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Downpour Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Financial specialist Presentation Walk 2010. Proviso.
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Deluge Pharmaceuticals Ltd Investor Presentation March 2010

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Caveat This data may contain sure forward-looking explanations/points of interest in the present situation, which is to a great degree dynamic and progressively laden with dangers and vulnerabilities. Genuine outcomes, exhibitions, accomplishments or succession of occasions might be substantially not quite the same as the perspectives communicated thus. Speculators/shareholders/open are thus forewarned not to place undue dependence on these announcements/subtle elements, and are encouraged to lead their own examination and investigation of the data contained or alluded to in this area before making any move with respect to their own particular targets. Advance, the exchange taking after in this mirrors the recognitions on real issues as on date and the feelings communicated here are liable to change without notice. The Company attempts no commitment to freely refresh or overhaul any of the sentiments or forward-looking articulations communicated in this segment, ensuing to new data, future occasions or something else.

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Contents Performance Highlights Financials Business Segments India International Facilities – Expansion Plan

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Q3 09-10 Highlights Revenue at Rs. 4801 Mn versus Rs 4326 Mn Revenue development of 11% on the back of managed development from significant markets. Universal deals helped by recognizable execution in US and Brazilian operations. PBT at Rs. 966 Mn versus Rs 529 Mn Growth of 83% fuelled by: Stable edges in Indian operations drove by enhanced item blend and lower input costs. Edge extension in International operations on the back of higher volumes and ideal cash development.

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Sales Progression Rs. Mn

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P&L Rs. Mn YTD 09-10 incorporates one time out-authorizing salary of Rs 15 crs in Q2 09–10

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Balance Sheet Rs. Mn

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Business Segments India

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India Highlights & Growth Drivers Rs. Mn Highlights Stable edges on the back of enhanced item blend combined with lower input costs counterbalance by higher showcasing spend. Proceeded with change in quarterly deals development. 08-09 Q1 : 1%; Q2 : 3%; Q3 12%; Q4 17% - 09-10 Q1 15%; Q2 15%; Q3 15% 60% of offers from Cardiac (Rank No. 1) and CNS (Rank No.3) Torrent developing at 21% versus Secured Market development of 19% on MAT Nov 09 premise Launched new division "Sensa" taking into account Gynecology Growth drivers Building Specific Franchises Penetration into Tier I & Tier II to VI urban communities/provincial markets Brand building through expanded Specialty Coverage & Creeping extension in Customer Base. New Product Introductions & portfolio advancement Developing new TAs Respiratory & Derma.

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Business Segments International Operations

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International Operations – Expanding Share FY 05 - Turnover FY 09 - Turnover Growing offer of International – up from 26% to half

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Latam Highlights & Growth Drivers Rs. Mn Highlights Reai deals development of 7% (volume development 5%, new presentations 3%, value de development of 6% because of p rice cuts on select items counterbalance by value ascent of 5%) Appx. 90% of offers from Cardiac and CNS. Biggest Indian player in the Brazilian pharmaceutical market Growth Drivers Existing Products & Introduction of new items (40 new dispatches by 2013-14) Differentiated Products (1 item in pipeline to be propelled by 2010-11) Entry into Mexico starting FY 11

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USA Highlights & Growth Drivers Rs. Mn Highlights Higher top line because of Increased volumes from Citalopram , Risperidone, Zolpidem & Topiramate. Contributes about 80% of aggregate deals. Piece of the overall industry  Citalopram 27%, Risperidon ~ 10%, Zolpidem ~ 12%, Topiramate ~ 8% 13 ANDAs affirmed till date. 2 ANDAs documented amid the quarter. Development Drivers Control over API costs with in house creation. 27 ANDAs pending for endorsement & 35 ANDAs being worked on.

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Germany - Heumann Market Developments & Management Actions Market Developments Major social insurance changes presented in Jan 2004 and additionally changes presented in July 2007 Shift of force from Doctors/Pharmacies to Insurance Companies. Clout of Insurance organizations has run up with capacity to do coordinate supply contract with pharma organizations at lower costs  Insurance organizations and Pharmacists drive showcase Market elements have changed totally contrasted and the season of procurement because of changes in administrative condition Management Actions Business demonstrate rebuilt with least field constrain prompting to variable cost driven model with insignificant settled cost. (staff of 66 individuals in the wake of rebuilding from more than 200 at the season of procurement) Reduced special spend bringing about expanded edges. Gone into contracts with debilitated assets. Move of generation from Germany to India  30% of the aggregate deals esteem moved by March 09

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Germany - Heumann Highlights & Growth Drivers Rs. Mn Highlights Euro incomes (balanced for irregular wage in Q3 FY 09) de developed by 15% with volume de development of 5.5%, value de-development of 12.2% and new presentation development of 2.7%. Secured Market Unit Growth ~3.9% Heumann De Growth : 1.8% Adjusting for one time pick up in Q3 FY 09 edges for Q3 FY 10 have enhanced in supreme terms on the back of site movements and great item blend. AOK with MS 14%, TK with MS 6% and IK with MS 2% granted tenders amid the quarter; Torrent was granted 5 items each in AOK and TKK with 9 items in IK Participated in DAK (10% MS). Development Drivers New Product Introductions Aggressively offering for tenders coasted by tired assets Shift of assembling base to India to lift intensity in offering

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Europe (excl Germany) Highlights & Growth Drivers Rs. Mn Highlights Ropinirole, Indapamide and Lamotrigine contributes almost 80% of aggregate deals. Higher gross edges because of ideal item blend. Development Drivers New Product Pipeline – 30 items till 2012-13 with genericized showcase size of roughly USD 2.5 bio. Expanding land through direct field compel nearness in UK in the prompt term.

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ROW Highlights & Growth Drivers Rs. Mn Highlights Higher topline (22% balanced for money) and in addition benefit on the back of: Increased deals from Philippines & SEA domains. Higher gross edges because of enhanced item blend. Development Drivers Entry into semi-directed markets like Thailand ( Market Size of over USD 2 bio) – Revenues anticipated that would spill out of FY12. Expanded concentrate on existing regions with direct field compel nearness viz Philippines, Sri lanka, Vietnam & Myanmar Scale up of operations in managed markets like Australia & semi-controlled markets like South Africa. Limit advancement costs by utilizing on R&D costs caused for created markets

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Facilities – Expansion Plan

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Facilities – Expansion Plan Chatral Nature: Formulation Capacity Enhancement Project Cost: Rs. 56 crores Planned limits: 1800 million tablets/cases p.a. Courses of events for consummation: 2010-11 Justification: With developing worldwide deals limit requirement in existing office is expected in 2-3 years Chatral Nature: API Capacity Enhancement Project Cost: Rs. 113 crores Planned limits: 60 TPA in addition to separate office for show clump fabricating Timelines for fulfillment: 2010-11 Justification: With developing volumes in US/EU, API limit imperative is expected 2-3 years Greater control over API Costs Sikkim Nature: New Formulation Facility Project Cost: Rs. 135 crores Planned limits: 3000 million tablets p.a. Courses of events for fulfillment: 2010-2011 Justification: IT and Excise exception for a long time With developing residential market, Baddi plant is relied upon to accomplish 100% limit usage in 2-3 years Dahez SEZ Nature: Formulation & API Capacity Enhancement Project Cost: Rs. 339 crores Planned limits: 15 TPA in addition to 4000 million tablets/containers p.a. Timetables for culmination: 2012-13 Justification: With developing volumes in US/EU, API + Formulation limit imperative is foreseen 2-3 years

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