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Anticipation brought about by presence of otherworldly beasts like hungry zombies ... to dream stories and watch dream motion pictures for stimulation to make us snicker, ...
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Dream An Introduction

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Definition: Usually a story in which a reality other than ordinary the truth is utilized Uses components like enchantment, unbelievable or legendary animals, and the Quest Often an alternate world and/or time period exists

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Fantasy Magic Supernatural Extraordinary universes like Oz, Fairyland, or Hogwarts

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Speculative or Science Fiction Science progressed a long ways past the ebb and flow time Other planets, occupied or not Space or time travel as normal as riding a school transport around the universe

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Horror Suspense brought on by presence of heavenly beasts like hungry zombies Fear made by incessant and terrible bloodbaths conferred by animals like vampires, Freddie, Jason, werewolves, and apparitions

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Examples of Fantasy An alternate reality as in Science Fiction

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A world that has incredible or legendary animals

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Or with terrifying creatures

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Or in a Fairy domain

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Characteristics The world obeys distinctive tenets from genuine like vivified and supposing trees, winds, waters, rocks, and dead individuals Magic works Mythological creatures, beasts, and animals walk the earth All characters acknowledge the truth of the world, whatever it resemble Often, a saint or courageous woman wins

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Conclusions Fantasy exists in a wide range of structures Each sort keeps on being well known today Some structures alarm us so we can be scrubbed of genuine fears since we know we will survive simply like the legend We read and listen to dream stories and watch dream motion pictures for amusement to make us snicker, shout, or tremble

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The End Or is it?

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