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E Learning Correction Sites Why utilize a Modification Site? Simple to get to Intelligent substance Great subject extent Self stamping Moment criticism Suggested sites SAM Learning S-cool BBC Chomp size SAM LEARNING Sam Learning is utilized by half of all schools
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E Learning Revision Websites

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Why utilize a Revision Website? Simple to get to Interactive substance Good subject reach Self stamping Instant criticism

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Recommended sites SAM Learning S-cool BBC Bite size

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SAM LEARNING Sam Learning is utilized by half of all schools 3 years of free research reports that understudies who complete 10 hours in addition to on Sam learning enhance their evaluation

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Improvement increments with use Source: Impact of e-learning on GCSE consequences of 165,909 understudies – Fischer Family Trust, April 2006

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GCSE Subjects Available

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Revision Exercise

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Topic Question

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Topic Question – Self appraisal answers

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Learner report

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www. s-cool.co.uk Quick Revision Area Sample questions Main Principles/Topics

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Instant criticism

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BBC BITESIZE Detailed data on every theme A test to cover fundamental focuses

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top to bottom correction materials

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Quick Revision Tests Instant input

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E Learning www.samlearning.co.uk www.s-cool.co.uk www.bbc.co.uk/schools/gcsebitesize

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