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Slithers, kills and news tickers. 30 moment TV program. 100 ... Figures avoid impressions produced by news scope. All out responsibility = $697,455,000 ...
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DTV Transition Converter Box Coupon Program January 1, 2008: NTIA will start taking requests for $40 coupons toward the buy of ensured converter boxes Two coupons accessible per family unit Coupons may not be "packaged" – every coupon can be utilized toward one box Coupons terminate following 90 days

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DTV Transition A LG Electronics advanced to-simple converter box 1.8" 6.4" 8.5"

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DTV Transition Converter Box Coupon Program "Open accessibility" – no methods testing Enough to support 37 million coupons 69 million simple sets are at present utilized for TV $1.5 billion allotment: First $990 million to any family unit that applies Last $510 million to show just families Certified boxes must be fundamental Limited unique components on coupon-qualified boxes

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DTV Transition Converter Box Coupon Program Applications start January 1, 2008 By telephone (1-888-DTV-2009) Web webpage ( Mail (applications will be accessible at U.S. Post Offices)

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DTV Transition Converter Box Coupon Program Coupon Distribution Two weeks to process applications With coupons, buyers get rundown of neighborhood retailers , web retailers, and lists tolerating the coupon Coupons not dispersed until retailers are taking an interest here 90 day lapse endless supply of coupon

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DTV Transition Coupon Program Converter Box Certifications Digital Stream (Two models) LG Electronics (One Zenith model, one for a retailer brand) Retailer Certifications 48 retailers affirmed – for the most part littler stores No "enormous box" stores starting 12/03/07

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DTV Transition Coupon Program Challenges Consumers can apply for coupons beginning January 1, yet… Boxes won\'t be prepared for buy in numerous business sectors Retailers don\'t need affirmation to meddle with occasion offering season Manufacturers won\'t start creation until they have orders from retailers NTIA will take orders for coupons, yet not convey coupons until retailers place boxes on racks Broadcasters won\'t push converter boxes until they\'re accessible for buy to keep away from perplexity

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DTV Transition Other Challenges Best Buy: Won\'t offer boxes with coupons until April, 2008 Radio Shack: 7,400 stores yet no dedication by date Wal-Mart: Rumor is they\'ll take an interest starting 2/17/08  Converter box accessibility will change from business sector to advertise

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DTV Transition Solution: Market by business sector approach Spots: NAB will disseminate spots advancing coupon choice starting February, 2008 NAB will work with NTIA to inform stations when converter boxes are accessible at nearby retailers Stations: Should join forces with ensured retailers for supported DTV activity spots

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DTV Transition Other Challenges: FCC Draft Mandate FCC Chairman Kevin Martin has proposed another direction on telecasters that orders the airing of spots. November 2007 – March 31, 2008: 4 PSAs for every day, with one PSA and one slither in every 6-hour daypart PSAs of no less than 15 seconds in term; creeps of no less than 60 seconds long

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DTV Transition FCC Draft Mandate April 1, 2008 – September 30, 2008: 8 PSAs and slithers for each day 2 PSAs and slithers in every 6-hour daypart October 1, 2008 – March 31, 2009: 12 PSAs and creeps for every day 3 PSAs and creeps in every 6-hour daypart

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DTV Transition Other FCC Mandate Requirements Language: Information must be in same dialect as the larger part of programming on the station Promote Gov\'t Web locales: Crawls must allude to the Feb. 17 date and allude viewers to the important government Web locales for additional data Content: PSAs need to advise viewers what they should do to continue getting TV and must incorporate subtle elements of the specific station airing the PSA

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DTV Transition Broadcaster Commitment October 15 Press Conference Broadcasters $697 million media arrangement Independent office, Starcomm Mediavest examination of Broadcaster arrangements 1195 TV slots submitted

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DTV Transition Broadcasters confer $697m to purchaser instruction at October 15 question and answer session.

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DTV Transition 98,000,000,000 impressions through: DTV Action Spots Crawls, kills and news tickers 30 minute TV program 100 day "Commencement Clock" Grassroots activities Figures avoid impressions created by news scope Total duty = $697,455,000

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DTV Transition "Nearby telecasters merit a stacking of recognition for their great work in educating Americans regarding the coming move to advanced TV." Reps. Joe Barton (R-TX) and Fred Upton (R-Mich.) in joint articulation, October 15, 2007 "I hail the telecast business for advancing a solid push to instruct Americans about the move to computerized TV through an exhaustive battle that incorporates Spanish-dialect open administration declarations." Rep Hilda Solis (D-Calif.)

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