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Chief, OTIA Broadcast Division. Walk 19, 2007. National Telecommunications and ... RF (F connector) Output: RF & Composite (3 RCA plugs) Remote Control ...
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DTV CONVERTER COUPON PROGRAM PUBLIC MEETING ON THE FINAL RULE Bernadette McGuire-Rivera OTIA Associate Administrator Anita Wallgren Program Director Anthony Wilhelm Director, Consumer Education & Public Information William Cooperman Director, OTIA Broadcast Division March 19, 2007 National Telecommunications and Information Administration U.S. Division of Commerce

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Key Staff Contacts Anita Wallgren Retailers Manufacturers Program Operations Tony Wilhelm Consumers Partners Public Outreach Bill Cooperman Converter Specifications

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RFP Questions? It would be ideal if you hold until Bidder\'s Conference Contact Diane Trice, NOAA 301-713-0838 x 102

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The Digital Transition Is Underway … Over-the-air buyers have numerous options: Subscribe to link, satellite, or other pay TV administration Buy new advanced TV Purchase a converter What is the converter coupon program?

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Coupon Program Basics (con\'t) Eligibility All family units may get coupons while the underlying subsidizing of $990M is accessible If unforeseen assets ($510M) are vital, those assets will go just to over-the-air families

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Coupon Program Basics (con\'t) Coupon Value and Use Restrictions Worth $40 Up to 2 might be asked for per family Cannot be joined toward buy of single converter Cannot be utilized for items other than qualified converters Electronically trackable Expire following 90 days

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Coupon Program Basics (con\'t) Application Process Law obliges buyers to demand Asking for information important to finish demand Name Address Number of coupons

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Coupon Program Basics (con\'t) Application Process Applications will be broadly accessible Can ask for on the web, via telephone, by means of fax or through the mail Law requires coupons be sent to families by means of U.S. Postal Service without toll contact focus and site

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Consumer Education Strategy Focus on family units well on the way to lose TV administration: Rural families Minority occupants Seniors Economically distraught Disability people group Focus on the converter and the Coupon Program

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Consumer Education Strategy (con\'t) Develop clear message and utilize reliably in the media Develop associations with gatherings who can achieve target populaces

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Consumer Education Strategy (con\'t) Encourage expansive intentional support PSAs to cover the country and bring issues to light Earned media Information at purpose of offer to settle on buyers mindful of their decisions Work intimately with the DTV Transition Coalition and different partners

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Consumer Education Next Steps NTIA to hold consistent open gatherings to look for information and advise the general population Partnership open doors – please call 202-482-6260

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Retail Stores Retailers are pivotal to program achievement Store front and online CE retailers Certification will facilitate coupon recovery and minimize waste, misrepresentation and misuse

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Retail Stores (con\'t) Stores will stock converters as they see fit Database will Authenticate coupon Match against affirmed converter Initiate installment to retail location Track coupon stock Retailers will prepare representatives

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Retail Stores (con\'t) To take an interest: In CE retail business for no less than one year Central Contract Registration Redeem electronically trackable coupons and give information required by NTIA Cooperate with reviews

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Converters NTIA\'s details apply to coupon program just Manufacturer may plan and assemble items not for use with coupon that incorporate D-A change Today\'s cutting edge innovation ought to guarantee great execution easily

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Converters (con\'t) Minimum Requirements Technical Appendix 1 Based on joint proposal of purchaser hardware industry and telecasters Permitted highlights – in Technical Appendix 2 Disqualifying components - in Technical Appendix 2

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Converters (con\'t) NTIA will endorse every make and model to be offered for buy with coupon Manufacturers will individual test to guarantee consistence with prerequisites Submit test results and 2 converters to NTIA for audit FCC may test if asked for by NTIA will tell makers and info item information to database for retail locations

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Required Features All station tuner 2–69 Display all DTV designs Display all multicast stations Display program data (PSIP) Input: RF (F connector) Output: RF & Composite (3 RCA plugs) Remote Control Energy Standards

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Permitted Features Smart reception apparatus input Program guides Analog go through BTSC stereo in RF yield Automatic programming redesigns Programmable remote control Battery worked converter boxes Meet ENERGY STAR measures

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Disqualifying Features Integrated video shows No TVs or screens Audio/video recording or playback No DVD, VCR. HDDVD, BlueRay Digital yields No HDMI, DVI, VGA Sale molded on buy of another thing

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Conclusion To take in more about the advanced TV move, visit:

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Conclusion QUESTIONS? COUPONINFO @NTIA.DOC.GOV Thank you for your enthusiasm for raising buyer mindfulness about the DTV Converter Program

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