DIPECHO Focal Asia Debacle Readiness assessment.

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DIPECHO Central Asia Disaster Preparedness assessment. Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan ... Kyrgyzstan. Bishkek, Osh, Jalalabad, Issyk-KulKyrgyzstan. Kazakhstan ...
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DIPECHO Central Asia Disaster Preparedness assessment Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan June – July 2006

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Timing 1 st – 29 th June: Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan 30 th June: questioning with ECHO 1 st July: Workshop with DIPECHO accomplices 2 nd – 4 th July: Almaty 1 st August: accommodation of draft report Mid August: remarks/criticism on report End August: presentation of definite report to ECHO

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Locations went to Tajikistan Dushanbe, GBAO, Khatlon, Varzob, Vahdat, Yavan, Rasht valley, Sughd, Khojent Uzbekistan Tashkent, Ferghana, Namangan, Andijan Kyrgyzstan Bishkek, Osh, Jalalabad, Issyk-KulKyrgyzstan Kazakhstan Almaty

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Methodology Briefing from ECHO office in Dushanbe Presentations by Organizations joined with gatherings (2 way exchange) Visits of groups, relief locales, schools, preparing offices, debacle panels, medical aid and crisis reaction groups Meetings with Ministries of Emergency Situations, (where conceivable) Meetings with different Organizations required in misfortune decrease, other Donor Organizations, ISDR, World bank execution contractual workers

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What are the targets of each DIPECHO accomplice? How do these destinations fit together? The targets of every accomplice differ, some take a gander at Disaster Preparedness as cross cutting and LRRD issues of long haul improvement programs. Others consider DP to be a stand alone subject inside the Disaster Management cycle. Notwithstanding all Organizations seem to: utilize a group based methodology, base up arranging, to bring issues to light of the potential for debacles and the moves to make to minimize the level of fiasco effect on a focused on populace and its vocations. A few Organizations are centered around readiness to react where others while doing this are attempting to decrease the effect on reasonable debacles. In a few however not all cases relief ventures are being actualized and bolstered, being done by the groups themselves wherever conceivable.

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What has been accomplished amid the period 2003 as of not long ago of every accomplice? This is one of the inquiries which needs examination, touch base at conclusions before giving subtle elements and suggestions

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What is the level of viability of every accomplice in light of the 8 criteria? Significance Coverage Efficiency Effectiveness Impact Sustainability Results accomplished Accountability

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What is the level of importance of DG Echo\'s vital introduction and mediation rationale? Will take investigation, conclusions to be finished before this inquiry can be replied. Notwithstanding, what is your conclusion? What do you and your Organization think about DG Echo\'s Strategic Orientation and Intervention Logic? 20 minutes bunch work

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Duration of DIPECHO undertakings (max. 15 months) versus need to focus on longer term advancement and measure sway Need to coordinate more nearby powers while focusing on groups Focus on groups versus building institutional limits at strategy and national levels Progressive hand over to neighborhood on-screen characters not efficient Specific methodologies towards particular gatherings (eg sex)? Natural effect, environmental change Other EC administrations? Incorporate reaction to little scale successive calamities?

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What is the way out technique, or, procedure for enhancing adequacy of future operations? The way out procedure must be that neighborhood groups can take adjusted measures as a team with nearby and national powers similarly as debacle aversion, readiness and readiness to react are concerned. The premise of manageability relies on upon various elements: Building limit and consciousness of nearby populaces to minimize the impacts of fiascos and to react sufficiently Project recommendations for relief exercises in light of group needs and neighborhood/provincial advancement and key arrangements. Monetary intends to execute venture proposition

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What are the lessons learnt and the outcomes accomplished? A few Organizations have learnt lessons amid the 3 year time of DIPECHO backing and have adjusted their methods for working. There is by all accounts constrained lessons learnt which have gone starting with one Organization then onto the next deliberately. There have been some cross authoritative visits to see what others are doing and what is functioning admirably however this appears to not be drawn nearer methodicallly. There are cases that we have seen of an individual hoping to gain from another Organization however this is by all accounts individual activity instead of being precise There will be a proposal on the most proficient method to fortify the exchange of lessons learnt and grow best practices in the full report.

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Has DIPECHO effectively spread its best practices in Central Asia? No, there appears not to be an efficient way to deal with the advancement of DIP Echo\'s best practices.

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What are the project comes about at group level? Excessively various, making it impossible to say all as of now yet the absolute most clear are: Strengthening of groups in basic leadership and the arranging procedure to complete things for themselves Promoting people group cooperation in relief ventures and thusly fortifying manageability now and again these alleviation ventures have effectsly affected area utilize, the earth, wellbeing, family unit financial aspects, family basic solidness and security Community consciousness of the potential for catastrophes, especially amongst ladies\' gatherings and school youngsters Awareness of moves to make in case of a calamity including how to help other people after the occasion

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What are the conclusions and suggestions of DIP ECHO\'s activity arrangement for Central Asia? Do they have a stand alone impact and is the bolster given important and proportionate? To be finished in the report after investigation, conclusions are shaped as the premise for suggestions

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Should there be a development of limit or topographical areas inside the district? Trouble to work in a few nations – however needs exist there. Keeping on enhancing relationship and work in those nations are critical issues to consider. Relationship building and cross fringe programs into Afghanistan, could be considered relying upon safe get to and cross outskirt concessions to targets

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What is the level of rationality and complementarities with danger diminishment co-appointment with respects different activities supported by other EC instruments and givers This shifts from area to area and a few Ministries grumble of cover and an absence of co-appointment. However co-appointment ought to originate from those Ministries with: Overall long haul arrangement of what they need to see fulfilled in their nations separated to yearly exercises Allocation of those organized exercises to intrigued benefactors and Organizations dependant on command, geological components, financing and intrigue levels Strong co-appointment of frameworks, systems and methods for working especially with printed visual guides Emphasis on group contribution in arranging and preparing to improve supportability

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How do the accomplices screen and control the conveyance of expected results with their accomplices to the recipient groups? An entire scope of systems have been seen including: Workshops and courses with accomplices to clarify favored methods for working Direct contribution in group gatherings Field visits to straightforwardly screen and talk about with groups Financial administration and control including money related review Program review to audit comes about accomplished Work close by accomplices improving co-operation

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Outline a reasonable and suitable danger lessening arrangement for the area This will be secured in the report, in any case, this is an inquiry for you, What are the most critical components that you and your Organization would need to find in a local danger diminishment arrangement? 20 minutes bunch work

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Countries ought to build up their own particular individual/local arrangements, with outside help if necessary Common way to deal with incorporate best practices, lessons learned, observing, markers Emphasize local systems administration, linkeages with global associations and stages Encourage territorial possibility arranging, hazard and peril mapping, natural approaches, enactment Media, open battles

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Additional Those were the inquiries from the Terms of Reference however the report will cover significantly more including: Planning and coherence Funding holes and duties Co-appointment and adequacy Effective utilization of lessons learnt and their consideration in project/venture strategies, frameworks and techniques Bi-results of the Disaster readiness and relief work

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