E-Customs Declaration Program redesign .

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2. ? 2004 Copyright RosettaNet.. E-Customs Declaration Revised Program Scope. Stage 1Focus on expanding in-nation appropriation for Asia, US and EuropePHASE 2Focus on cross-fringe in Asia Pacific (APAC)Bilateral pilots among APAC CountriesPHASE 3Focus on worldwide cross-borderBilateral pilot between APAC-US, APAC-Europe, US-Europe.
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E-Customs Declaration Program upgrade March 2005

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E-Customs Declaration Revised Program Scope PHASE 1 Focus on expanding in-nation selection for Asia, US and Europe PHASE 2 Focus on cross-outskirt in Asia Pacific (APAC) Bilateral pilots among APAC Countries PHASE 3 Focus on worldwide cross-fringe Bilateral pilot between APAC-US, APAC-Europe, US-Europe  2004 Copyright RosettaNet.

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E-Customs Declaration Program Partners  2004 Copyright RosettaNet.

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E-Customs Declaration Background ACCOMPLISHMENTS Pilot arrangement in Malaysia & Philippines Pilot in Malaysia finished Q2 2003 (Intel, Exel, FeDex) Pilot in Philippines Q4 2003 (Amkor,Intel) Demo at RosettaNet Global Partner Conference in March 04 at Singapore, creating solid enthusiasm from group. Full Suite of information for cross fringe Export – In nation usage and cross outskirt exchange PIP ® 3B18 altered for utilize and B2B full extraction handle in progress in the Philippines ( Intel – Danzas – Intercommerce ) Commenced Sept 2004 with multiplication quickly after. Anticipating 16 Connections by September 2005. PLANS Singapore, Taiwan and China prerequisites are being accumulated to bolster different cross outskirt situations. Refactor PIP in Q2-2005 Complete Milestone (50 associations) by September 2005  2004 Copyright RosettaNet.

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E-Customs Declaration Plans proceeded for 2005 Full speed ahead on E-Customs lead exertion Complete altered 3B18 approval Execute more than 5 sets shipper/forwarder associations Complete first ecustoms crosscountry exchange (Malaysia/Philippines) Philippines 2005 e traditions usage Roadmap Rosettanet traditions handle at : Other Philippines zones/mechanical center points China and Singapore Get coordinations chamber advocates . Time is running out rapidly. Same for different coordinations breakthrough programs. Respective exchange strategy to incorporate electronic E-Customs principles like Rosettanet  2004 Copyright RosettaNet.

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E-Customs Declaration Implementation Scorecard-Phase 1: Shipper-3PL-Customs  2004 Copyright RosettaNet.

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E-Customs Declaration Plan to build more districts to bolster E-Customs Phase 3 Phase 1 Phase 2  2004 Copyright RosettaNet.

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Issues and Challenges Market cost adequacy advantage Expand past manila facilitated commerce zones Electronic Certificate of Origin incorporated into PIP3B18 Complete 3B18 necessities gathering ( various nations ). RAE for PIP 3B18 Country reciprocal assentions to incorporate e-traditions handle Cross outskirt live execution with malaysia Continued backings at WCO , Asean ICT ,and so on. More shippers , less suppliers at coordinations chamber.  2004 Copyright RosettaNet.

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E-Customs Declaration BACK-UP SLIDES

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E-Customs Declaration Philippines program Status HIGHLIGHTS: E-traditions prepare effectively propelled Dec 06/2004 with visitors of respect from DTI ( Department of exchange and Industry ) , PEZA ( Phil Economic zone specialists ) and Intel . CMO ( traditions notice arrange ) at long last marked by the Bureau of traditions Dec 03/2004 . Intel and Danzas first association turning point dated Intel associations with DHL express , Exel , Fedex in advance. Ecustoms expansion plan to be produced with SEIPI organizations and submitted to the e-traditions program group as Philippines scorecard . Different capacities being produced ( eg . Import licenses , endorsement of beginning , and so forth . Showcase utilization of different coordinations PIP\'s Intel e traditions whitepaper distributed  2004 Copyright RosettaNet.

