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Drug Information Resources. Joe Pozdol, MLIS Norris Medical Library pozdol@usc.edu. Learning Goals. To understand the magnitude of health information available today To be able to classify questions as background or foreground
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Medicate Information Resources Joe Pozdol, MLIS Norris Medical Library pozdol@usc.edu

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Learning Goals To comprehend the size of wellbeing data accessible today To have the capacity to group inquiries as foundation or frontal area To comprehend the contrasts between essential, optional, and tertiary assets To have the capacity to decide extreme inquiries and arrange them by medication data sort To have the capacity to utilize Drug Facts and Comparisons, Epocrates , Lexi - Comp, Micromedex , and Clinical Pharmacology

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The Growth of Medical Information ?? Listed Citations Added to MEDLINE (i.e. PubMed) by Fiscal Year U.S. National Library of Medicine. National Institutes of Health. Investigated 25 March 2009. http://www.nlm.nih.gov/bsd/details/cit_added.html#1

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How can one explore the data over-burden without getting overpowered and befuddled?

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Partner Introductions

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Pair Activity: Assessing What You Already Know For a medication data address, which would you counsel? List a star and a con for every asset. Diary Textbook

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Background v. Closer view Questions

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Background Questions Question is wide in extension Answer is general learning in field Can best be tended to with tertiary assets E.g. Is a medication accessible in the U.S.? What is a medication\'s component of activity? At the point when is a medication contraindicated?

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Foreground Questions Question is restricted in degree Answer may require inspecting new or clashing confirmation Can best be tended to with auxiliary and essential resources E.g. How powerful is another medication when contrasted with medications that are as of now available? Are there clinical trials supporting an off-mark utilization of a medication in a particular populace?

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Resource Types: Primary Secondary Tertiary

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Primary Resources Scientific diaries Provide unique reviews or reports E.g. Clinical trial, case arrangement, case report Good for closer view questions Scope is restricted Good when theme is new or new information has been distributed

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Primary Resources Pros: Most ebb and flow confirm Provide information on new medications Can by and by evaluate legitimacy of studies Cons: May not lead one to best choice due to constrained extension Data can be poor or disputable Every examine has constraints Too complex for patients

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Secondary Resources Bibliographic databases that give edited compositions or full-content of studies Good for frontal area questions

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Secondary Resources Pros: Can build inquiries to discover particular data at high granularity Cons: Often require more ability to use than essential or tertiary assets Retrieved references must be sifted for quality Must find assets before searching for answers Too complex for patients

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Tertiary Resources Compilations of learning in the field E.g. Reading material, handbooks, online medication compendia Good for foundation questions Scope is expansive

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Tertiary Resources Pros: Provide far reaching data Information reflects perspectives of different specialists in field Fast, simple to utilize, and might be useful for patients Cons: Usually no less than 2 years obsolete by production High reliance on elucidation of authors** **Pharmacists can address this by counseling at any rate 2 tertiary assets to discover substantiating data

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When attempting to answer a clinical question, the best technique is regularly to counsel assets in the accompanying request: Tertiary, Secondary, Primary Tertiary assets are great when: The reply to a question is essential authentic learning in the field The question was contemplated widely and a conclusion was made Many specialists have tended to the question and concede to answer Secondary and essential assets are great when: A question is new and has never been examined There is no accord among specialists; different sentiments proliferate There is clashing confirmation and the question needs additionally think about

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Resource Table

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Determining the Ultimate Question 44 y.o . male High circulatory strain Rx ACE inhibitor Develops dry hack Real Estate Agent Last Dec. Extreme Question: Is hack a symptom of ACE inhibitors? Address Type: Background Resource Type: Tertiary Major Concepts (i.e. look terms): ACE inhibitors, symptoms, hack

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Categorizing the Ultimate Question **Adverse impacts Availability Compatibility/solidness Compounding **Dosing/organization **Drug communication Herbal Identification Pharmacokinetics Pharmacology Poisoning/toxicology Pregnancy/lactation **Therapeutic utilize **Especially pertinent for Medication Therapy Review task

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Pair Activity List 3 realities about Ambien ( Zolpidem Tartrate ) OR Insomnia

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Drug Facts and Comparisons Search for data about Ambien ( Zolpidem Tartrate ) www.usc.edu/nml

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Pair Activity List 3 truths about Proventil ( Albuterol Sulfate) OR Asthma

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Epocrates Search for data about Proventil ( Albuterol Sulfate) www.usc.edu/nml

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Pair Activity List 3 actualities about Zoloft ( Sertraline Hydrochloride) OR Depression

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Lexi - Comp Search for data about Zoloft ( Sertraline Hydrochloride) www.usc.edu/nml

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Pair Activity List 3 certainties about Aricept ( Donepezil Hydrochloride) OR Dementia

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Micromedex Search for data about Aricept ( Donepezil Hydrochloride) www.usc.edu/nml

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Pair Activity List 3 actualities about Zyrtec ( Cetirizine Hydrochloride) OR Allergies

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Clinical Pharmacology Search for data about Zyrtec ( Cetirizine Hydrochloride) www.usc.edu/nml

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Topic Recap Excess of Medical Info Background v. Closer view Tertiary, Secondary, Primary Ultimate Questions Drug Facts and Comparisons Epocrates Lexi - Comp Micromedex Clinical Pharmacology

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The Big Picture Obtain foundation data/comprehend setting Determine extreme question Select and inquiry proper assets Evaluate and examine data discovered Draw conclusion and detail reaction Addressing a Drug Info Need

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Medication Therapy Review Assignment References used to bolster proposal: Due Dec. 4 WRONG Student 1 Google Wikipedia RIGHT Student 2 Drug Facts and Comparisons Lexi - Comp

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Please round out an assessment: Class: Drug Info Resources Date: 9/11/09 Instructor: Joe Pozdol

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