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SETTING UP A REGULAR WEBSITE. Making an one of a kind envelope Defining another website Editing and transferring pages with Dreamweaver
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Dreameaver tutorial Version: Macromedia Dreamweaver CS3 Updated: April 2008

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Setting up a Regular site Creating an extraordinary organizer Defining another website Editing and transferring site pages with Dreamweaver\'s inherent FTP

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Creating a novel envelope Create a one of a kind envelope under the D:\ Drive, or some other changeless drive (ex. Streak Drive) Create a pictures envelope inside the new organizer.

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Defining the site Open Dreamweaver In the toolbar click Site ��  New Site

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Defining the site In the site definition window, tap the "Essential" tab, to experience the site definition wizard.

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Defining the site Set up the site points of interest: Give the site a remarkable name Choose NOT to utilize a server innovation Choose to "Alter specifically on server utilizing FTP or RDS". Peruse to your envelope. Enter FTP settings Host: Folder: relies on upon your envelope\'s name Login: Password: ALWAYS click ��  Test Connection

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Editing and sparing data If the association has been effectively made, your screen ought to show green organizers on the right hand side of the screen (ensure you are in neighborhood see):

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Editing and sparing data To spare any progressions made to the website page, click either the "Put" or "Synchronize" catch after the progressions have been made. PUT SYNCHRONIZE

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Education portfolio sites

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Where do you discover offer assistance? www.baylor.edu/soe/ps Click on "Working with the e-folio (Tutorials)" located in the left sheet for supportive pdfs: Dreamweaver Setup Creating a Link Inserting and Editing Images Uploading Files

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Common issues There are a few reasons why an instruction understudy\'s web portfolio may not work, the most well-known are: Forgot to spare changes Image measure too huge Forgot to set the objective on connections to "clear"

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Defining the webpage Click "Website" on the menu choice and after that snap \'New Site\'. Tap the "Propelled" tab in the Site Definition window You will see this screen on the off chance that you did everything effectively:

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IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT DEFINING THE SITE… The neighborhood root organizer ought to be set to the understudy\'s glimmer drive, and the envelope chose ought to be their portfolio organizer. Illustration: G:\Bobby_Efolio Do not choose any of the individual envelopes inside the E-folio segment; simply hit the "Select" catch.

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Setting the remote server data Click \'Remote Info\' in the Site Definition window, situated on the left side. Select "FTP" in the Access field Four fields should be rounded out: FTP Host: portfolio.baylor.edu Host Directory: capital letter of your first name/Bear ID Ex: B/Bobby_Labbie Login: Baylor/Bear_ID Ex: Baylor\Bobby_Labbie Password: Baylor email secret word Finally hit the "Test" Button, situated alongside the login field. When you have rounded out the majority of your data accurately, tap the "alright" catch.

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Editing and sparing data To spare any progressions made to the website page, click either the "Put" or "Synchronize" catch, after the progressions have been made. PUT SYNCHRONIZE (Remember, this will overwrite the past variant of the page.)

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