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Chapter by chapter list. Table of ContentsMinister\'s Foreword/PrioritiesThe Medium-Term Strategic Framework (MTSF)DPW Strategic GoalsOutcomesDPW Program structurePublic Works BranchesKey Branch initiativesPublic Entities answering to Public WorksBudget . 2. Key Management Unit20 April 2010.
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Table of Contents Table of Contents Minister\'s Foreword/Priorities The Medium-Term Strategic Framework (MTSF) DPW Strategic Goals Outcomes DPW Program structure Public Works Branches Key Branch activities Public Entities answering to Public Works Budget Strategic Management Unit 20 April 2010 2

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Minister\'s Overview as far as the medium-term time frame; the Minister has guided of the office\'s senior directors to: Review, reshape and restore; execute the New Growth Path and Focus on the Core. Survey, reshape and restore by guaranteeing: Finalize the structure of the division – to bolster benefit conveyance. Benefit the center capacities ideally. Actualize the center competency demonstrate and create talented and able work force. Make focuses of fabulousness – property administration, development administration and upkeep administration. Manufacture IT capacity – guarantee combination of frameworks – viable administration of relentless resources. Compelling & productive monetary administration – enhance income gathering & obligation administration. CBE; ASA; IDT & CIDB – enhance conveyance ability. Compelling money related administration – monetary procedures; interior controls; income gathering and obligation administration. Vital Management Unit 20 April 2010 3

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Minister\'s Overview Pillars of the New Growth Path Renew duty on BEE – observing acquisition spend on BEE and through program usage. Entirely cling to 30 days installment of solicitations. Abilities improvement over the fabricated environment – part of CIDB and CBE & outside associations. Change of both property & development segments – aggressive; raise efficiency and guarantee expansive based incorporation. Increment take-up of youngsters in manufactured environment and in different fields. Increment r egistration of experts and support to rising contractual workers. Part of IDT in conveyance of social foundation – upgrade concentrate on rustic improvement, neediness destruction; instruction and wellbeing framework; work creation. EPWP - a key reaction to the monetary emergency; destitution mitigation and pay disparity through work openings. Key Management Unit 20 April 2010 4

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Minister\'s Overview EPWP proceeded: 4,5m openings for work; R5.2bn MTEF impetus portion for different tasks and R2,5bn to bolster work escalated extends in the social and natural parts. Recipient of Green Strategy gave in IPAP II. Agrement : guarantee utilization of imaginative and no-standard items through specialized evaluations. Advancement of Green Strategy for the fabricated environment and related codes for open structures. Vitality effectiveness for open structures on course. Concentrating on the Core Support the formative state goals and approach needs. Utilize unfaltering resource impression – restore structures to adjust proprietorship/leasehold –finalize transfer arrangement. Restoration of Land Ports of section; dolomite ventures; openness of open structures Review benefit conveyance models Strategic Management Unit 20 April 2010 5

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Minister\'s Overview Implement the PMTE – realignment of the unflinching resource administration business to advance and enhance benefit conveyance and vital arranging. Concentrate on client benefit – SLAs Operational efficiencies: borrower\'s book and income administration. Actualize collection framework Finalize new plan of action and business case. Enhance hazard administration and Deal with extortion and defilement unequivocally ! Key Management Unit 20 April 2010 6

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Strategic Context: MTSF Priorities The accompanying needs were chosen by Public Works to educate arranging: Speeding up development and changing the economy to make tolerable work and supportable occupations; Massive program to construct social and monetary framework; Comprehensive country improvement technique connected to arrive and agrarian change and sustenance security. Reinforcing our abilities and human asset base. Escalate the battle against wrongdoing and defilement; Pursuing African headway and upgraded worldwide participation; Sustainable asset administration and utilize and Building a formative state, including change of open administrations and fortifying just foundations 7

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Strategic Context: DPW Strategic Goals The Department of Public Works has six (6) objectives: Provide key initiative in compelling and proficient undaunted resource administration and in the conveyance of framework. Advance an empowering situation for the formation of both short and maintainable work openings in order to add to the national objective of employment creation and neediness easing. Add to the working of a formative state and a thorough provincial advancement structure through state resources. Guarantee change and direction of the development and property businesses to guarantee financial development and advancement. Guarantee viable corporate administration and sound asset administration. Guarantee enhanced administration conveyance in every single departmental program to meet customer desires and influence partner relations. 8

