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Dr. Ka-fu Wong. ECON1003 Analysis of Economic Data. Briefing notes about Project A. GOALS. Overview of project requirements Tips on team work, presentation and writing Assessment scheme Possible topics Demonstrate a five-minute presentation
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Dr. Ka-fu Wong ECON1003 Analysis of Economic Data

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Briefing notes about Project A GOALS Overview of venture prerequisites Tips on cooperation, presentation and composing Assessment conspire Possible points Demonstrate a five-minute presentation Walk through regulated how the five-minute presentation was readied. l

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30% Projects The venture is planned to open you to the utilization of measurements in genuine issues of your decision . The presentations and venture reports likewise enhance and test our comprehension of the subject. . It permits us to hone our abilities in measurable examination , oral presentations , composed presentations , and collaboration .

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Team work: Students will be arbitrarily doled out into gatherings of two to chip away at two tasks. The group all in all is in charge of the venture investigation and execution. Singular colleagues alternate written work the venture reports and giving the presentations. The individual who gives the oral report can\'t be the individual who writers the composed report. Hence every venture gets three evaluations, an investigation review that is given to each colleague, a written work review that is given to the report\'s writer, and a presentation review that is given to the moderator.

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Ground rules for cooperation Be honest. You don\'t need to like individuals to work with them. Insist aggregate obligation. Create and work on listening abilities. Take an interest completely. Everybody takes a decent amount of the work. Attempting to qualities can profit the gathering. Don\'t generally work to qualities, be that as it may! Keep great records. Regard bunch due dates. Develop generosity. Esteem inventiveness and off-the-divider thoughts. Work deliberately.

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Five-minute Presentations: These presentations will be Powerpoint based. It would be ideal if you turn in a softcopy of your Powerpoint document, through email. Presentation will be video-recorded with the goal that moderators has an opportunity to see their own particular execution. Your execution will be evaluated by your associates and TA . The educator will haphazardly check the evaluating and recordings to ensure that the reviewing has been reasonable . If there should arise an occurrence of review debate, we can take a seat to see the tape together.

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Assessing Presentations Clarity: Do we comprehend everything the speaker said? Are at any rate the fundamental purposes of the presentation clear? Substance: Is the substance fitting for this task? Does the examination utilize the suitable factual devices? What\'s more, utilize it accurately? Is the level fitting? Is the data precise? Association: Is the discussion successfully composed? Is it clear how one thought or truth took after from another? Is there a reasonable intelligent movement or structure to the discussion? Conveyance: Does the speaker talk plainly and straightforwardly to the group of onlookers? Does the speaker appear to be enough sure and acquainted with the material? Are the visual guides utilized successfully? Brevity: Does the speaker express thoughts succinctly? Too succinctly? Does the speaker complete inside the alloted time?

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Tips about presentations Must utilize Powerpoint for presentations. Try not to utilize excessively numerous livelinesss. Utilize hues to highlight your investigation. Comprehend the materials well. Make an effort not to depend on notes: gatherings of people have more trust in speakers who don\'t depend much on notes. Rehearse, hone, practice: To get an inclination about planning. To dispose of some anxious propensities (fiddling with a catch, putting a turn in a pocket, saying "um"). Trian our eye contact with group of onlookers. Do we comprehend everything the speaker said? Are in any event the principle purposes of the presentation clear?

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Three to five page Written reports: No more than five pages . If it\'s not too much trouble submit a softcopy of your report, by means of email. All papers ought to be anything but difficult to peruse, i.e. written (word prepared) in a standard 12pt text style with sensible edges and 1.5 to twofold dispersed. At the point when reviewing the venture, notwithstanding your dialog of results, you ought to incorporate an unmistakable depiction of the investigation, including how the information was gathered, and a synopsis of ventures of your examination. The gathered information and survey (assuming any) ought to be incorporated into an information reference section. The TA (and conceivably your associates) will review it. The educator will haphazardly check the reviewing to ensure that the evaluating has been reasonable .

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Assessing Written Report Clarity: Do we comprehend everything in the report? Are in any event the principle purposes of the report clear? Does the report give us enough data for us to rehash the examination ourselves? Substance: Is the substance fitting for this task? Does the examination utilize the fitting factual instruments? What\'s more, utilize it effectively? Is the level fitting? Is the data exact? Association: Is the paper successfully sorted out? Is it clear how one thought or certainty took after from another? Is there a reasonable coherent movement or structure in the paper? Sentence structure and spelling: Are there any incorrect spellings or major linguistic blunders in order to obstruct peruser\'s understanding? Organization: Is the report twofold dispersed? Does it has passage structure? Revise accentuation?

