Dutch Caribbean-St. Eustatius (Statia).

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Dutch Caribbean-St. Eustatius (Statia) Area Political change and future Venture Island Truths Area Statia Dutch Caribbean St. Maarten St. Bart's
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Dutch Caribbean-St. Eustatius (Statia) Location Political change and future Investment Island Facts

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Location Statia

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Dutch Caribbean St. Maarten St. Bart’s Statia; situated North of St. Kitts and 13 minutes via plane from St. Maarten, arrangements are set up to grow the airplane terminal from 4265’ x 100’ by an extra 1000’ (304.8 m) long

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St. Eustatius - Statia Property 2 Location ¼ section of land Property 1 Location 143 sections of land

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Political Change and Future Investment Statia is taking after a comparative political model as St. Barts in picking closer ties with its European guardian. These closer ties will recognize Statia as a district of the Netherlands and in this manner permit the occupants to vote in Both Dutch and European decisions. Its is generally felt that with closer ties the nearby money will likewise inevitably change to the Euro much as it has in St. Barts, French Guadeloupe and the vast majority of the part conditions of the European Union. The Currency of Statia is as of now the Netherlands Antilles Guilder. This money is viewed as a local cash and has no Real exchanging esteem globally. Most land on the island is presently being recorded in $USD yet Euros will soon be the standard. With the direct Dutch principle a typical money in all cases bodes well. as of March 2009, here’s the trade rates for the 3 most normal coinage exchanged on close-by islands 1 Euro = $ 1.26 US 1 US = 1.79 ANG Guilders 1 Euro = 2.25 ANG guilders

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Island Facts Communications You can reach the whole world from this small speck in the Caribbean. Statia appreciates a cutting-edge correspondence framework. Administrations are given by the St. Eustatius Telephone co. also, incorporate GSM Cellulare Service, Wireless/DSL Internet administration and International Direct dialing Airport Statia\'s airplane terminal is FD Roosevelt (EUX), its overhauled through flights from SXM global. Arrangements are to grow the strip from its current 4265’ x 100’ by another 1000’ (304.8 m) long this will take into account plane travel direct to the island Electricity The voltage is 110 A.C. 60 cycles. 220 voltage A.C. won\'t work without a transformer. Fittings have a tendency to be two level prongs. Therapeutic administrations The island has an amazing standard of medicinal services at the Queen Beatrix Hospital with two specialists on 24-hour call. Postal Services Statia has an effective postal administration and universal messenger administrations as UPS and DHL likewise benefit the island Taxes THERE ARE NO PROPERTY TAXES ON THE ISLAND Water The water here is sheltered to drink, rooftop top gathered water is utilized for showering . There is additionally a desalinization plant on the island with water supply conveyance.

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Summary Statia is 30 minutes from St. Thomas, 45 minutes from San Juan (Puerto Rico) International and 8 hours from western Europe Statia is to turn into a direct controlled district of Holland per article 134 of the Dutch Constitution Direct govern will expand the way of life and drive property costs up with the alteration in money There are no property taxes!!!! A steady government guarantees speculation insurance English Speaking Great climate year round

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The Quill – wiped out fountain of liquid magma with downpour woods Zeelandia Beach Inside the downpour backwoods Fort Oranje Dutch Fort – sitting above St. Kitts Beach Front – close Oranjestad (capital) Marine Park

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Caribbean Retirement P

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