Disentanglement Team Results for Review Powers Ljubljana, 12-13 October 2009.

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Disentanglement Task Force Results for Audit Authorities Ljubljana, 12-13 October 2009 Susanna Rafalzik Republic of Austria - Federal Chancellery ERDF-Audit-Authority

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Outline Task Force improvement – perceptions of an Audit Authority Simplified costs – what\'s new for Audit Authorities – change of review methodology Modification of Art. 55 – incomes – what do Audit Authorities need to know Conclusion

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Task Force Simplification Start of the improvement team: November 2008 Several gatherings up to now Majority of MS-members originate from Managing Authorities Discussions on general additionally review perspectives Several fundamental encounters with Auditors are accounted for

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Simplified costs New approach for streamlined costs: Flat rate overhead expenses (up to 20%) Standard unit costs Lump wholes for operations New approach for evaluating this new kind of use and effect on work of review powers (and also for MA\'s, FLC and recipients).

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Simplified costs What ought to AA know: COCOF Document (COCOF 09/0025/01-EN ): describing potential outcomes and requirements. Inclusion of the AA in the process indispensable: Professional contribution of AA might be vital Change of Eligibility guidelines might be important Amendment of depiction of Management & Control System could be required – AA needs to deduce in the yearly review report.

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Modification Art. 55 reg. (EC) 1083/2006 Modification : edge lifted from € 200.000 to € 1 Mio. all out task costs – obligation to watch and deduct (re-pay) incomes Misunderstanding : ventures with aggregate expenses beneath the edge don\'t need to record, enroll and deduct incomes!  ATTENTION AA: know that incomes must be thought about – regardless of the extent of the task. Guarantee that national qualification standards are clear in this angle. Amid reviews – review incomes also!

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Thank you for your consideration! Email: susanna.rafalzik@bka.gv.at Tel: +43 1 53115/4134

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