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Dominican Republic. Common Health Problems. Skin Disorders. Fungal Infections (Candidiasis, Tinea) Contact Dermatitis Scabies Parasites. Fungal Infections Candidiasis. Erythematous, well-demarcated, maculopapular eruptions Satelite lesions Pruritic. Fungal Infections Candidiasis.
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Dominican Republic Common Health Problems

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Skin Disorders Fungal Infections (Candidiasis, Tinea) Contact Dermatitis Scabies Parasites

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Fungal Infections Candidiasis Erythematous, very much divided, maculopapular emissions Satelite injuries Pruritic

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Fungal Infections Candidiasis Treatment: Clotrimazole 2% cream Miconazole cream Educate on significance to keep zones at hazard (skin folds, crotch range) dry and clean. Try not to utilize hydrocortisone cream - - (produces a copying sensation)

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Oral Candidiasis

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Oral Candidiasis Treatment: Nystatin oral (if accessible) Avoid desserts until mouth clears up (yeast bolsters on sugars)

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Fungal Infections Tinea Erythematous, scaling territory with discrete outskirt and focal clearing Usually extremely pruritic

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Fungal Infections Tinea Treatment: Tinea Corporis: Miconazole or Clotrimazole offer x 2 weeks. Tinea Capitis: more hard to treat with topical specialists. Normally po treatment is not accessible for us to take, so an endeavor at treatment with cream is worthy. Teach on legitimate cleanliness and that it is infectious (no sharing tops, towels, and so forth.)

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Contact Dermatitis Erythematous, and edematous territory Usually confined and tingles Area is normally unbalanced (not found in the very same spot on both sides of the body) Area influenced will identify with something the patient has "reached"

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Contact Dermatitis This is a nearby up of a dermatitis response. It comprises of an expansive, red (erythematous) injury (plaque) with various little discharge filled zones (pustules).

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Contact Dermatitis This is an average early appearance of a toxic substance ivy rash, situated on the leg. These early injuries comprise of different little rankles, regularly in a line where the skin has brushed against the toxic substance ivy plant.

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Contact Dermatitis Treatment: Calamine Lotion (if vesicles or sobbing to go it away) Topical Steroid creams (NOT utilized on the face) Oral Antihistamines (might be justified if tingling is extreme) Removal of culpable specialist (if identifiable)

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Scabies Primary injuries: typical tunnels, vesicles and papules Secondary sores: constant cases with scratching, scaling and erythema (this can be hard to recognize from parasites as the scratching and scaling make the tunnels - dark specks hard to distinguish. This is as often as possible the presentation of scabies in the D.R.) VERY pruritic Highly Contagious

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Scabies Ivermectin: 100 mcg/kg as a solitary oral measurement May require Benadryl cream or po for the serious tingling Educate on no sharing of garments, towels. Additionally, bed materials should be washed (in the event that they have the assets to do as such.)

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Parasites Tips to help you recognize parasites from scabies: Bites/bothering ABOVE the neck (this will sign you into whatever is left of the skin disturbance on the body being parasites) Hard knobs under skin Hair-like filaments in the skin May have Sores/open sores that don\'t mend

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Parasites Treatment : Every patient we see will be treated with a standard dosage of hostile to parasitic medicine. (Newborn children and youthful youngsters will be given the Ivermectin in view of a computation of their assessed weight.) VERY vital to instruct on drinking clean water and clean sustenances and in addition individual sanitation. Mellow to direct loose bowels is normal. In the event that sufficiently extreme to bring about sympathy toward parchedness, patient might be given a hostile to diarrheal pharmaceutical.

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Antibiotic Use for Skin Infections If scratching has turned out to be severe to the point that a break in the skin has prompt a strep or staph disease: Folliculitis Impetigo Abscesses Severe Boils

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Gripe A general grumbling for influenza like indications, nasal clog, hypersensitivities, sore throat, ear stuffiness. Requires advance examination of the underlying driver of the patient\'s issue The most widely recognized protestation!!!

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Gripe (cont\'d) Know which indications you are treating Congestion "Do your ears feel full?" "Is your nose stuffy?" (I.e. "halted up") Congestion can be diminished with "Decongestants" Sinus clog Do they have endless supply of the sinuses, above and underneath the eyes? This alongside fever may demonstrate a requirement for anti-microbial treatment.

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Gripe (cont\'d) Allergy Symptoms Runny nose Watery eyes Itchy eyes Itchy nose May likewise have a red, scratchy throat Itchy ears Sneezing May have hack because of disturbance

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Sore Throat Post Nasal Drip See waste in the back of the throat Frequently joined by making a sound as if to speak or a chafing hack Strep Throat Very red throat Petechiae on Soft Palate May have exudate on tonsils Must be treated with an anti-infection

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Gripe Treatment: Congestion Phenylephrine (Sudafed PE) Preferable for those with high BP Pseudoephedrine (Sudafed) Dimetapp Cold and Allergy (for youngsters)

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Gripe Treatment: Allergy Symptoms (Antihistamines) Sedating: Diphenhydramine(Benadyl), Chlorpheniramine, Zyrtec, Tavist Nonsedating: Claritin, Allegra, Clarinex, Alavert Dimetapp Cold and Allergy is a brilliant blend antihistamine and decongestant for kids.

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Gripe Treatment: Antitussives (for hack) and Expectorants: Guaifenesin (Robitussin, Mucinex)

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When to utilize Antibiotics with Gripe Complaints Suspect Bacterial diseases Sinus weight with fever Strep throat or a serious tonsillitis Ear contamination (Otitis Media) External ear contamination (Otitis Externa): swollen, delicate ear channel Swollen cervical lymph hubs High fever (for the most part above 100.4)

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Anemia Common signs: Dizziness Weakness Pallor Frequent grumbling of young ladies and elderly ladies

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Anemia Treatment Give Vitamins with iron

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Vaginal Infections Bacterial versus Fungal Ask the accompanying inquiries: Discharge? In the event that yes, shading and sum? Foul smell? Tingling? This will lead you to recognize a real bacterial vaginal disease and a yeast contamination. This is essential since treatment is diverse for each of these.

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Bacterial Vaginal Infection Vaginal release (shading differs: dim, greenish, yellowish) May have a foul scent

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Bacterial Vaginal Infection Treatment Must be treated with an anti-microbial

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Fungal Vaginal Infection May whine of copying with pee (make sure to discount an UTI) White, curdy release Very irritated

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Fungal Vaginal Infection Treatment Clotrimazole vaginal cream Miconazole vaginal cream Do NOT give an anti-infection for this. This can conceivably aggravate the tingling much.

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