E-evaluation and E-stamping.

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E-evaluation and E-checking 18 May 2006 What's this about? Constructing and keeping up open certainty Making a positive learner affair E-stamping: Understudy with pen and question/answer book Marker has streamlined administrator, less checking E-evaluation On screen Taken when prepared
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E-evaluation and E-checking 18 May 2006

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What’s this about? Building and keeping up open certainty Creating a positive learner ordeal

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E-stamping: Student with pen and inquiry/answer book Marker has streamlined administrator, less checking

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E-appraisal On screen Taken when prepared Possibly versatile tests Workflow and Workload changes

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E-stamping: Workflow Sit exam as ordinary Scripts examined Scanned pictures partitioned and “banked” Images are checked on screen. Stamps naturally ordered/checked Marker execution and advancement observed

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Question sorts: Auto checking: (OMR or keyed reactions) Multiple Choice General stamping: Short reactions, restricted scope of answers Expert stamping: Extended reactions with requirement for inside and out subject mastery

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Question illustrations: Write 6 million in figures? What shading do leaves turn in Autumn? Why do leaves change shading in Autumn?

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E-checking procedure gives: Speed and following Stability of Examiner execution Built in Quality Assurance – imprint plan, administrator, and so on. Thing level input to test writers Item level criticism to schools/educators

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Benefits: Examiner: Focused utilization of aptitudes through specialization Much less administrator No postal defers or missing scripts Candidates/Teachers: Confidence in results Greater access to detail

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E-evaluation: A conceivable situation Items composed, approved and “banked” Test made from managed an account things taking after psychometric tenets Test distributed electronically and dispersed to possibility for particular time space Centers (or Candidates) get an imprint not long after finishing the test

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Students say “The On screen experience is different”: Easier to react (neater, hand doesn’t hurt, spell check) Like PCs (fun, oddity, similar to a diversion, present day) Pictures, shading Easier to change answers

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But understudies additionally see disadvantages… Typing skills…Quicker to compose Computer accident/breakdown/Viruses Eye strain Hacking…Cheating? Harder to amend answers Need paper and pencil Too casual

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E-Assessment: We should ensure… Fairness: Different tests on distinctive days Validity: Testing the right credits Relevance to the learner

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Assessment: What’s imperative? Open certainty Learner experience Relevance for Next Career step

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E-Assessment: Beginning of seeing Wide open doors

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E-Assessment: Beginning of seeing Wide open doors Build Confidence Manage pace Technology enhan

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