E - Wellbeing.

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E - Wellbeing PCU Group HOSP Tele - counsel, arrangement College HOSP. Establishment NURSING School Tele - pharmaceutical Tele - gathering, Tele - training Tele - prescription MIS GENERAL HOSP. RRC Superb CENTER Tele - solution Wellbeing Data CENTER Information and Data
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E - Health PCU COMMUNITY HOSP Tele - interview, arrangement UNIVERSITY HOSP. Establishment NURSING COLLEGE Tele - pharmaceutical Tele - gathering, Tele - training Tele - solution MIS GENERAL HOSP. RRC EXCELLENT CENTER Tele - prescription HEALTH INFORMATION CENTER Data & Information

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Sustainable e-Government Project for Health Information and Communication Technology Development Health Administration Department Office Executive Support System 75 Provincial Health Offices 71 Regional Technical Center Management Information System Decision Support System 94 Regional/General Hospitals Knowledge Work System and Office Automation System 726 Community Hospitals 876 Community Health Centers Transaction Processing 9791 Health Centers MIS & Data Warehouse Front Office Total Back Office LAN Line Satellite System e-administrations on Department Activities : Logistic : Health Business : Consultation : Epidemiology

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Develop Human Resources & Technology Transferred Physical Basic Structure Data Recording System Standard & Quality of the Servicing System Health Care Management & Service’s Information System Data Services System Link with other System Expand the extent of framework Report System Port all through information Standard of Health System

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