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Web based Advertising Mechanisms-Banner, Micro-locales, Email crusades and so on ... capacities of fundamental coaching through email, conveyance of substance in content with ...
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E-Commerce It\'s worried with frameworks and business forms that backing - Creation of Information Sources Effective and proficient association among makers, shoppers, delegates and dealers Movement of data on worldwide systems

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Types of e-trade Tangible merchandise Digital products programming, music/sound, content (news, research), pictures, video Services stock exchanges, carrier tickets, protection

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E-Commerce Growth

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E-Commerce Growth

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E-Commerce Growth

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E-Commerce Growth

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Elements of Markets Information Exchange Marketing Contracts & Orders Customer Service Shipments & Payments

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Traditional Vs. Electronic Commerce Information Exchange Electronic Catalogs Online Product/Service points of interest Pricing and Customization Quality Comparisons and elements data Shipping Modes and Payment terms Contract and Order Customized Product Specs, Quantity, Price, rebates Final Payment, Delivery and Service Options Shipping and Payment Exchange of Values Digital Product or Service conveyance over the net Tangible items conveyance tie up with outsider Payment Options-Credit Card, Digital Money, Cash-on-conveyance

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Contd.. Client Service Direct reach to client criticism Updates to Customers on more up to date elements and forms Quick following and reviewing of issues Marketing Internet based Advertising Mechanisms-Banner, Micro-locales, Email battles and so on. Information Generated utilizing client criticism, bolster, taps on elements, highlight choices, and exchanges can be utilized for enhanced item offerings

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Electronic Commerce: Benefits Global Distribution of Information Expands the Market Reach-past Geographic limits Small Business can likewise get to worldwide commercial center Amazon.com, Ebay.com, BaZee.com Saves on Cost of Printing Information pamphlet and Catalogs JC Penny and Sears Everyone gets to the most recent variant of item, index, data HP, Cannon and so forth can give download to driver programming sparing Efficient and snappy conveyance of data needs of clients Federal Express-Customer can track status of a shipment IndianRailways.com – Customer check seat accessibility, trains courses, reserve a spot online

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Traditional Model

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Manufacturer Wholesaler Retailer Consumer Electronic Commerce: Impact Traditional Distribution Chain

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Electronic Commerce: Impact The offering cost of an item comprises of three components: Production costs, Coordination costs Profit edge Production costs have to a great extent been minimized Electronic markets are a more effective type of coordination for specific classes of item exchanges

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Electronic Market Perspectives Industry\'s Perspective Dealers Manufacturers Open Markets Direct Transactions Low Transaction Cost Direct Market Access Customer Electronic Market

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Electronic Commerce: Impact Electronic markets are prone to advance value rivalry and diminish the business sector force of merchants. Purchasers are prone to profit by these frameworks in taking after ways: The shoppers may appreciate lower costs as a result of expanded rivalry among the venders. The buyers will be better educated about the accessible items, and in this manner may pick dealers that suit their necessities better. This will produce considerable allotment efficiencies. Exchange costs and seeking costs brought about in getting the most ideal item components and costs are to a great extent minimized.

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Financial Market Consumers Labor Market Shopping Mall EC Impact: Consumers\' Perspective

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Impact of Electronic Commerce Financial qualities — Restructuring of Distribution and Supply Chain Strategic qualities — upper hand - business strategies Customer Relationship Management

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BlueDart Customer Rs 300.00 FreshMangoes.com The Supply chain (Distribution) Retailer Rs. 120.00 Jobber Rs. 35.00 Customer Rs. 375 Wholesaler (Multilayer) Rs. 60.00 Mango Grower

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Unit cost Producer Wholesaler Retailer Consumer 52.7 0% Producer Wholesaler Retailer Consumer 41.4 28% Producer Wholesaler Retailer Consumer 20.5 62% Increase in included worth/unit cost in the quality chain Producer Wholesaler Retailer Added esteem 20.5 11.3 20.9 20.5 31.8 52.7 Sales cost What will change in the quality chain? (Benjamin & Wigand, 1997)

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Acquisition Customers Selection CRM Cross-Selling Retention Customer Relationship Management " Process of making and keeping up associations with business clients or purchasers" "An all encompassing procedure of recognizing, drawing in, separating, and holding clients"

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Customer Relationship Management Bottom-line: The utilization of data empowered frameworks for improving individual client connections to guarantee long haul client faithfulness and maintenance Traditionally CRM implies – Sales Force Automation (SFA) Customer Service and Support (CSS) Help Desk Field Service Marketing Automation

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Marketing – 75 years prior Production – a la Adam Smith You can have any shading insofar as it\'s dark – Ford Motor Co.

