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2/19/2012. Ranchers. Soooooo numerous agriculturists tripled - More ranchers equivalents more products - More harvests means value brings down in light of the fact that had more than the business sector required - What might you do on the off chance that you had an excess of yields for the U.S. market? . - Right - agriculturists attempted to offer them abroad however different nations were delivering enough nourishment for themselves.
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Farmers - Right - ranchers attempted to offer them abroad yet different nations were creating enough nourishment for themselves Soooooo numerous agriculturists tripled - More agriculturists equivalents more harvests - More yields means value brings down on the grounds that had more than the market required - What might you do on the off chance that you had an excessive number of products for the U.S. showcase? - In the mid 1880\'s 80 pennies a bushel for their wheat - By the 1890\'s they were fortunate to get 71 pennies

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Farmers losing considerably more cash Even however costs were falling their expenses to maintain the business were not Paid same for credits for apparatus Paid same for taking care of and putting away harvests Paid same for delivery their products on the railways Farmers concocted a thought They felt that if Americans purchased remote merchandise then those nations would have more cash to purchase American merchandise 2

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Farmers all together for Americans to purchase outside products that would need to bring down the tariffs(taxes) on outside merchandise Democrats said YES how about we bring down the levies Republicans said NO we should not Republicans won Benjamin Harris got to be president 3

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Grangers and Farmers\' Alliances Farmers chosen in the event that they would get help it must be from themselves Formed a general public called the Grange- - early English word importance cultivate building Formed markets to take out the go betweens A misery in the 1870\'s brought on a lot of this to fizzle and the grange went to pieces When the grange fizzled ranchers began to frame organizations together which would request assistance from the administration 4

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The Populist Party The Farmers\' Alliance made their own gathering to keep running for races Party needed Government to claim and run the rail lines Tax higher wages more than lower earnings Asked for an eight-hour workday Said Senators ought to be chosen by the general population Vote to affirm or object to laws Who might hate the Populist Party? Businessmen hated the interest for an administration takeover Do you recollect the term where the govt claims organizations as opposed to people 5

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Panic of 1893 Depression undermining the US Thousands of organizations fizzled Unemployment took off by 1894 3 million specialists out of an occupation Farmers were harming some needed to leave their homesteads 6

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Recommendation Jacob Coxey an agriculturist in Ohio chose something must be done composed a multitude of unemployed laborers to March on Washington D.C. 1,000 marchers Government needed motivation to capture Coxey on the grounds that he was bringing on a scene and issues so they captured him for… Coxey began a pattern D.C. would see numerous more walks to the Capital to dissent shameful acts 7

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Election of 1896 Nobody needed Cleveland back in light of the fact that they reprimanded him for the gloom Republicans picked William McKinley- - Gold Democrats picked William Jennings Bryan- - Silver Bryan went the nation over giving talks McKinley battled from his entryway patio

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Uncle Sam:- - "See here, Columbia, I need you to send that trick kid away. I don\'t need any "investigations" attempted on me while I am in this condition. Send for McKinley."

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Progressive Goals Muckrakers were a major some portion of the dynamic development uncovered the soil and told the general population Jacob Riis was a mud slinger who expounded on sanitation Ida Tarbell was a mud slinger who expounded on John D. Rockefeller Lincoln Steffens was a mud slinger who revealed political defilement End government debasement and restraining infrastructures Improve conditions in plants and end tyke work Temperance development - end utilization of liquor Women suffrage- - Equality for ladies

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Tweed Ring One of the most degenerate political machines William Marcy Tweed Members of his ring stole $75 million dollars from NY city They made considerably more by tolerating influences They controlled the city board, chairman, judges, and legal counselors Muckrakers uncovered him and he was captured and sent to prison Thomas Nast sketch artist cut him down

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Temperance Movement Some progressives were bothered by neediness and wrongdoing and they reprimanded LIQUOR Called regard for the detestable impacts of liquor 1873 ladies held petition gatherings at cantinas and framed the Women\'s Christian Temperance Union They solicited states to forbid the deal from liquor By 1914, 1/4 of the states had restricted the offer of mixed drinks

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Woman Suffrage Many progressives were suffragists-individuals who bolstered the privilege of ladies to vote If ladies voted they could choose reformers Stanton and Anthony renowned suffragist Seneca Falls Convention in 1848 Wyoming was one of the primary states to give ladies the privilege to vote - look outline pg 351- - Women worked hard to gain the privilege to vote held dissents and walks In 1919 Congress endorsed the nineteenth Ame It was at long last gone in 1920

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African Americans Seek Equality Few progressives appreciated the issues that concerned most dark Americans It was dependent upon African Americans themselves to raise their voices against the shameful acts of isolation and the viciousness of lynching that they confronted in both the North and the South Ida B Wells a mud slinger stood up against the horrendous lynchings that as yet happening - a furious horde destroyed her presses and debilitated her life she basically moved and proceeded with her campaign NAACP- - National Association for the Advancement of Colored People was established by W.E.B. Dubois, Ida B. Wells, and Mary Church Terrell- - Jane Addams participated in their endeavors

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