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Do you stress over losing control of the homestead and/or family business? ... Family Harmony. Riches Maximization. Charge Minimisation. What happens to my home when I bite the dust? ...
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Disclaimer The Contents of this presentation are for general data as it were. They are not planned as expert exhortation. For that you ought to counsel a specialist or lawyer, or other reasonably qualified proficient. © HEUZENROEDERS LAWYERS

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Estate Planning Do you need to be reasonable to your youngsters and keep away from family struggle ? Do you stress over losing control of the homestead and/or privately-run company? Have you made arrangements for changes in the family structure?

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Estate Planning If I kicked the bucket tomorrow would I desert a wreck for my family? Should I be sorting out a progression/retirement arrangement & is the arrangement pragmatic? Should my relatives finish a family survey? Is our business structure ideal for us? Is our benefit proprietorship fittingly organized?

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Why trouble with bequest arranging? True serenity Family Harmony Wealth Maximization Tax Minimisation

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What happens to my domain when I kick the bucket? Do you have a Will? Is it the \'right Will\' for your necessities? Does your Will consider reasonable & sensible treatment of recipients, instead of equivalent treatment of recipients? Does your domain give enough monetary backing to your wards? Have you considered other Advance Directives in the event of mental or lawful inadequacy before death?

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What would it be advisable for me to do? Converse with experts – legal counselor, bookkeeper & monetary guide. Converse with family. List your alternatives. Build up an arrangement. Convey the arrangement. Actualize the arrangement. Assess the arrangement.

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Talk with your Lawyer Review your Will or acquire a duplicate of your Will. Survey whatever other authoritative archives held by your attorney, bookkeeper & money related counselor. Get some information about treating relatives reasonably as opposed to similarly. Is the Will commonsense and useable? Does you Will suit your family needs? Get some information about testamentary trusts (life interests and optional trusts).

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Talk with your Accountant Review your business structure – request that the bookkeeper abridge the structure and set up a stream outline. Are there credits, capital or recipient accounts that should be assessed, particularly if an organization or trust is included? Could your business structure be rearranged? What are the favorable circumstances/detriments of different structures?

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Talk with your Financial Advisor About: Superannuation. Disaster protection strategies (individual and business). Venture techniques.

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Talk with your Family What are their objectives, destinations and desires? Correspondence is the key. Full and honest discourse! Think about utilizing as a facilitator to shield family connections from harm. A family meeting or arrangement of gatherings might be required, or a family poll might be a beginning stage.

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List Priorities Secure retirement for senior era. Guaranteeing future security for more youthful era? Treating youngsters decently (not as a matter of course similarly). Who will take an interest in the business? In arranging? Setting out a future structure for the privately-owned company? Protection decisions? How & when will administration be exchanged? Getting ready for possibilities, for example, passing, damage and separation?

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Develop your arrangement Write down thoughts & preparatory arrangements. Counsel with the experts again to consider all parts of the arrangement. Have you joined their thoughts, furthermore recommendations from your family? Has the family checked on the draft arrange and given input?

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Communicate your arrangement Put your last arrangement in composing. Appropriate the last arrangement to other relatives and request input. Consider "street testing" your arrangement to distinguish any potential issues – charge/stamp obligation and so forth. Utilize the most dire outcome imaginable.

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Put your arrangement energetically Have you redesigned your Will to mirror your arrangement? Have you set up other Advance Directives? Have you actualized a Family Agreement? Have you overhauled your extra security and superannuation needs to mirror your arrangement? Have you actualized business structure changes? Assess the arrangement. Audit the arrangement when conditions change.

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Estate arranging Peace Of Mind Family Harmony Wealth Maximization Tax Minimisation endless supply of conditions

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Basic agenda for seeing your Lawyer List of all relatives and their parts in the business/ranch. Stream graph of business structures and rundown of every individual\'s enthusiasm for the business. Any authoritative reports identified with the business. Duplicate of your preparatory arrangement. Bookkeeper\'s name & phone number. Money related counsel\'s name & phone number.

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