Displayed to: KMWorld and Intranets 2003 October 14-17, 2003: Santa Clause Clara, CA.

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Exhibited to: KMWorld and Intranets 2003 October 14-17, 2003: Santa Clause Clara, CA Displayed by: Arik R. Johnson arik.johnson@aurorawdc.com Overseeing Executive, Aurora WDC
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Introduced to: KMWorld & Intranets 2003 October 14-17, 2003: Santa Clara, CA Presented by: Arik R. Johnson arik.johnson@aurorawdc.com Managing Director, Aurora WDC Competitive Intelligence Weblogs: Building Market Monitoring Capabilities with Rapid Analysis Tools Using Weblogs to Accelerate Delivery of Recommendations to Decision-Makers and Enhance Current Awareness and Early Warning

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The 12 Application Priorities of CI Current Competitor Activities and Strategy Monitoring Customers, Vendors and Other External Allied Monitoring Operational Performance Benchmarking Product/Service Sales and Marketing Support Strategic Probabilities and Possible Futures Internal Knowledge Management Intellectual Property Exploitation and Protection Mergers, Acquisitions, Alliance and Investment Support Long-Term Market Prospects & Spotting Weak Signal Blindspots Counter-Intelligence & Information Security Legislative and Regulatory Activity and Impact on Business Issues Executive Decision-Support and Competitive Strategy Planning

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New Tools for Traditional Tasks “Weblogs” & Fast Analysis What is a Blog, at any rate? Why Weblogs for CI (or something else)? 80% of Necessary Intel Exists w/n the Firm De facto Communities of Practice The Intelligence Newsletter Traditional CA/EW Function & Format

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Market Blog Process Newsfeed from Secondary Sources & Alert-Filter System Tweaks, Topic Mods & Overhaul Human Filter, Comment & Summary Analysis Frequency: Daily, Semi-Weekly, Monthly 2 nd Sources: XML Newsfeed Subjects: Companies, Markets, Geographies, Behaviors Customers: Ranges from Salesforce to Executive Staff Alert Thresholds: Out-of-Schedule Notifications Recommendations & Content Broadcast Feedback for Q&A Ad-Hoc Followup with Primary Sources

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Aurora “Recon|G2” Example Case Uses Traction TeamPage, Moreover XML Newsfeed; Key Decision Feature: Robust Security & User Authentication, Strong RSS XML Support Service at present took off for more than twelve Intelligence Outsourcing Clients for Daily Event and Behavior Monitoring Applications Primarily Targets Tactical Salesforce Personnel Exists as an Adjunct Solution Subset of a more extensive arrangement of Research Services

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The Intelligence Weblog Collect, connection, combine, and disperse high esteem data from every optional source Provides shared access to chose peers and pertinent data crosswise over working gatherings Provides moment access to data sorted out by time, point and significance, in setting Allows quick info of suggestions on circumstance investigation of occasions, practices and foreseen changes obviously.

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The Intelligence Challenge Collect, arrange and investigate data from productive and scattered inward and outside sources Provide business sector and focused redesigns Respond to inquiries and solicitations Write thought pieces to control the association on a vital way

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Current Tools Email for reacting to demands and television data File frameworks, groupware and email envelopes for data archives Generally accessible CI instruments don\'t adaptably oversee and join learning, in setting , after some time, without complex and lavish information administration empowering influences

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How the Weblog Fits Blogs help the insight group: Manage the knowledge process Collect, unite, and incorporate information Build & grow a self-administration insight learning base The data in the Blog encourages downstream teams’ data & choice making stream Blogs spare time, enhances proficiency, and amplifies the organization’s capacity to influence CI results Removes the “plumbing” overhead from CI’s work, and in addition the IT bottleneck

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How it Works How the Blog underpins the knowledge process (one sample): Article is found and gathered (or got through email) Article is marked and beginning remarks are included Article is disseminated by means of pamphlet and Web news page Reader poses a question Analyst composes a reaction orchestrating applicable data Readers are told of the reaction

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Find important article, distribute with the Blog’s Instant Publisher, apply “headline” name. Find & Collect

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Constructive remarks manufacture learning capital and influence the perusing knowledge for the entire association. Apply remarks to note significant industry patterns Add connections to related articles inside of article or remark Apply names like “portal” and “data” to get out realities and speed later recovery Comment & Label

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Publish News Page & Summary Email Blog distributes to “Market Intelligence News Page” and article synopsis is dispersed in Executive Summary email pamphlet or RSS channel in XML.

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Reader navigates email Asks an inquiry on section Applies “To Do” name “To Do” shows up on News Page Reader Asks a Question

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Analyst hunt down all articles with the “portal” name Blog showcases articles to sum things up perspective Analyst catches references in Blog’s Collector Research Response (1 of 2)

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another bulleted rundown is made from the Collector Research reaction is composed and distributed And checked Done on the venture News Page Research Response (2 of 2)

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Readers find out about the reaction by: Email to the individual who posed the question, straightforwardly from the Blog Executive Summary email Blog’s Front Page/News Page Recent Entries sidebar Blog creates PDF instructions book Notification

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Downstream Teams Analysts can signal data into Blog workspaces for downstream groups Blog turns into a key asset for: Exception reporting and key activity following Strategic arranging White papers Product administration Engineering Customer record groups Other system groups

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Online URL Resources www.AuroraWDC.com/arj_cics_weblog.htm www.TractionSoftware.com www.Userland.com www.Moreover.com www.MoveableType.org www.NewsGator.com

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Thank You Screen Shots Questions? Contact data: Arik Johnson Email: arik.

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