Dr. David Parsons.

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Versatile interruption is taking into account portability being the key quality ... Usefulness of cell phones has duplicated. Methods of association have not, to the same ...
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Collaboration on the Move CHINZ 2010 Keynote eleventh Annual ACM SIGCHI NZ Conference on Computer-Human Interaction 8 July 2010, Massey University, Auckland, New Zealand Dr. David Parsons

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Out in the forested areas or in the city, it\'s all the same to me...the world\'s my home when I\'m versatile Going Mobile – The Who

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Topics of Interest Mobile gadget advancement and affordance Disruption (of various types) Some points of reference in versatile learning Mediascapes Augmented reality Haptics

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Learning No more pretty much data

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Mobile or Portable?

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Being Mobile What\'s the refinement amongst versatile and compact? What would you be able to do while moving? What is great about having the capacity to move in the meantime?

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Affordances and Disruption Mobile disturbance depends on versatility being the key quality suggestion Doesn\'t matter of different viewpoints have decreased utility What are the affordances of a cell phone?

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A Personal Computer " Superior to books and imprinting in at any rate some routes without being uniquely sub-par in others… possessed by its client… and versatile (which intends to me that the client can undoubtedly convey the gadget and different things in the meantime.) Need we include that it useable in the forested areas?" A Personal Computer for Children of All Ages - Alan Kay 1972

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Dynabook (1968 - 1972) Carry anyplace gadget No bigger than a scratch pad Weigh under 4 pounds Flat board show, quality like a book Dynamic illustrations Store no less than 500 book pages, or a few hours of sound High data transmission correspondence Connection to remote worldwide system Rechargeable batteries Cost under $500

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Mobile Learning sans Technology? A book or a telephone Study when you need Study where you need - can be utilized all over the place, doesn\'t require a table, can be utilized as a part of bed… Ownership - "everybody" claims them Always on - no startup time required Discreet - socially satisfactory to use in broad daylight situations Don\'t have to connect it to

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Mobile Learning avec Technology? Telephones, not books Ubiquity - everybody dependably conveys their cellular telephones Video and sound recording and playback High-speed web association (content accessibility) GPS Searching abilities Communication

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Evolution of Mobile Phones

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Is It a Bird, Is It a Plane… ? An abridgment of gadgets Web program Camera Calendar/journal/address book Generic and expert application stage Media player/recorder/editorial manager Navigation gadget Oh yes, it\'s additionally a telephone!

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All These Things and More Greater than the whole of its parts Presentation by Judy Brown

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Wireless Coyote How far have we got following 1991?

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Savannah A substitute reality

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Ambient Wood Mobility of the learner, inserted gadgets

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FutureLab MediaScape

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Augmented Reality From Cistercian Chapels venture, London Metropolitan University

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Nokia MARA

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Augmented Reality

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Haptic telephone Synaptics Fuse, the primary squeezable haptic telephone

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Haptic interface

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Final Thoughts Functionality of cell phones has duplicated Modes of cooperation have not, to the same degree As they do, new open doors for association moving will give new learning encounters

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