Duval Province Government funded Schools and College of Florida.

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Florida Teacher Certification Elementary Education K-6 Subject Area Exam ... FCCJ Test Prep for Elementary Education K-6 Subject Area Exam. Nonstop backing and ...
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Duval County Public Schools & University of Florida Elementary Education Apprenticeship Program

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Background Transition to Teaching Grant, Alternative Certification Duval County Public Schools & UF Partnership Teacher arrangement for high destitution schools Title I schools One year apprenticeship, pay & coursework Martin Luther King and Long Branch Elementary Schools

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Program One year apprenticeship Preplanning 8/13/07 through Post-arranging 6/10/07 Summer course through June Martin Luther King and Long Branch Elementary Schools Hourly Contract around $13 hr for 35hrs (Not intelligent of the hours you really work. You will be relied upon to take after the educator plan) No advantages (not paid for occasions, and so forth.) 15 credits of graduate coursework Offered nearby, not in Gainesville Opportunity for a graduate degree

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DCPS Lastinger Apprenticeship Elementary Education Grades K-6 Fall Semester RED 5355 Teaching Reading in the Elementary School EDE 6266 Teaching & Learning in Elementary Classrooms Spring Semester EDE 6459 Guided Inquiry in Elementary Education EDE 6225 Practices in Childhood Education Summer Semester EDG 6211 Learning Theory & Assessment

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DCPS Lastinger Apprenticeship Elementary Education Grades K-6 Professional Preparation Coursework Electronic Portfolio Defense Required Tests GK (Passing scores on CLAST taken preceding July 1, 2001 is acknowledged) Florida Teacher Certification Elementary Education K-6 Subject Area Exam Florida Teacher Certification Professional Exam

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DCPS Lastinger Apprenticeship Elementary Education Grades K-6 Resources FCCJ Test Prep for GK FCCJ Test Prep for Elementary Education K-6 Subject Area Exam Continuous backing and supervision from UF Coach

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School Demographics MLK Elementary-508 understudies; 82% free/decreased lunch; 97% African American, "C" School; 17 new instructors (05-06); Reading progress-28%, 38%, 42%, 45%, 52% Long Branch Elementary- 318 understudies; 96% free/ reduced lunch; 96% African American; "C" School; 8 new teachers; Reading progress 30%, 29%, 28%, 34%, 41%

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Insights from the TTT Program Coordinator History Transition to Teaching Grant Role Recruitment and Selection District Liaison-Staffing/Certification/Title I Strengths Ready pool of professionally affirmed new educators Urban experience Struggles Challenges of the Urban Setting

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Insights from the Lastinger Coach Roles and Responsibilities UF-Lastinger Center, disciple mentor, teacher School Sites-give proficient improvement to personnel, request, authority group, composing mentor, mentorship Strengths of Program variety of foundations, roused people, UF & Duval associations and bolster, key support, the schools and their understudies, hands-on entry level positions while getting course work, wiki to stay associated Struggles-high stakes testing environment, tutor/student organizations

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Is this the system for you? Are truly and genuinely dedicated to working in high destitution/high needs schools? How occupied is your life right now?  Can you make this dedication?

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Mentors\' Words of Wisdom The Apprenticeship Program gives you the chance to work in a hands-on situation.  Your hands are effectively connected with toward the starting written work notes as you watch your tutoring teacher.  Next, your hands are occupied with making arrangements for showing lessons yourself. At last, your hands are occupied with grade books, lesson arrangement books, announcement loads up, etc.  Lastly, your hands are an instrument that will touch the life of a child forever.  AMEN

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Insights from the Apprentices Working with youngsters consistently Learning by shadowing, co-educating and going to workshops through the University of Florida Simultaneously attempting to state accreditation inside the year Exploring assortment of showing strategies Learning & instructing at same time Receiving on-going proficient input and backing

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Questions For more data, please contact either: Lissa Dunn dunnl@educationcentral.org Diane Yendol-Hoppey, dyhoppey@coe.ufl.edu

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