Discovering and Using Images from the Internet .

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I ought to put a photo here
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I ought to put a photo here… Finding and Using Images from the Internet Anne Huffman

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Where would it be a good idea for me to begin? Authorized assets from the Dykes Library databases list Images,MD AccessMedicine

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Why do we pay for authorized picture databases? Safe utilization of restrictive substance Quality Trust Often bundled with different apparatuses or substance: Search, client account, spare, send out,… For you

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Graphics in Books or Journals Images , Tables, Graphs, Figures in course books or diary papers. Contact distributer to distinguish proprietor and look for authorization.

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Public (Free) Images Popular substance locales Creators have consented to share eminence free "A few rights-held" approach Easy

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Images on the Web Isn\'t everything on Google free? Check for copyright authorizations Some are obviously recognized and others are not Assume limited unless expressed generally Google

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Guidelines for Using Images Find a picture with unmistakably expressed terms of utilization that you can meet Determine use for showing as opposed to distributing Attach the URL for future reference Match the picture size to its utilization Cite the proprietor of the picture and the consent assention

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Images and your record: a few recommendations Use the Notes field in PowerPoint to property source, catch legend, url, and so forth Create a list of sources to rundown pictures If distributing, get strategy from the diary to which you\'re submitting

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"I Already Have the Perfect Image" Can you distinguish where you discovered it? Does it have a copyright explanation? Provided that this is true, would you be able to discover the copyright proprietor and ask consent? Assuming this is the case, is there a cost? Assuming this is the case, would you say you will pay? Be set up to portray how you need to utilize the picture

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Sound like a bother?

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Here to help Copyright and Document Delivery Office Crystal Cameron-Vedros, MLS, Head, 913-588-5073 Staff have encounter working with distributers and authorizations chasing.

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Sources for Medical Images on the Web Link from Dykes Library Databases list See Need to Find Medical Images?

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Library Liaisons Rebecca Brown, Health Policy & Mgmt Kristin Whitehair, SON Deb Kennedy, SAH Anne Huffman, SOM Jason Stirnaman, SOM Bob Pisciotta, SOM

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These slides were adjusted and altered from: Finding and Using Images for Instruction by Jason Stirnaman Crystal Cameron-Vedros A.R. Dykes Copyright Staff

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