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副詞子句. 副詞子句. Dr. Chen. 核心句 He injured his neck Dallas, Texas, had become the seventh largest city in the USA We went to a movie . 附加語 lately. ( 副詞) by 1871. ( 副詞片語) after we completed our work. ( 副詞子句). 句型. 基本結構. 限定子句 ( Finitive Clause)
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副詞子句 Dr. Chen

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� �心句 He harmed his neck Dallas, Texas, had turned into the seventh biggest city in the USA We went to a motion picture 附� 語 of late. ( 副詞) by 1871. ( 副詞片語) after we finished our work. ( 副詞子句) 句型

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基本結構 限定子句 ( Finitive Clause) 非限定子句 ( Non-finitive Clause) 省略句 ( Omitted Clause) 介係詞片語/介係詞子句 ( Pre. State/Pre. Proviso)

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限定子句 ( Finitive Clause) When Congress passed the Yellowstone Act , the world first national stop was made. Since breath is required for consistent vitality discharge , it is destructive to stop it for more than a brief span

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非限定子句 ( Non-f initive Clause) Endeavoring to shape his own symphony for a long time, Glenn Miller accomplished world distinction in 1939 as a major band pioneer. (= After Glenn Miller tried to frame his own ensemble for some years,...)

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非限定子句 II ( Non-f initive Clause) Once undermined with annihilation, the trumpet swan has made a solid rebound in the national parks of the U.S.A. (= Although the trumpet swan was once debilitated with elimination, ...)

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省略句 ( Omitted Clause) Keenly mindful of the upsides of a school training, numerous youngsters concentrate hard to acquire it. (= Because numerous youngsters are acutely … Although noxious , numerous alkaloids are esteemed as pharmaceutical. (= Although numerous alkaloids are toxic ,....)

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介係詞片語/介係詞子句 ( Pre. State/Pre. Proviso) Despite swelling, the way of life in Taiwan has ascended amid the previous decade. ( 介係詞片語) With the happening to spring , his wellbeing is moved forward. (=With spring coming, … .) (= As spring comes,...) 介係詞子句

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基本結構 Review 連接詞 + 子句( S1+V!), 主句( S+V) 分詞構句( V-ing/V-en), 主句 形容詞 … , 主句 (省略句) 介係詞… , 主句

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in any case, by the by (however) in this way, in this way (so) plus, what\'s more, in addition, moreover (and) He is nice;however I don\'t care for him. He is the main candidate.Therefore he was chosen. He moves well; besides she is great at singing. 連接性副詞

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1. The Smithsonian Institution safeguards more than sixty-five million things of logical, authentic, or masterful intrigue, _____ winning the well known title, "attic of the nation". (A) be that as it may (B) in this manner (C) and (D) however 2. Ceyenne pepper originates from the seedpod of the pepper plant, which is dried, then ground.

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時間副詞連接詞 ( when, while, as, since, until, ) 地方副詞 連接詞 ( where… , there, wherever) 條件、讓步副詞 ( in spite of the fact that/regardless of/notwithstanding; unless/with the exception of � 果關係副詞 連接詞 ( in light of the fact that/in that/since/by virtue of) 目地的副詞連接詞 ( to V… ) 副詞連接詞

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時間副詞連接詞-I When + 動態動詞( dynamic V. ) He exited when I arrived. A neutron structures when a star substantially more monstrous than the sun bites the dust and detonates While + 靜態動詞 ( measurement V.) . Strike while iron is hot. While Hugo was an understudy at City College of New York, he sorted out the United Graffiti Artists

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時間副詞連接詞-II Since ( 採現在完成式) I have been there ordinarily since the war finished. As/similarly as ; 邊 … 邊... As they strolled along the road, they investigated the window I like the employment all the more similarly as I get accustomed to it.

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時間副詞連接詞-III not...until (before) We didn\'t see each other until (it was) as of late. scarcely observed until he got hitched. until (=up to) Dried leaves keep on hanging on the branches of some deciduous trees until the new leaves show up.

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地方副詞 連接詞 wherever/where...there Wherever we went, we discovered destitution. Where Jones works, there you will discover the foundation of the issue. Where there is a will, there is a way. _______ there is no rain, cultivating is troublesome or unimaginable

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條件、讓步副詞連接詞 albeit/however/despite the fact that 雖然、儘管 Although she smoke 40 cigarettes a day, she is very fit. = She is very fit despite the fact that she smokes… Salmon spend a large portion of their grown-up lives in salt water __________ they come back to their freshwater origination to produce and kick the bucket.

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條件、讓步副詞連接詞 notwithstanding/in spite of ... Notwithstanding the rain, we making the most of our vacation. I didn\'t land the position ___________ I had all the fundamental capability. I didn\'t land the position ______ my capability.

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條件、讓步副詞連接詞 unless\except (for) Bears won\'t as a rule assault a man unless it is incited. whether...or not Whether he is correct or wrong, he generally falls off most noticeably bad in contention

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條件、讓步副詞連接詞 No matter how +adj/adv + 主 + 動詞 Although he is rich , she won\'t wed him. Regardless of how rich he is, … However rich he is, … .. In spite of the fact that he is a mogul , she... Regardless of what (individual) he is, she..

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條件、讓步副詞連接詞 Although it is composed in Latin , what is unique will be perused. Regardless of how it is composed, what is … Although it is composed in Latin , what is unique will be perused. Regardless of what dialect it is composed in, what is unique will be perused.

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� 果關係副詞連接詞 on the grounds that/since/as/for/in that; due to Neon light is used in airplane terminal guides since it can penetrate haze. Nevada has constrained supply on account of its light precipitation. seeing (that)/now that 既然 Seeing (that ) he declined to help us, there is no motivation behind why we ought to now help him

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目地的副詞連接詞 keeping in mind the end goal to/in order to Nellie McClung battled tirelessly in the mid twentieth century ( all together) to win political and lawful rights for Canadian ladies To win political and legitimate rights for Canadian ladies, Nellie McClung battled steadily in the mid twentieth century

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