Dutch and Danish urban groups.

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Cycling/strolling is ok for youthful (~12y) and unpracticed ... Cycle preparing, safe cycle stopping, and so on. Transport lanes..more proficient. Perilous intersections ...
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Rulers Heath… reconstructing the group David Kinshuck & Gary Fellman DK formally Pushbikes Campaigns, ophthalmologist treating diabetic retinopathy GF Project Manager

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Dutch & Danish urban groups ~50% of voyages incorporate cycling All different trips incorporate strolling Cycling/strolling is alright for youthful (~12y) and unpracticed 10-20 mph limits on all streets Cycle preparing, safe cycle stopping, and so forth Bus lanes..more effective Dangerous intersections tended to

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Such urban groups accomplish… ~100% strolling & cycling & transport utilize 30% less road wrongdoing 25% less heftiness/diabetes 30% less medication use/sorrow 10% more noteworthy scholastic accomplishment Everyone knows & regards their neighbors shop locally & use nearby offices

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10-20mph points of confinement on all KH streets Cycle stopping at transport stops and so on Cycle preparing

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Less auto use Local offices carrots 10-20mph breaking points on all KH streets Cycle stopping at transport stops and so on Cycle preparing Bus paths sticks Fewer uber shops

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Dangers are the primary cleanser A RAF Tornado pilot… " Cycling through Birmingham is significantly more alarming than flying a Tornado Jet"

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Change in society Road building… Council £££ Cameras, restricted street sections, (bumps?) Need nearby backing 66% need moderate speeds (own street!) Speeds are ease back as of now Have to utilize auto less… numerous will need to change… 25 years to change Bus benefit more productive

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Support Residents… to bolster ways to deal with city Council People to help Business/associations to bolster approaches somewhat budgetary backing from organizations … more charming neighborhood, more occupations/venture

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