Dynamic Design – Transforming Measurements Into Learning Lars Thygesen MSIS 2007.

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Dynamic Design – Transforming Insights Into Information Lars Thygesen MSIS 2007 Diagram Why are measurements so exhausting? The Dynamic Design course Some exhibited apparatuses OECD/ECB chip away at Element Representation The Dynamic Illustrations workshop The motivation behind the class
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Dynamic Graphics – Turning Statistics Into Knowledge Lars Thygesen MSIS 2007

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Outline Why are measurements so exhausting? The Dynamic Graphics course Some exhibited instruments OECD/ECB take a shot at Dynamic Graphics

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The Dynamic Graphics workshop The motivation behind the class what is the issue of OECD measurements today? The picture of insights. The perceivability of OECD The class - motivation, cooperation,

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Some exhibited apparatuses Population pyramids Australia (long timwe arrangement) England and Wales (wars) Business Cycle Tracer , play 2000+ Dynamic guide UK GapMinder World (stir up of ideas, absence of metadata) What is Eurostat doing?

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OECD/ECB chip away at Dynamic Graphics ought to be anything but difficult to connect to OECD.Stat SDMX-ML ought to present itself on web Flash & Flex ought to be usable additionally for productions Àpollo and PDF will be exhibited in the SDMX meeting 10-11 May

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Tour Europe The End

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