Division of Political Science.

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Bureau of Political Science. Objectives and offering Understudy and graduated class profile New advancements. Key objectives. offer an extensive and interdisciplinary educational modules bolster a wide scope of specializations
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Division of Political Science Goals and offering Student and graduated class profile New improvements

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Key objectives offer an exhaustive and interdisciplinary educational programs bolster an expansive scope of specializations create logical, scholastic and expert written work and in addition presentation aptitudes (both in English and all in all) enhance PC proficiency and time administration

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Some of the great motivations to ponder Political Science at CEU State of the workmanship educational programs; advancement of abilities with significance in an extensive variety of callings Work with perceived global researchers Access exceptional library and different offices Gain examination encounter Very great opportunity to get incomplete or full educational cost waiver and stipend from CEU

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Some of the great motivations to concentrate on Political Science at CEU Study as individual from an extremely worldwide, capable and energetic understudy body, building up long lasting contact with high-achievers specifically from Eastern and Central Europe

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Some of the great motivations to consider Political Science at CEU Live in an energizing and delightful city

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The scholastic offering 10-month MA program (around 50 understudies conceded a year) PhD program (5-8 understudies conceded a year) Both the Masters and the PhD program in Political Science are enrolled by the Board of Regents of the New York State Education Department Two-year MA project got ready for points of interest and redesigns about the staff, confirmations prerequisites, courses on offer, upheld specializations, accreditation and syllabi please allude to http://www.ceu.hu/polsci

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Advanced Issues in Comparative Research Alternative Media American Politics Anti Discrimination Policy and Law Central European Politics Comparative European Politics Comparative Political Research Constitutionalism and Democracy Constitutionalism and Democratic Politics Dissertation Seminar in Comparative Politics/Political Theory Dissertation Seminar in Political Economy/Public Policy Discourse and Contemporary Political Analysis European Publics and the Media European Union Politics Human Rights in the Twenty-First Century Media and War Multivariate Statistical Analysis Nationalism and the Media Political Data Analysis Political Philosophy and Political Economy Political Theory Positive and Negative Liberty Public Choice Public Opinion and Voting Behavior Rational Choice Survey Methodology The New Political Economy of Development The Political Economy of Advanced Capitalism The Political Economy of Post-Communist Transformation The Political Economy of Scarcity The Political Theory of Plato The Politics of Food The Politics of Labor in Europe Theories of Political Economy Transitional Justice Courses running in 2005/2006

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Aida Hozic Attila Folsz Bela Greskovits Carol Harrington Carsten Schneider Colin Sparks Dorothee Bohle Gabor Toka George Klosko Gianpietro Mazzoleni Greg Bognar Herbert Kitschelt Janos Kis Judit Sandor Karen Henderson Miklos Sukosd Nenad Dimitrijevic Nick Jankowski Philippe Schmitter Richard Scher Sonja Amadae Sorina Soare Tamas Rudas On brief leave: Andras Bozoki, Zsolt Enyedi, Nicole Lindstrom, Tamas Meszerics Permanent and going to workforce in 2005/2006

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Background of understudies

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Alumni profile

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Alumni vocations openly benefit Michael Canham : first secretary at the Embassy of South Africa in Washington Bogdan Chiritoiu : vice president guide in the Presidential Office in Bucharest, Romania Margit Sarv : appointee ombudsperson for minority rights in Estonia Peter Vagi : office head for vital exploration in the Prime\'s Office Minister in Budapest, Hungary Darius Zeruolis : one of the senior common hirelings who was accountable for Lithuania’s European promotion

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Alumni vocations in NGOs Yulia Ghazaryan : checking and assessment officer of USAID in Armenia Catherine Hudon : previous OSCE officer in Vukovar, as of now leader of the East European area of the World Hemophilia Organization in Montreal, Canada Jibek Iskakova : program supervisor at OSI Budapest, Scholarship Programs Joerg Forbrig: system officer at the Transatlantic Center for Central and Eastern Europe, the German Marshall Fund of the United States, in Bratislava, Slovakia Sanja Pesek : delegate chief of Freedom House, Belgrade, Serbia-Montenegro

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Alumni professions in political science Grigorii Golosov : Associate Professor of Political Science at the European University at St. Petersburg Sorin Ionita : chief of SAR (Romanian Academic Society), driving political analyst on Romanian TV Barnabas Malnay : PhD understudy at Stanford University, US Alan Renwick : speaker in New College, Oxford, master in East Central European legislative issues Artur Wolek : Chair, Department of Political Theory at National-Louis University in Poland Sabina Avdagic : Postdoctoral kindred at the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies (MPIfG) in Cologne

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Alumni vocations in different fields Galina Andronova : specialist for the World Bank in Washington Maria Danilova : related press news journalist in Moscow Arar Guliyev : account official at McCann Erickson in Baku, Azerbaijan Roxana Lesovici : expert at Eamonn Bates Europe in Brussels, Belgium Matthew Utterback : Director of Business Development at Digital Divide Data in Philadelphia Kinga Szuly : political correspondent, Representation of the European Commission to Hungary Rustam Yuldashev: facilitator in the Economic Cooperation Section of Japanese Embassy in Tashkent, Uzbekistan

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New improvements in the system Hungarian accreditation of the MA project done Certificate projects presented as a major aspect of the MA program Hungarian accreditation of PhD system and presentation of two-year MA project is arranged and may begin as ahead of schedule as one year from now Erasmus trade programs with driving colleges inside of the EU (notwithstanding the current PhD semester abroad program with Oxford and US colleges)

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Certificate programs in 2005/06 Comparative Politics Social and Political Theory Political Economy Public Policy Constitutional Politcs Electoral Politics Political Communication Political Research Methodolgy and Social Analysis Post-Communist Politics Comparative European Politics

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Example: declaration in Political Communication Students wishing to win this testament need to finish our MA degree and, as a major aspect of that, gain 12 credits and a B+ or better normal level in the accompanying courses: Discourse and Contemporary Political Analysis with Carol Harrington European Publics and the Media with Nick Jankowski, Gianpietro Mazzoleni, Colin Sparks Alternative Media with Miklos Sukosd Nationalism and the Media with Miklos Sukosd Media and War with Aida Hozic

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Other open doors for understudies Research assistantships in cross-national exploration undertakings financed principally by the European Commission Internships with the European Political Science Network (home office simply moved from Science Po in Paris to CEU) Conference investment with travel support from CEU (e.g. paper presentations at the yearly gatherings of the European Consortium for Political Research) Semester abroad program for PhD understudies Publication opportunities: departmental working paper arrangement, electronic productions

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Recent open occasions at the office Public address by James Fishkin (Stanford) and Robert Luskin (UT Austin) on ‘Deliberative Polling: An Overview’, in September 2005 European Election Study meeting in May 2005 `Responsible Party Government? Clarifying Party Stances on European Integration in Post-Communist Eastern Europe.` open address by Robert Rohrschneider (Indiana University), May 2005 Society for Comparative Research retreat (graduate understudy workshop including Ivy League colleges from the US and four of the top PhD programs from Europe), coorganized with Princeton University in July 2005

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Please send any further inquiries in regards to the Department of Political Science to: polsci@ceu.hu

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