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Marketing - today 5 Add the flavor of adaptability, kindness of mechanical technology, PCs …

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New way to deal with Customer Relationship TO: Finding items that are a good fit for every client TURN the procedure through 90 degrees FROM: Finding clients that are ideal for every item Products: 1 2 3 4 5 … ..

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Mass generation Cheap to deliver Efficient to create Uniform components/quality \'one size fits all\' methodology Optimize creation cost Customization Expensive to deliver Inefficient to deliver Customized highlights \'tailor made\' methodology consumer loyalty "Mass Customization" – B. Joseph Pine Mass customization Cheap & effective to deliver Customized highlights \'tailor made\' methodology Optimize generation cost & consumer loyalty

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Need Creation (draw in to site) suspect/animate Need Creation

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(If you\'re not Bharat Bhasker, click here .) You have 6 new messages . Your Message Center Science Fiction & Fantasy History Computers & Internet Your Shopping Cart You have 0 things in your Shopping Cart . More Categories Personalized involvement in B2C e-business – Amazon.com Bhasker\'s Store Bhasker\'s Gold Box Bharat Bhasker, as to peruse magazines? Like to get $10- - or $20? Visit Today\'s Deals . Utilization of Web mining treats to recognize client examination of client\'s past conduct and \'companion gathering investigation\'s for customized messages class suggestions \'gold box\' offers Use of grouping, affiliation examination, transient arrangement examination, and so forth

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Electronic Commerce: Classification Consumer Business B2B Cisco, GEIS IndiaMart B2C Mustafa, FabMart IndiaTimes.com Business C2C BaaZee.com C2B PriceLine.com Consumer

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Electronic Commerce: Classification Business-to-customer (B2C) Business-to-business (B2B) Consumer-to-buyer (C2C) Consumer-to-Business (C2B) Sometimes, We add two extra orders: Business to Employee (B2E) B2E administrations are commonly offered by Intranet Applications to give all the required data to the workers of an association. Business to Government (B2G) B2G is like B2B with the exception of Governments work under own arrangement of guidelines that may need to followed by different organizations.

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Electronic Commerce: B2B It requires two or more business substances cooperating with each other specifically or through a middle person. The middle people in B2B might be the business sector producers and catalog administration suppliers that help with coordinating the purchasers and merchants and striking an arrangement. The business utilization of B2B electronic trade can be used to encourage all features of the cooperations among associations, for example, Inventory Management, Channel Management, Distribution Management, Order satisfaction and conveyance, and installment administration. The B2B electronic business can be Supplier-Centric, Buyer-driven, or Intermediary-driven.

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B2B: Supplier-Centric A supplier sets up the electronic trade commercial center for different purchaser organizations to associate with the supplier at its electronic commercial center. Commonly, an overwhelming supplier in the area of items sets up such a commercial center. The supplier may give modified arrangements and valuing to fit the necessities of purchasers\' organizations. Typically, differential value structure is reliant upon the volume and reliability markdown. Case, Cisco Connection Online (CCO)

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B2B: Buyer-Centric The significant business with high volume buy limit makes an electronic commercial center for buy and securing. The electronic commercial center is utilized for setting demands for citations (RFQs) and complete the whole buy process on-line by the purchaser. This sort of office might be used by high volume and all around perceived purchasers, as they may have sufficient limit and business volumes to draw suppliers to offer at the site. Illustration, General Electric\'s Trading Process Network

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B2B: Intermediary-Centric An outsider may set up the electronic commercial center and pull in both the purchaser and merchant organizations to interface The Buyers and Sellers, both advantage from the expanded choices as far as evaluating, quality, accessibility and conveyance of merchandise. The outsider electronic commercial center goes about as a center for both the suppliers and purchasers, where purchasers put their solicitation for the citations and dealers react by offering electronically prompting a match and eventually to a last exchange. It is fundamental that Intermediary Company speak to substantial number of the individuals in that particular markets fragment, i.e., both the purchasers and the venders. The Intermediary r

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