Duplication and Printing Guidelines .

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Duplication and Printing Rules. Fall 2007. Colleagues. Joel Chapman Wellness/Wellbeing Pro Laura Lagerhausen Bookkeeping Associate Cynthia Letteri ( Advanced Sick.) Reference Administrator Laura Join ( Copyist) Workforce Secretary, Building E Mike Rice Grounds Wellbeing/Security
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´╗┐Duplication and Printing Guidelines Fall 2007

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Team Members Joel Chapman Fitness/Wellness Specialist Laura Lagerhausen Accounting Assistant Cynthia Letteri ( Digital Ill.) Reference Librarian Laura Link ( Scribe) Faculty Secretary, Building E Mike Rice Campus Safety/Security Stephanie Stoklosa Lead Duplication Center Spec. Allen Vaughn ( Team Leader) Project Analyst

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Steering Committee Sponsors Jim Batson Associate Director of Computing Services Cathie Scherman Director of Bookstore

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Project Statement To enhance the printing and copying process as measured by Containing costs Recommending more compelling utilization of yield gadgets

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Frequently Used Terms Blueprint: Software on individual workstations that screens print use Consumables: Ink, toner or other routinely essential supplies other than paper, utilized as a part of printing Images: Each side of each printed or copied page is viewed as an Image.

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Frequently Used Terms (cont) MFD: Multi-work gadget (Canon) gives printing, duplicating and checking highlights. These gadgets incorporate departmental and the duplication focus units Output Device: Any printing or copying gadget that creates a paper yield, for example, singular printer, organize workgroup printer or MFD Personal/Network Printer : Black and white laser printer Pharos: Print administration framework (right now not being used)

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Question ? Will you think about the amount it expenses to print the "Proposals" page before each of you?

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12 5 1.5 Answer ! Pennies per page Print A Print B Print C

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Action Project Report Overview Primary AQIP Category Supporting Institutional Operations Related 1000 Acre Field Improve institutional basic leadership Related MCC Strategic Direction Improve frameworks and procedures

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Action Project Report Overview (cont) Rationale Cost funds and enhanced assets usage Areas Affected Duplication Center Information Technology All representatives Processes Affected Any procedure that requires printing or duplication

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Action Project Report Overview (cont) Process Measures Redirect 3% of the printing volume from individual printers to MFDs Estimated $10,000 yearly reserve funds Reduce number of individual printers Attrition Creation of successful printer obtaining arrangement Goal of 10% lessening in first year

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Outcome Measures Reduction being used as well as cost of individual printer consumables Maximize utilization of MFDs Measure proportion of pages imprinted on each class of yield gadget after some time

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Performance Targets Phase 1 Inform organization of looming change Phase 2 Review month to month yield sums Annual audit of aggregate amounts grounds wide

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Performance Targets (cont) Phase 3 Educate clients on a proceeding with premise Establish printer securing process Monitor printer yield and printer inventories Report month to month yield insights Report yearly printer stock Review insights every year and alter as fundamental

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Keeping Focus New worker introduction MFD preparing Maintain a print bookkeeping instrument for all printing gadgets Monthly reports with administration oversight

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Current Process McHenry County College does not have a school wide duplication handle Some of the divisions have made methods particular for their region Extensive insights and reports are accessible for MFDs yet not for other yield gadgets

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Analysis: Current Situation No foundation wide strategy, methodology or rules for: Printing and copying Purchase of individual or workgroup printers Some institutional examination identified with MFDs is performed Analysis is not fixing to the continuous stock of individual or workgroup printers

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Analysis: Current Situation (cont) Benchmarking data was requested from the accompanying: Elgin Community College, College of Lake County, Joliet Junior College & Waubonsee Community College Did not have a composed approach or techniques manual for printing or replicating College of DuPage & Harper College Complete sites posting administrations, hours, evaluating, and so on. Kankakee Community College Media Policies & Procedures manual

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Analysis: Current Situation (cont) Conclusions Gathered data fluctuated broadly by source in volume yet not content Services and expenses at MCC fell well inside the standard when contrasted with the arrangement of data from these schools

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Analysis: Expert Advice-Len Walker Former Director, Office of Marketing and Public Relations Concerns based on: Cost of individual printers versus MFDs Current announcing Responsible arranging

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Analysis: Expert Advice-Stephanie Stoklosa Duplication Center Specialist Focused on enhancing profitability of the Duplication Center by Reduce squander and pointless printing Better wanting to permit more opportunity for employments to be finished Inform the Duplication Center of MFD breakdowns

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Analysis: Advice-Stephanie Stoklosa (cont) Use best practices to enhance proficiency and limit squander Proofread and consent to copyright laws Consult with the Duplication Center for: Large occupations, transparencies and best practices Consult workforce secretaries for best printing practices or contact Duplication Center for preparing Don\'t leave sticks in hardware or endeavor to evacuate jams with an instrument

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Analysis: Expert Advice-Donald Quirk Director, Office of Institutional Research & Planning Based on the group\'s learning, Donald exhorted that an overview was superfluous Existing data is satisfactory

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Analysis: Expert Advice-Dave Penoyer Director, Business Services Repairs and support expenses are a piece of the agreement, not extra consumptions. Current contract has a level 7 million pictures for every year Overages are charged at a small amount of the arranged per picture cost

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Analysis: Cost Chart

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Analysis: Stacked Bar

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Analysis: Ishikawa

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Analysis: Relation Diagram

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Analysis: Pareto Chart

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Analysis: Stacked Bar

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Analysis Stacked Bar

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Analysis: Force Field Analysis

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Analysis: Check Sheet 1 = Best choice

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Improvement Theory Over 350 printers right now being used on grounds About portion of these printers are littler, which are all the more exorbitant to work Reduce the quantity of these printers Redirect the greatest number of imaged pages to the most cost productive gadget Minimize Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

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Improvement Plan Establish, impart and uphold an arrangement of best practices for printing and duplication. These practices ought to be connected to all offices and divisions over all grounds. Deviation from these practices ought to be taken care of on a special case premise with satisfactory administration oversight

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Improvement Plan (cont) Establish and keep up a yearly printer stock covering all grounds. This printer stock will be one of the devices that will help us to break down the present and future printing requirements for the foundation. It will be instrumental in the basic leadership handle with regards to contracting for future replicating and printing administrations

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Improvement Plan (cont) Establish, impart and implement a printer securing process As a methods for predictable assessment of specialized and business requirements for most ideal mix of effectiveness and aggregate cost administration. Process ought to be synchronized with the financial plan, with new and substitution hardware, and with the yearly printer stock procedures.

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Improvement Plan (cont) Implementation of the three things above ought to bring about: Increased utilization of multi-capacity gadgets and diminished utilization of littler individual printers Overall yearly cost reserve funds of $10,000 on printing consumables Significant time investment funds on direct to bigger print occupations Reduce the quantity of high operational cost individual printers by 10% in the main year Estimated cost investment funds of $5000-$10,000.

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Recommendations Inform Communicate with all partners up and coming changes identified with this Action Team\'s proposals Educate Create video, rules, updates; introduce at introductions, workshops; give MFD preparing Act Establish new printer securing process Monitor Collect information on all yield gadgets Report Provide month to month utilization report of all yield gadgets Review Usage by volume and gadget number of printing gadgets on a yearly premise

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Gantt Chart

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Questions ? Fall 2007

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