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Rosettanet E-Customs Process Flow Shipper Freight Forwarder Customs Extract Invoice Details Send Invoice Details Receive Invoice Details Process Invoice Details PIP3B18 Add Shipping/Other Details ACOS Receive PIP3B18 Ack/Signal Send PIP3B18 Ack/Signal Send Export Declaration Receive Export Declaration Process Export Declaration PIP3B18 Generate ED Response Receive PIP3B18 Receive PIP3B18 Ack/Signal Send PIP3B18 Ack/Signal Send ED Response Send PIP3B18 Ack/Signal RosettaNet RNIF2.0 Prospective RosettaNet Processes Receive ED Response Internal Processes  2004 Copyright RosettaNet.

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RosettaNet eCustoms – Pilot Implementation Phase 2 ACOS GXS RN Server For Danzas INS RN Server For Customs Internet ACOS Intel Gateway Park, Cavite, Philippines PEZA Intel ERP System In US Internet CWS TM Export Module WebCWS Internet 3PL In-Plant In Intel PEZA Zone Officer (Gateway Business Park) Customs Officer (Gateway) Customs Officer (NAIA Ofc of Dep Collector For Operations, Exports Division) Airline Officer  2004 Copyright RosettaNet.

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Benefits to Government – Customs and PEZA (Free exchange zone) Lower Customs/PEZA Risk Data Integrity – Declaration depends on Invoice removed from ERP , least information encoding Real time accommodation and preparing of record Non-denial of PIP archives (Rosettanet Implementation Framework – RNIF v.2) Option to look at fare shipment at exporter\'s premises Facilitate Customs and PEZA Audit – gives guide reference to Invoice, AWB subtle elements Faster Clearance Cycle Automated receipt and handling of Export Declaration by PEZA and Customs Automated PEZA endorsement inside 30 minutes, if no intercession required Lower Transaction Costs Eliminate non-esteem included procedures , eg diminished costs identified with administrative and messengerial errands, utilization of structures/paper Information trade (correspondences) by means of Internet Option to mechanize era of Export Statistics , Customs and additionally PEZA Reports Facilitate Documentary Compliance Global Process and eDocument Standards Rosettanet RNIFv2 gives information security and uprightness - server testament, advanced mark, encryption, robotized affirmation and affirmation Digital stockpiling of PIP3B18 - Export Declaration  2004 Copyright RosettaNet.

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Benefits to Companies – Exporters, Forwarders Faster Clearance Cycle Automated extraction of information from ERP of exporter Reduced administrative, information encoding (under 2 minutes) Automated handling at PEZA and Customs ACOS and Automated reaction to Export Declaration (ACOS reaction in 3 minutes) High accessibility Internet foundation Lower Costs Eliminate non-esteem included procedures - Reduced deferrals in arrangement, accommodation and preparing of reports Reduced worker hours ie encoding at exporter premises, conveyance and manual handling of archives Reduced expenses on paper, shapes Eliminate information blunders and reprocessing of records Cost successful Internet framework (versus outline hand-off, rented lines) Faster sending of Rosettanet to exporters and forwarders Facilitate Documentary Compliance Global Process and eDocument Standards Rosettanet RNIFv2 gives information security and respectability - server authentication, computerized signature, encryption, mechanized affirmation and affirmation Digital stockpiling of PIP3B18 - Export Declaration  2004 Copyright RosettaNet.

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Tangible Cost Savings Manual Rosettanet COST ELEMENTS 80% 20% 10% half 20% 10% 20% Invoice Preparation, Printing Document Exchange-Shipper to Forwarder Export Document Preparation Document Exchange – Forwarder to PEZA, Customs Export Document Processing Advise on Departure Rework Due to Errors Document Storage 100% About 50 – 70 % Saving in Manhours, Paper and Time  2004 Copyright RosettaNet.

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