Dwight K. Jesseman.

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Home Garden. Compartment Growing. Site Selection. Crop Rotation. Soil Tillage and Root ... Not for Use in Vegetable Gardens. Perused THE LABEL, IT IS THE LAW. Questions ...
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Dwight K. Jesseman St. Johns County Agricultural Agent

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Nematology Basic Principles for Master Gardeners

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Types of Nematodes Plant Parasitic Predatory Entomophagous Free Living Marine

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Plant Parasitic

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Free Living

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Morphology and Anatomy Animals Round Worms Size 0.25mm to 3.0mm Layered Cuticle Vermiform, Globose, Kidney Shaped

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Layered Cuticle

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Kidney Shaped

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Life Cycle and Reproduction Egg - 50 to 500 Four Juvenile Stages Adult Male and Female in Most Species Life Cycle Dependant on Soil Temperatures Move Slowly

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Egg and Juvenile

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Feeding Oral Stylet or Spear Inject Enzymes Digest Cell Contents

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Oral Stylet

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Host-Parasite Relationship Migratory Ectoparasitic Ring, Spiral Migratory Endoparasitic Lesion, Burrowing Sedentary Endoparasitic Root-Knot, Cyst, Reniform, Citrus

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Migratory Ectoparasitic

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Migratory Endoparasitic

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Sedentary Endoparasitic

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Diagnoses Very Difficult at Times Poor Growth Combination of Problems Assay of Soil and/or Plant Tissue Symptoms

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Above-Ground Rarely Sufficient Chlorosis Dieback Melting out Reduced Growth Water Stressed

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Reduced Growth

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Below-Ground Root Galls Root Swellings Abbreviated Root System Root Rot Cyst Nematodes

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Root Galls

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Abbreviated Root System

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Cyst Nematodes

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Field History Gradual Decline Area - Small to Large Rotation of Crops

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Laboratory Assay Soil and Plant Tissue Relative Population Densities Economic Thresholds

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Nematode Management Prevention Crop Rotation Crop Root Destruction Flooding and Fallowing Resistance Biological Control Nematicides

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Home Garden Container Growing Site Selection Crop Rotation Soil Tillage and Root Destruction Amendments Organic Matter Green Manures

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Home Garden Planting Time Nematode - Free Transplants Resistant Varieties Soil Solarization Chemical Control

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Soil Solarization Cover for no less than 4 weeks Well Tilled High Moisture Slightly Raised Beds Crown the Bed

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Soil Solarization Clear Polyethylene Thin Plastic 1 to 2 mil Leave in Place Until Planting Avoid Contaminated Plants or Soil

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Soil Temperatures Tarped Soils 111 to 122 115 - Water Molds 120 - Nematodes 140 - Most Fungi 150 - Most Soil Insects 160 - Most Viruses and Bacteria 170 - Most Weed Seeds

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Ornamentals Site Preparation Treat Soil Fumigation Soil Solarazition Replace Infested Soil Root Barriers

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Ornamentals Nematode-Free Stock Well Adapted Plants Resistant Plants Maintenance Mulches Other Pests Chemical Control

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Turf Biological Controls Resistant Plants Chemical Control Fumigation Before Planting

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Resistance Bahiagrasses - Tolerant of Most Centipedegrasses - Ring, Sting, Sheath St. Augustinegrasses - Sting, Lance Bermudagrasses - Sting, Lance, Stubby Zoysiagrasses - Most nematodes

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Basimid Granular Use Compost Piles Potting Soils Seed and Propagation Beds Soil Media Establishing Turf and Ornamental Sites Not for Use in Vegetable Gardens READ THE LABEL, IT IS THE LAW

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