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Strategic Context: Outcomes The accompanying four (4) results were chosen from twelve results, endorsed by Cabinet in the January 2010 Lekgotla to be utilized by government to track the effect of projects: Create tolerable work through comprehensive monetary development; Create proficient, focused and responsive foundation arrange; Efficient and successful improvement situated Public Service and an enabled reasonable and comprehensive citizenship and Skilled and competent workforce to bolster a comprehensive development way. 9

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DPW Program Structure Program 1: Administration Program 2: Immovable Asset Investment Management Program 3: Expanded Public Works Program 4: Construction and Property Policy Regulation Program 5: Auxiliary and Associate Services. NB: This is another program structure, affirmed by NT. The various branches (see next slide), except for Corporate Services and Finance and Supply Chain Mgmt, fall under Program 2. The Public elements answering to Public Works additionally fall under Program 2. Key Management Unit 20 April 2010 10

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Public Works Branches The division has eight branches , situated under five Programs: Asset Investment Management Operations administration Special activities Inner-city Regeneration, Project Management and Professional Services Expanded Public Works Program Construction and Property Policy Regulation Finance and Supply Chain Management Corporate Services Strategic Management Unit 20 April 2010 11

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Key Branch activities Asset Investment Management Branch Enhancement of Asset Register Compilation of SLAs and SDS. Assistance of fruition of User Asset Management Plans for client divisions. Gathering of Custodian Asset Management Plans. Execution Programs: arranged support; capital works and renting portfolio. Usage of GIAMA: Property Performance Standards. Vitality and water proficiency Rehabilitation of structures: unused and under-used. Availability of open structures to individuals with incapacities. Valuations and NIMS. Key Management Unit 09 March 2010 12

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Key Branch activities Operations Management Operations Management subsidizes the execution of procurement, development and upkeep of framework for the Department of Public Works and customer offices. The circulation of assets is represented by the remuneration and organization of the unit. The Department of Public Works has eleven (11) territorial workplaces falling under this sub-program. Inward City Regeneration, Project Management & Prof. Administrations Branch Development of inward city areas (Marabastad, Salvokop, Church Sq. & Paul Kruger North) with City of Tshwane as setting for Head workplaces of the RKTP, Feasibility studies and affirmation of extra new Head Office extends in Tshwane, Strategic Management Unit 20 April 2010 13

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Key Branch activities Freedom Park Administration Building, restoration of HG de Witt building, Feasibility studies to recognize & advise the rollout of the program to different towns . Advancement as Center of Expertise for DPW extend supervisors (upgrading of standards & norms, forms, toolbox), Construction of 598 undertakings: capital (R337m), upkeep (R142m) & recoverable ventures (R1b), SA consulate Nigeria, Tzaneen jail, Waterkloof runway, RAMP ventures. Redesigning of specialized standards & gauges for outline & development of activities, Dam wellbeing checking, Site ID & leeway for the improvement of tasks, Development of Green Building and manageability standards Dolomite hazard administration to advise arranging and cure sinkholes. Key Management Unit 20 April 2010 14 Strategic Management Unit 09 March 2010

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Key Branch activities Special Projects Branch Land Ports of Entry: Golela; Skilpadhek; Vioolsdrift and Lebombo/Ressano Pan - African Parliament – DPW and National Treasury taking a shot at an option subsidizing equation for PAP. 2010 FIFA World Cup – redevelopment of fringe posts framework. Vital Management Unit 20 April 2010 15

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Key Branch activities Expanded Public Works Program Branch 4,5m multi-year focuses in the different areas, in particular: social; framework; monetary; natural and culture and non-state division. Execute motivating force allow EPWP to be actualized in the non-state area) interestingly – key organization with NGOs/CBOS/NPOs. Actualize motivating force conspire in the earth and culture and non-state part and Community Work Program Working with the Presidency, improve responsibility game plans in the three

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