Dozer Engulfment Case Study .

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Dozer Engulfment Case Study. Jack Katlic Sr VP-Fuel Supply, AEP- Retired Mark Skiles Director of Technical Support, MSHA Phil Southern Bodygard Sunnie Southern Bodygard. Dozer Engulfment Case Study. Agenda Surge Pile Hazards Surge Pile Accidents Solutions for Stronger Cab Windows
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Dozer Engulfment Case Study Jack Katlic Sr VP-Fuel Supply, AEP-Retired Mark Skiles Director of Technical Support, MSHA Phil Southern Bodygard Sunnie Southern Bodygard

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Dozer Engulfment Case Study Agenda Surge Pile Hazards Surge Pile Accidents Solutions for Stronger Cab Windows Demonstration Conclusion Panel Discussion

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Dozer Engulfment Case Study Purpose Share one strategy the coal business has actualized to spare lives

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Surge Pile Hazards

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Surge Pile Safety Slides with the MSHA logo were adjusted from the MSHA site and can be found at: Directorate of Technical Support Mine Safety and Health Administration

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Surge Pile Hazards Feeding material acts like "sand trap"

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Surge Pile Hazards The edge of the drawhole is insecure

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Surge Pile Hazards Poor perceivability

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Surge Pile Hazards Since 1980, 19 people have passed on in coal mining related surge heap mishaps Most of the mischances have included a concealed hole made when material "connected" over a feeder

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Causes of "Crossing over" Over a Surge Pile Feeder Bridging can happen When gear transverses the material at the surface of the heap Surface material compacts making a false roadway "Settling in" may happen in a sit without moving heap and increment chance

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Surge Pile Accidents

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Dozer Buried in Cavity Note the thickness of the material that had been spanned over

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Partially Buried Bulldozer in Fatal Accident in Pennsylvania A shrouded hole given way under the dozer while it was pushing coal on the heap

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Most deadly mischances happened when the dozer taxicab windows either broke, or were pushed into the taxi, permitting coal to fill the taxi

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Cab Filled with Coal The coal has softened or pushed up the taxicab windows and filled the taxi

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Windshield pushed once again into taxi Note: orange protest under windshield is an independent self rescuer (SCSR)

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Best Practices: Ways to Improve Surge Pile Safety

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Best Practices: Surge Pile Safety Provide hardware taxis sufficiently solid to oppose entombment weights

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Solutions for Stronger Cab Windows

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Available Solutions for Stronger Cab Windows MSHA activity Use of high-quality glass Massey approach Add backings to within the taxi windows - joined with utilizing to some degree more grounded glass Use of polycarbonate windows Adequate quality Support around edges needs to consider higher diversion Issue of scratch-resistance Bodygard framework A tweaked polycarbonate framework

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Massey Subkit

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Massey Subkit The main framework Most generally utilized Effective as a part of sparing lives System configuration is involved metal bars appended to within the taxicab keep the taxi and glass from crumpling on the administrator

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The Massey Approach Installed bolster bars within the taxicab windows The backings for the right-side entryway window are appeared here

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The Massey Approach Horizontal bolster bars and extra edge bolster for the windshield are appeared here

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The Massey Approach Massey\'s fruitful internment exhibition The glass split yet it held the coal out of the taxi

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Contrast this scene after the Massey showing - where coal was held out of the taxi - with...

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This scene from a mishap, where coal has filled the taxicab...

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Advantages Keeps taxis from giving way Least costly Saves lives Disadvantages Obscures vision particularly when moving down Causes cycildelic influences that outcome in protestations of cerebral pain from administrators Metal bars shake and increment clamor level in the lodge Metal bars release and break entryway glass that must be supplanted Massey Subkit

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PPG Preformed Pre-planned Product

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PPG Preformed Pre-outlined Product Created as according to popular demand of MSHA to conquer the lacks of the subkit System plan An artificially solidified preformed pre-composed item Installed by sticking the glass into a gasket is introduced in same house as standard glass bundles

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High-quality glass introduced utilizing urethane glue

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Field Burial Demonstration Federal No. 2 Mine Near Morgantown, WV

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High-quality glass introduced in all taxicab windows of test dozer

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Dozer with high-quality glass being covered in coal heap

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Buried dozer being uncovered

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Checking windows after entombment

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High-quality glass in place after internment exhibition

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Advantages Does not hinder vision Resists static weight up to 40 psi Disadvantages Preformed consequently application is constrained to Caterpillar and Komatsu dozer\'s* standard taxicab bundles Requires settling of any disfigurement of the taxicab earlier establishment of the glass Most costly May break when affected May fly out under anxiety PPG Preformed Pre-planned Product PPG Pounds per square inch *Molds are just for dozers not for end loaders

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Bodygard System

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Bodygard System Custom built Custom introduced Polycarbonate framework Outboard seat is made Material is mechanically join to the taxicab Inhibits interior crumple Unbreakable Noise encasing in the vicinity establishment All makers MSHA endorsed

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Case Study History Massey led drop trial of 3 frameworks to decide the best framework The accompanying exhibit demonstrates the aftereffects of the test

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Dozer Drop Test Demonstration

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Advantages Unbreakable Does not discourage vision Can be made to fit anything (all makes and models of existing hardware) Absorbs and protects sound Broad construct framework Onsite tweaked establishment in light of all taxis Installed nearby by boring and connecting to taxi Cut to specs and appended to guarantee soundness Disadvantage* Is less scratch safe that customary glass in this manner a defensive covering is connected that is simple and cheap to supplant Bodygard System Body Guard *Protective replicable material is connected to enhance the scratch resistance

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Conclusion Based on the consequences of the drop test, Massey marked a national contract with Bodygard to play out their establishments

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BODYGARD "The Safety Window People" 1 Lincoln Center, Shinnston, WV 26431 304-592-1980

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