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Drawing Test. Week beginning 22 nd February 2010 KS3.
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Drawing Test Week starting 22 nd February 2010 KS3

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Learning Objectives: - to deliver a perception drawing that expands on the accomplishments of my last drawing test. - to build up the ranges that were distinguished as needing change. - to pick up a more elevated amount and recognize the territories still needing improvement - to create self assessment and associate evaluation aptitudes. - to contemplate my objective review.

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Try to join the accompanying Art Elements in your drawing work: - Composition - Tone - Color - Line - Texture - Shape and Form … and recollect to work in a medium with which you feel sure.

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Drawing Test Yr 7/8-Examples of fitting Artists work.

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\'Smashed coke can\' – Patrick Smith

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Tebeau works mostly in the Pop Art style. Tebeau is from New York. He is a contemporary craftsman. \'Old Skool coke bottle\'- John Tebeau

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Hank Grebe was conceived in Manhattan, New York in 1952 and concentrated compelling artwork and craftsmanship history. He is as of now resigned. Hank Grebe-\'Orange Crush can\'

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\'Smashed Campbell\'s soup can\'- Andy Warhol

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Drawing Test Yr 9-Examples of Artists work.

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MC Escher-\'hand with reflecting circle\'

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MC Escher-\'drawing hands\'

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Scheele attracted this piece his secondary school craftsmanship class in 1997. Ben Scheele-\'hand holding pencil\'

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Study of Hands

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Jessica Goode-\'Clasping hands\'

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Albrecht Durer-\'supplicating hands\' 1508. Drawing with paint brush

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Study of hands holding a pencil

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Albrecht Durer-investigation of hands Da Vinci – investigation of hands

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