Dr. Henk A.J. Mulder Science Shops, College of Groningen, The Netherlands www.scienceshops.org.

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Dr. Henk A.J. Mulder Science Shops, College of Groningen, The Netherlands www.scienceshops.org. p. © Henk Mulder. TIMCED Intermediu Ploiesti. 2 nd Living Information Meeting "Propelling Science and Society Associations", Seville, Feb. 3, 2005.
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Dr. Henk A.J. Mulder Science Shops, University of Groningen, The Netherlands www.scienceshops.org p © Henk Mulder TIMCED Intermediu Ploiesti 2 nd Living Knowledge Conference “Advancing Science and Society Interactions”, Seville, Feb. 3, 2005 Science Shops as Science – Society Interfaces An essential presentation

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Universal Declaration of Human Rights (United Nations, 1948) Article 27 (1): Everyone has the privilege unreservedly to take part in the social existence of the group, to appreciate expressions of the human experience and to partake in experimental progression and its advantages

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free & participatory p © Henk Mulder TIMCED Intermediu Ploiesti A Science Shop (is a unit that) gives examination support in light of concerns experienced by common society.

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Demand Community/intentional gatherings Environmental NGOs Local/territorial powers Schools/understudies Patient gatherings Labor unions Religious gatherings Individuals (now and then restrictive) Clients of Science Shops Other: understudy associations, exhibition halls, police, parliamentarians/political gatherings Some: other exploration foundations, SMEs, bigger firms/industry © Henk Mulder

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Criteria 1. Not business. Open results. 2. Ready to utilize results 3. No (full) monetary means © Henk Mulder

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Relation University - Society © Henk Mulder

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Organization Forms University Central Office Faculty Office NGO Separate substance University joins Community-University Research Alliances © Henk Mulder

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Supply © Henk Mulder

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Skills for Students Project definition, workplan 1 Writing/correspondence 2 Theory into practice 3 Research that is of direct utilize 4 © Henk Mulder

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Mediation Tasks Receive/request customers and (new) addresses 1 Map the issue (verbalization) 2 Preliminary exploration: Refer, Refuse, Advice or Formulate (investigative) examination question (Incl. stores if obliged) 3 Find a (co-) administrator 4 Find an understudy or analyst 5 Maintain correspondence and procedure 6 Facilitate useable presentation/distribution of results 7 Help customer actualize results and define subsequent activities 8 Make stock of subsequent examination/subjects 9 Evaluation 10 © Henk Mulder

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Science Shop Impact On Higher Education On Scientific Research On Civil Society Science Shops join each of the three college missions © Henk Mulder

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University of Groningen Financing from Board of University Regional picture Political/social attention to understudies Part of “Third Mission”: Knowledge Transfer Financing from Faculty/Department Practical training Research Themes PR © Henk Mulder

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p © Henk Mulder TIMCED Intermediu Ploiesti Minister Maria van der Hoeven Education, Culture and Research, The Netherlands Quotes:  “In an information society that expects to be more than a learning economy, science shops have an exceptional place”  “Unique base up approach”  “By supporting nationals in their journey for learning, individuals are given more potential outcomes to assume liability for molding their own particular life and their living environment”  “Citizens’ requests for information additionally give a vital data to research that supplements other exploratory or financially determined methods for discovering examination topics” From: Science shops, Knowledge for the Community, EU handout, 2003

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Quote: Every science - and each general public - needs a science shop (2001) Dr. Rainer Gerold Director Science & Society, DGXII - EC

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www. science

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