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Stimulation Industry Part 8 Excitement Benefits (8.1) Noteworthy Motion picture Studios Just 2 made a benefit a year ago Central Pictures Twentieth Century Fox Titanic First Film to win more than $600 Millions Kept running in First Run Theaters until DVD was discharged More than 1 Million sold in first week
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Entertainment Industry Chapter 8

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Entertainment Profits (8.1) Major Movie Studios Only 2 made a benefit a year ago Paramount Pictures Twentieth Century Fox Titanic First Movie to gain more than $600 Millions Ran in First Run Theaters until DVD was discharged Over 1 Million sold in first week

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Cost Cutting Movie Studios restrain the quantity of “Wide Release Films” Wide Release means being appeared in 2,000+ Theaters Limit special going through Blair With Project-Word of Mouth advancement Cost $50,00 to make Grossed over $500 Million

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Generating Film Revenue Studios are conveying more movies overall Most movies just create 25% of income from US ticket deals Some nations don\'t permit US movies to be demonstrated Religious clashes US imports not very many remote movies

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Distribution of Entertainment (8.2) Cable Mania Cable TV/Satellite has prompted a blast of decisions of what we see 40 million houses with satellite TV anticipated by 2007 Offer more than 200 stations, DVR administration, live shopping Internet Entertainment Many motion picture trailers accessible online E-Commerce turning out to be most utilized technique for shopping Threatening to Local Video Stores

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Marketing Music and Theater (8.3) Hip Hop Music prevalence developing at 30% every year Many tunes now “sample” music from hits of the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s Rap music now standard and culturally diverse Top 5 Longest Running Broadway Shows Cats A Chorus Line Oh! Calucutta! Les Miserables The Phantom of the Opera

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Promoting Theater Word of Mouth is most utilized technique for advancing Theater The MET Theater in NYC is the place most shows begin

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Distributing Music Shift in Music Formats Vinyl Records Cassette Tapes CD’s MP3 Illegal Download Controversy Many significant groups stand up against Metallica, Limp Bizkit

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Awards and Annual Events The Oscars Most Famous and Recognizable Award Given by the Motion Picture Academy Second Highest Watched show…next to Super Bowl ABC charges $1,000,000 every moment to publicize

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Awards and Annual Events The Grammy’s Awarded to top artists 92 classes Michaels Jackson won a record 8 Grammy’s in 1983

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Awards and Annual Events The Tonys Given to top Theater appears and entertainers Televised broadly since 1967 Not as prevalent as the Academy Awards or the Grammys

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