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GoLearn – Investment Banking Pilot of Learning Delivered by means of BlackBerry June 21, 2007 CONFIDENTIAL DRAFT

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The Idea Facilitate learning outside of the workplace amid ‘naturally occurring’ down time, for example, every day driving or on business trips Leverage existing BlackBerry use levels Enable individuals to learn in littler blasts Offer learning over assortment of mediums to address singular issues and inclinations

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The Pilot Goal Offer certain ordered courses by means of both MLU and BlackBerry Establish measures for courses conveyed by means of BlackBerry: Prove out access, use and adequacy of learning conveyed by means of BlackBerry to worldwide populace Deliver preparing with no corruption to learning viability Achieve 25% qualified cooperation Achieve a tantamount normal score to the control bunches Obtain a 10% higher fruition rate in 10% less time

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Timeline Initial Idea Jan 06 Global IBK Launch April 07 Initial Testing Dec 06 Identified Need Summer 06 User Acceptance Testing Feb 07 Completed Business Case & Pilot Plan Sept 06

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Design Considerations Course Access STANDARD eLearning Delivery… MLU by means of Desktop Transformed for BlackBerry LMS in Applications

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Design Considerations Course Introduction STANDARD eLearning Delivery… Executive video message Transformed for BlackBerry Executive photograph with content

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Design Considerations Presentation of Content STANDARD eLearning Delivery… Animated form with extra data in pop-ups Transformed for BlackBerry Text gave start to finish looking over

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Design Considerations Scenario Presentation STANDARD eLearning Delivery… High-loyalty presentation – sound with planned photographs and transcript Transformed for BlackBerry Low-devotion presentation – transcript with pictures through and through

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Design Considerations Interactions STANDARD eLearning Delivery… Answer decisions uncover by means of mouse-over catches, exhibited left to right Transformed for BlackBerry Series of radio catches through and through with all decisions showed

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Design Considerations Remediation STANDARD eLearning Delivery… No looking with an alternative to replay situation Transformed for BlackBerry Scrolling with a choice to replay situation

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Technical Considerations Leveraged existing arrangements to set up gauge stage for conveying preparing over the BlackBerry Created ML wrapper to impart forward and backward with MLU Decided to give untethered arrangement Utilized BlackBerry venture server

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Partnered Internally & Externally

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Marketing & Communications Branded as “GoLearn” Marketed as another approach to “take you\'re preparing with you” with travel related symbolism Focused on the “learn when you can” advantage and “make the vast majority of your time” message Announcements conveyed from local IBK heads stressing the significance of preparing through the new versatile medium Conducted roadshows key adopter bunches

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GoLearn Pilot Results June 21, 2007 Proprietary and Confidential to Merrill Lynch

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GoLearn Pilot Goals 100% Achieved! Offered 3 commanded courses by means of both MLU and BlackBerry Established measures for courses conveyed through BlackBerry Proved out access, use and viability of learning conveyed by means of BlackBerry to worldwide populace Delivered preparing with no corruption to learning adequacy Achieved 61% qualified investment Achieved a practically identical normal score to the control bunches Obtained a 12% higher fruition rate in 30% less time than tantamount ordered preparing programs Proprietary and Confidential to Merrill Lynch

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GoLearn Pilot Results – Scores & Time in Training GoLearn – higher scores in a fraction of the time. Investors who finished preparing by means of GoLearn finished the preparation in 54 less minutes and tried higher on conclusive evaluation tests that whatever remains of the firm. 95.05% 95.72% NA No Test 93.70% 94.66% 89.99% No Test 1.35% 1.06% NA No Test 30 min 23 min NA 15 min 43 min 47 min 60 min 32 min 13 min 24 min NA 17 min Proprietary and Confidential to Merrill Lynch

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GoLearn Pilot Results – Participation & Response Over a 7 week period, GoLearn was remotely “pushed” all around to more than 2100 Investment Banker & select bolster BlackBerry gadgets. VPs and higher utilized GoLearn the most. GoLearn Usage by Region 61% of empowered workers (2100 aggregate) propelled GoLearn at any rate once 317 individuals finished a sum of 704 courses 14% of IBK finished the accessible preparing through GoLearn 980 utilized GoLearn yet did not finish a course 170 Survey Responses showing: 99% felt the configuration and presentation bolster the learning 100% would finish all the more preparing in this arrangement Over 75% applauded “convenience,” “time management,” and “training with no distractions” advantages GoLearn Usage by Title GoLearn Usage by Location Data as of June 21, 2007 Proprietary and Confidential to Merrill Lynch

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GoLearn Pilot Results – Impact on Mandated Training While required preparing from earlier years had higher starting consummation rates, GoLearn pushed last IBK fruition rates 12% higher than 2006 in 70% of the time. Investors who prepared through GoLearn finished their preparation 20 days sooner than the individuals who prepared by means of MLU IBK Time to Completion 2005 - 2007 Completion at 85 days is 12.35% higher than 2006 14% of IBK finished the accessible preparing by means of GoLearn Data sources as of June 21, 2007: 2005: AML & Info Risk 2006: AML, Info Risk & E-Mail Awareness 2007: Firm Wide Annual Curriculum 2007 GoLearn: AML, Info Risk & E-Communications Proprietary and Confidential to Merrill Lynch

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