous pork makers utilize DINAFERM to diminish supplemental phosphorus expenses and its consequent impact on nature.

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SWINE DINAFERM will dispense with stoppage in lactating sows which then expend progressively and wean heavier pigs. The expansion of DINAFERM to producer/finisher eating methodologies will help stop human flesh consumption, diminish fertilizer volumes and help in compost smell control. Makers as often as possible remark on its capacity to decrease rate of ulcers also. DINAFERM does not work as a medicine. The reliable, positive outcomes makers see with DINAFERM are a consequence of yeast\'s capacity to guarantee and improve ordinary assimilation.

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BENEFITS POULTRY Better use of supplements & grain phosphorous Broiler chickens demonstrate a 7-8% change in development Agglutinates 100 % of the Aflatoxin content in nourish and more than 40 % of T-2 and also DAS. Agglutinates pathogenic microscopic organisms 7-10 focuses better sustain change Lower mortality

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Field Test Results Body Weights No negative control bunches utilized. Adequacy is that over Zinc Bacitracin treatment Results dated September 14, 2000

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Field Test Results Feed Conversion No negative control bunches utilized. Adequacy is that over Zinc Bacitracin treatment Results dated September 14, 2000

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DINAFERM Economics One ton of encourage will create 333.33 ovens at a live weight of 1.75 kg. & nourish transformation of 2.00. Dinaferm cost $4.00/KG, ($1.86/LB), Feed cost $0.21/kg, ($0.097/LB), Live oven cost $1.16/KG, (0.529/LB). In view of going before we can expand grill weight a normal of 100 grams for each winged animal, consequently 333.33 fowls for each metric ton will yield 33.33 more kg of meat per MT Based on enhanced sustain transformation figures we can spare 5 –7.5 change focuses by and large which for 1 treated metric ton is equivalent to 16.85 kg of nourish reserve funds

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DINAFERM Calculation of rate of profitability (ROI) 33.33 more kg of oven meat per ton @ $1.16 $38.66 16.35 kg of bolster for every treated metric ton@ $0.21 $ 3.43 Total investment funds for every metric ton $42.09 Total Dinaferm treated cost per metric ton of encourage $ 4.00 ROI=TSPMT./. TC ROI=42.09./.4 ROI=10.52:1

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DINAFERM QUALITY POINTS There are many strains of S. c. Dinatec Inc. utilizes just the best quality and best strains of S.c. Strict quality control must be clung to with a specific end goal to keep best strain un-debased. An exceptional cutting edge covering of the yeast protects higher adequacy. Field test comes about demonstrate the viability of Dinaferm. Be careful with shabby impersonations. You get what you pay for.

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ANIMAL TYPE RECOMMENDED DOSE RECOMMENDED USE CHART CATTLE Top dress 1 oz per 1000 pounds live weight/day HORSES Top dress 1 0z. per 1000 lbs weight/day SWINE .Add 1 kg for each metric ton or 2 lbs for each ton POULTRY Add 1 kg for each metric ton or 2 lbs for every short ton Broilers Add 1 kg for each metric ton from day 1 to butcher Pullets Add 500 grams for each Metric ton to 18 weeks Leghorn Layers Add 1 kg for every metric ton from 18 weeks to end of lay Lehhorn Breeders Add 500 grams for each ton to 20 weeks Broiler Breeders Add 1 kg for each metric ton from 20 weeks to end of lay

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DINAFERM Hits the objective each time

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References Stanley,V.G., Ojo,R., Woldesenbet,S., Hutchinson, D.H., and L.F Kubena, 1993. The utilization of Saccharomyces cerevisiae to smother the impacts of aflatoxicosis in grill chicks.Poultry Sci. 72:1867-1872. Stanley,V.G., Hutchingson,D.M., Reine,A.H., Corrier,D., and A.A. Hinton,Jr, 1992. Magnesium sulfate impacts on coliform microbes lessening in the digestion tracts, ceca, and corpses of grill chickens. Poultry Sci. 71:76-80. Pearson,S.A., Stanley,V.G., Reine,A.H., Huff,W.E., Kubena, L.F., and R.B Harvey, 1990. Single and blend impacts of overseeing salinomycin and aflatoxin to grill chicks. Poultry Sci. 69:849-851.

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DINATEC Diversified Nutri-Agri Technologies Inc., The End … .… for the present… … . We at DINATEC need to thank you for setting aside opportunity to watch this DINAFERM 1 B introduction "A Dynamic Approach to Nutri-Agri Product Research and Technology Development"

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