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In/Out. Utilize a ball and a box.Model and feel the state of the box.Student will put the ball
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Directional/Positional Concepts Veronica Hockett 4/1/2008

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In/Out Use a ball and a container. Model and feel the state of the case. Understudy will put the ball "IN" the crate and "OUT" the case.

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Open/Closed Teacher would verbally say the crate is open. Have the understudy touch and feel the case. The understudy would feel the edge of the container. Educator would close the crate and the understudy will feel the distinction in the position of the cover. The educator would verbally express the container is shut.

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Over/Under Use a fish bowl Teacher will demonstrate idea (hand over hand) Student will put hand under the water. Understudy will put hand over the water.

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Top/Bottom Use a book Teacher will show idea Student will touch the top and base of the page. Educator will affirm comprehension of top/base of pages

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Up/Down Use stairway Student will stroll "UP" the stairs. Instructor will distinguish strolling "UP" the stairs. Understudy will proceed with "DOWN" the stairs. Keep on practicing

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Additional methodologies for instructing directional ideas can be found in Beyond Arm\'s Reach: Enhancing Distance Vision

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