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Foundation. Driven/energized signs are high determination, multi-shaded presentations of representation and content, both static and enlivened. These sorts of signs go about as huge outside video screens. Driven alludes to Light Emitting Diodes, which enlighten the signs.
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Driven SIGNAGE Criteria for LED/Video Signage in the City of Nanaimo

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Background LED/energized signs are high determination, multi-shaded presentations of representation and content, both static and enlivened. These sorts of signs go about as vast outside video screens. Driven alludes to Light Emitting Diodes, which enlighten the signs.

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Background Currently, the "CITY OF NANAIMO SIGN BYLAW NO. 2850" does not address this kind of signage. The Vancouver Island Conference Center is the main area in the City utilizing this sort of signage and no further LED/enlivened signs are being allowed until there is a standing rule set up tending to the utilization of such signage.

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Background LED/energized signs have brought worries up in different urban communities and regions concerning interstate security, as driver diversion, and style, as visual contamination. The City is proposing criteria to control the area, size, security and style of LED/enlivened signage. An open house on the issue of LED/enlivened signs will be hung on Thursday, 2009-NOV-19 from 6pm to 8pm in the Lounge at the Nanaimo Ice Center.

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Staff Recommended Guidelines for LED Signage Static pictures as it were. Require programmed diminishing. Light force ought to be confined to surrounding light levels. Deny outsider signage. Hours of operation limited to those of the related business. Driven/video signs allowed just where there is an exhibited diminishment in general measure of signage.

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What Other Communities are Doing Permitted Not Permitted Duncan Victoria City of North Vancouver Colwood Kamloops Langley White Rock Maple Ridge Burnaby Parksville Prince George Courtenay Langford Kelowna New Westminister

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Municipalities Which Permit Animated/Moving Signage Duncan Animated or electronic alterable duplicate signs require endorsement by the GM of Development Services. City of North Vancouver Limited to 30% of sign zone. Not allowed in the Central Lonsdale sign zone. Kamloops Electronic variable duplicate signs might not surpass half of the sign face to a maximum of 10m 2 .

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Municipalities Which Permit Animated/Moving Signage White Rock Permitted as an electronic message-board sign. Not allowed as a sash sign but rather allowed in other shapes (i.e.: unattached). Burnaby Only allowed inside Comprehensive Development Zones. Rezoning is required and it must be compositionally incorporated and included as a feature of a far reaching improvement.

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Municipalities Which Permit Animated/Moving Signage Prince George Permitted as enlivened signs. Allowed in some Commercial and Institutional Zones. Signs which are considered to be a diversion to drivers are not allowed. No sign might bring about direct light or huge glare being thrown onto neighboring properties zoned and utilized for private purposes. Vancouver Permitted in one area: upper east corner of Granville and Robson Streets. Allowed through an alteration to the Sign Bylaw . Max measure 28m 2 .

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Municipalities Which Permit Animated/Moving Signage Langford Permitted by local law. Allowed as factor electronic signs (LED) . Allowed in the accompanying zones: Limited Commercial Zones, Industrial/Business Park, Industrial. Institutional. Extensive Development Zones 3, 4 and 6. Person on foot Commercial Zone. Most extreme size - 3m 2 (32ft 2 ) per side. All Message focuses must be 3 hues (red, green, blue).

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Communities in Alberta Calgary Permitted as a state of utilization by the Sign Bylaw. The favoring expert might permit electronic message focuses, gave that: the sign is situated in a business or mechanical area; the sign is not situated inside 300m of whatever other electronic message focus confronting the same on‑coming activity; and the sign does not show any outsider or support promoting, unless situated in a business or modern locale.

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Communities in Alberta Edmonton Permitted as a state of utilization by the Sign Bylaw. Allowed in most Commercial and Industrial Zones. Enlightenment may not extend onto any encompassing private premises. Must be affirmed by the activity expert. Candidate might give confirm that proposed sign does not bring about undue diversion to activity. Can\'t make a danger to activity on an open roadway from which the sign is noticeable.

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Communities in Alberta Grande Prairie Permitted by standing rule. Least partition between two electronic message show signs is in the vicinity of 100m and 200m, contingent upon size. Subject to audit by transportation expert. Must incorporate a darkening element that will naturally diminish shine to the encompassing light level. Electronic message sign just permitted on an unattached sign or a bulletin.

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Summary of Permitting Mechanisms Site Specific i.e.: allowed by the GM or Mayor and Council: Vancouver Duncan Burnaby Permitted by a Sign Bylaw with particular controls relating to electronic message sheets: Langford Grand Prairie, AB Leduc AB Cold Lake AB Calgary Edmonton

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Summary of Permitting Mechanisms Permitted as Animated/Signage with no particular criteria to address LED signage: North Vancouver Kamloops White Rock Prince George Sign Bylaws which express that energized/LED signs might not constitute a diversion to movement: Prince George Grande Prairie Edmonton

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Commonly Regulated Aspects - LED Signs Size Zoning, Commercial Zones, Industrial Zones and site particular (CD Zones). Subject to audit of transportation specialists (MOT). Vicinity to private properties. Static pictures just (messages changed with no enhancements). Programmed diminishing to reflect surrounding light levels. 3-shading signs (red, green and blue). Least separation between individual signs. Outsider publicizing precluded.

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Public Open house Public Open House: Nanaimo Ice Center Thursday, 2009-NOV-19 6pm to 8pm

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