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Tips about composing Structure of the report: Title page: one-to two-line straightforward title. Incorporate the names and understudy ids of the gathering individuals . Presentation: State the points and terms fo reference of the report and any helpful foundation data. Information depiction: How we gather the crude information? What are the crude information? Do we change the information before utilize? Comes about: elucidating measurements, tables, plots and an examination of them. Conclusion: Whatever decision we can make from the examination. Indeces: Questionnaire frame. Rundown of information. All supplements must be alluded to in the primary body of the report. References: Books and sites alluded in the report. 3 to 5 pages.

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Tips about composing Have a decent comprehension of the subject to be secured. Perused altogether and generally, examine the subject with others and now and then simply sit and think. Deal with your thoughts. On the off chance that you have thoughts clear in your mind then for the most part your composed work will be clear. Consider your gathering of people. Your style of composing ought to influence the way you compose and what you incorporate into the report. Create an arrangement with the goal that you put your thoughts down in a coherent grouping. Nothing befuddles a peruser more than disconnected contentions. You can presumably fit your thoughts into four or five primary headings.

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Tips about composing Must be written in Microsoft Words. Utilize the require design. Standard 12pt text style with sensible edges and 1.5 to twofold separated. Compose a draft - you are probably not going to hit the nail on the head first time. On the off chance that you have time set it aside for some time and about-face and re-read it - you will be shocked how distinctive it looks. Compose the last report. Keep in mind to recognize wellsprings of data and quotes (references and book reference). Edit it. Try not to depend on your spell checker - their are total excursions a spell chequer will tie get!! Strunk and White: The components of style is a decent handbook on composing.

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Tips about composing Bibliography/References Style . This segment ought to be masterminded one after another in order by creator then by URL in the event that it doesn\'t have a creator (one after another in order). On the off chance that the reference takes up more than one line the second and continuing lines ought to all be indented however not the main line !

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Tips about composing Bibliography/References Style . While refering to a work in the body of the content put the creators name and the distribution date in enclosure close to the end of the sentence with the referenced material. This is a case. The birth timing can be seen as a method for giving a capital gift to the cutting edge by the guardians, much the same as the human capital hypothesis of Gary Becker (1964). This view is obviously predictable with the news report refered to above. Along these lines, a straightforward adjustment of the standard comes back to-training procedure (e.g. Mincer, 1974; Psacharopoulos, 1994; Bennell, 1998; and Wei et al. , 1999) is fitting to confirm exactly whether this superstition is right or not.

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Tips about composing Bibliography/References Style . General Style Author. Year. Title. Auxiliary Title, Secondary Author. Put Published: Publisher, pp. Pages. Book Author. Year. Title, Edition, Volume, Series Editor, City: Publisher, pp. Pages. Book Section Author. Year. Segment Title. Book Title, Editor, ed. City: Publisher, pp. Pages. Diary Article Author Year. Title. Diary Volume, Pages.

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Tips about composing Bibliography/References Style . Sites incorporate the URL (e.g. http://www.albany.edu) And the name of the School or University/Department/Faculty/or Company/association that runs the site. In the event that they have references you ought to site the firsts by turning the proper one upward in the library. Freebees Instructor (last name first), Handout Title, Course Number, Semester & Year, School, pp. pages.

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An Element of Peer Assessment Peer evaluation helps us learn: On presentation: Being basic on another person\'s presentation, peer appraisal alarm us to great and terrible practice in presentations. It help us create consciousness of the style and process measurements of presentations. On composing report: Being basic on another person\'s work, peer evaluation caution us to great and awful practice in report composing. It help us create consciousness of the significance of structure, soundness and format in reports. TA evaluation Instructor will ensure that the reviewing has been reasonable – by irregular assessments. 75% 25%

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Need another opportunity? Understudies can chip away at a second venture on the off chance that they feel that their second venture can enhance a ton over their first venture. Be that as it may, they should take a shot at an alternate venture . All colleagues must consent to do as such. Their evaluations on venture A will be construct exclusively with respect to the last presentations and reports. Generally s

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