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To dispense with duplication obviously content in profession and specialized coursework at the postsecondary level ... Specialized/Career Diploma: Cumulative GPA of 3.2 on a 4.0 scale. ...
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Druid Hills High School SENIOR SEMINAR & JUNIOR JARGON 11 th and twelfth GRADE MEETING

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DHHS Guidance Department Rebecca England (A-C) (678) 874-6327 Rebecca_M_England@fc.dekalb.k12.ga.us Darryl Robinson (D-Kh) (678) 874-6328 Darryl_D_Robinson@fc.dekalb.k12.ga.us Shelley Staton (Ki-Re) (678) 874-6324 Shelley_V_Staton@fc.dekalb.k12.ga.us Maura Pannier (Rf-Z) (678) 874-6330 Maura_L_Pannier@fc.dekalb.k12.ga.us Melissa Perlmutter (Graduation Coach) Susan Buchanan (Secretary) (678) 874-6332 Lillian Frith (Registrar) (678) 874-6306

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Druid Hills High School Guidance data that will be secured: Graduation prerequisites College Planning College Application Procedures HOPE Scholarship College Fair Dates Financial Aid Web destinations

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Graduating from High School Students are enthusiastic to move on from secondary school and proceed onward to the following a portion of their lives. To graduate, understudies in Georgia must: Select a project of concentrate Successfully finish the required secondary school coursework Pass the Georgia High School Graduation Tests Satisfy participation necessities

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Programs of Study for Seniors Students may look over the accompanying projects of study. Kind of Program of Study Units College Preparatory (CP) 24 College Preparatory with Specialization (CP) 24 Math/Science (CP)24 Technology Career (CP)24 Humanities (CP)24 Technology/Career Preparatory (TC) 24 *Honors and Distinction (CP) 24 *Must take three years of the same World Language 3.0 center CPA is required ( All Academic classes and World Language) 3.5 combined GPA required

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Program of Study

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Programs of Study for Juniors Students may browse the accompanying projects of study. Sort of Program of Study Units College Preparatory Seal (CP) 24 Technology/Career Preparatory Seal(TC) 24 *Honors and Distinction Seal (CP) 24 *Must take three years of the same World Language 3.0 center CPA is required ( All Academic classes and World Language) 3.5 total GPA required

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Junior Program of Study

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What happens on the off chance that I don\'t breeze through the High School Graduation Tests? Understudies who don\'t finish every one of the tests yet have met all other graduation necessities might be qualified for a secondary school declaration of execution. Such understudies can come back to retake the test(s) as regularly as they wish keeping in mind the end goal to meet all requirements for a secondary school confirmation.

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BOARD POLICY GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS – 2002-2003+ High School Courses For understudies who enter the ninth grade in the 2004-2005 school year and from that point, at least 24 units in evaluations nine through twelve must be finished palatably with a specific end goal to meet the necessities for graduation. Science Curriculum Requirements To enhance arithmetic educational programs open doors for all understudies who go to a DeKalb County School, the region will give benchmarks based, variable based math rich, hands-on science direction to all understudies, PK - 12. The accompanying are educational modules necessities for all understudies, compelling starting with the 2004-2005 school year. The organization should give support as expected to understudy achievement. Backing will incorporate guaranteeing evenhanded access to projects and administrations as required for understudies to effectively finish the educational programs prerequisites. (e.g., As world dialects are required for secondary school graduation, those understudies who don\'t as of now have admittance to the system or course in their appointed center or secondary school will be offered those administrations later on and, then, through different choices, for example, separation adapting.) Also, the organization and other staff will distinguish understudies who require extraordinary backing (i.e., test scores underneath grade level) and give access to speeding up through projects, for example, summer school, augmented day, thus on for additional time on undertaking as a component of a wellbeing net to guarantee accomplishment for all understudies. Secondary School (Grades Nine through Twelve) • All understudies will take an interest in four credits of science guideline . To meet this prerequisite, understudies will take part in more elevated amount arithmetic courses, for example, geometry, polynomial math II, trigonometry, and pre-analytics or math. • Courses will be added to the educational modules to give understudies the chance to take an interest in cutting edge level arithmetic.

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College Planning and College Application Procedures Checklist for senior arranging Early Admission versus Early Decision Campus Visits Applying to Schools Essay Writing Testing Letter of Recommendations

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Senior College Planning September Review graduation prerequisites and GPA. Finish the rundown of universities/exchange schools to which you need to apply. Listen to declaration and check your FirstClass Email Accounts for school and exchange school agents who will visit. Join to take the ACT or SAT in the event that you have not done as such or on the off chance that you have not accomplished the score you wish. Go to forthcoming school fairs on the off chance that you have not chose a school/exchange school. Begin get ready for the application procedure by finishing your senior data sheet and asking for indexes and applications.

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Senior College Planning October Attend up and coming school fairs in the event that you have not chose a school/exchange school. Demand suggestions and give educators and advisors the structures. Record early-activity and early-choice applications. If not having any significant bearing early, document applications for schools with early due dates. Round out a solicitation for transcript structure in the Guidance office. In the event that you haven\'t as of now went by universities/exchange schools, exploit up and coming occasions to do as such.

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Senior College Planning November Begin to research grants. Check the DHHS Website, grant scratch pad, and extra grant sites. Compose and clean any required articles. December Take the SAT Subject Area Test if its required by your college.   Deadline is 12/3/10 for Counseling staff to get applications with January due dates

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College Planning January Begin to chip away at your money related guide frames after you and your folks register your individual wage tax documents. Make certain that all structures, suggestions, and test scores are on record at the organizations to which you\'d like to be considered for confirmation. Keep on watching for neighborhood grants.

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College Planning February Send mid-year grade reports to school/exchange school that have asked for them. Keep your evaluations up. School acknowledgment is just contingent and in light of proceeded with great execution. Ensure that you have presented the monetary guide shape that your school requires.

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College Planning March-April Will begin getting acknowledgment letters from universities Review school/exchange school acknowledgment and think about money related guide offers.   Decide which school to go to, send in your store May Take preferred standpoint of the introduction and enlistment program at the nearby Community Colleges on the off chance that you plan to attend   Fill out the fitting structure with the Guidance secretary to have your last transcript sent to the school/exchange school you plan to go to next fall. Illuminate all schools which acknowledged you regardless of whether you plan to go to. You might need to exchange to one of alternate schools at a later time.

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Early Action versus Early Decision

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Early Decision Early choice arrangements permit you to apply early (for the most part in November) and get an affirmation choice from the school well ahead of time of the typical warning date.

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But there is a catch!!! Early choice arrangements are "binding," which means in the event that you apply as an early choice hopeful, you consent to go to the school on the off chance that it acknowledges you and offers a sufficient budgetary guide bundle. In spite of the fact that you can apply to stand out school for early choice, you may apply to different universities under standard affirmation. In case you\'re acknowledged by your first-decision school early, you should pull back every single other application. For the most part, schools demand a nonrefundable store well before May 1.

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Early Action Early activity arrangements are like early choice arrangements in that you can learn right on time in the confirmation cycle (as a rule in January or February) whether a school has acknowledged you. Be that as it may, dissimilar to early choice, most early activity arrangements are not official, which means you don\'t need to focus on a school to which you\'ve connected for early activity. Under these arrangements, you may apply to different universities. For the most part, you can tell the school of your choice in the late spring or at whatever point you\'ve chosen.

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Should I Apply Under One of These Plans?

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You ought to apply under an early choice or activity arrange just in the event that you are, certain of the school you need to go to. These arrangements bode well on the off chance that one school is your reasonable inclination and if your profile nearly coordinates that of the understudies at that school. Try not to apply under an early choice or activity arrangement on the off chance that you plan to measure offers and money related guide bundles from a few schools later in the spring. Additionally, you shouldn\'t make a difference early on the off chance that it is further bolstering your good fortune to have a greater amount of your senior year work to demonstrate a school. On the off chance that you plan to charm an affirmation office with your phenomenal evaluations this year, you might need to hold up until after the semester finishes to apply to schools.

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Don\'t Rush Your Decision Many universities expect your ultimate conclusion by May first, so you have around one month to decide. It\'s justifiable in case you\'re enticed to settle on an on the spot choice, just to end the instability and get the entire procedure over with. Be that as it may, attempt to keep your choices open on the off chance that conditions change (e.g. your folks choose to request your money related guide bundle or you choose to change your proposed major). Choose and Reply Once you\'ve settled on a choice, send in your acknowledgment letter. Bear in mind to illuminate the greater part of the schools that offered you affirmation of your last decision.

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